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Gaming – Telltale Games: Walking Dead

I have been enjoying games by Telltale for quite a while. I think my first experience with their studio were the PC games of CSI. When I started struggling with my hands, I learned of their new line of games. There were many stories already out so I began to read a bit about them. When I saw a bundle of several of their games (digital) being on sale (the games were about €3,50 each), I immediately bought and downloaded them. And I have had loads of great joy while making my journey throughout their stories.

Telltale Games

So when I saw the disc version including all the Walking Dead games and some extra’s, I waited for it to go on sale and then I bought it. I was very happy to finally play the last episodes of the story of Clementine. I’d finally know how this story, one that I had been following for 3 seasons now, would finally end. I had tried to steer away from spoilers and so far, I had managed to do that quite alright.

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