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Gaming – Telltale Games: Walking Dead

I have been enjoying games by Telltale for quite a while. I think my first experience with their studio were the PC games of CSI. When I started struggling with my hands, I learned of their new line of games. There were many stories already out so I began to read a bit about them. When I saw a bundle of several of their games (digital) being on sale (the games were about €3,50 each), I immediately bought and downloaded them. And I have had loads of great joy while making my journey throughout their stories.

Telltale Games

So when I saw the disc version including all the Walking Dead games and some extra’s, I waited for it to go on sale and then I bought it. I was very happy to finally play the last episodes of the story of Clementine. I’d finally know how this story, one that I had been following for 3 seasons now, would finally end. I had tried to steer away from spoilers and so far, I had managed to do that quite alright.

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Re-watching – The Walking Dead

I have started this series several times, even have several seasons on Bluray… Last time I was watching this on Netflix, I got to season 8. And then for some reason, I stopped watching. Now it’s on Disney+ Star, and I decided to start it once more… I later found out that it is still on Netflix, so I could have just got on where I had left it. But nope, I wanted to watch it all over, to get into it again.

I know this TV series is based on a comic book series. I had and have never read those, so when I first started this show, I went in blind. As I wrote, I have watched this before, I even wrote a post about it back then: Now watching – the Walking Dead. I was watching season 4 then, just before Xmas 2019.

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Now watching – the Walking Dead

Season 4, I’m in episode 16 “A”.

Promotional poster of season 1.

I know, I’m way behind watching The Walking Dead. I believe they’re airing season 10 on TV at the moment. I’ve been to season 5 during a previous watch. But it had been a while and I have seen many other shows during that time, so I had decided to start again, so it would all be “fresh”. And seeing I couldn’t remember all that had happened, it sometimes also still feels like a new show.

The first episode gave me many questions, questions that mostly are still not answered. What exactly happend, how did it happen, where did it start..? And, from the first episode, WHERE did he get those matches from? I have never seen matches in a hospital, nor have had the need to put them in a hospital gown… But I guess this is a show where I shouldn’t ask too many questions, seeing answers are never really given.

They walk through a deserted woods, no houses or city to be found, but whole hordes of walkers just happen to roam there. Just an example of the silliness that I sometimes encounter with this show.

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