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Gaming – Last Stop

An adventure game that I found on Playstation Plus Premium. I have heard it’s currently on Xbox’ game pass as well, so many ways to enjoy the game included in a gaming service. It is a point and click game where you control 3, well actually 4, people. Their stories are devided in 6 chapters each, and then the “end game”, where they’ll connect. But I’m jumping to the conclusion already, which of course is not the way to go.

I was browsing the Premium content on PS+ when I got this game recommended. I had seen some people talk about it on Twitter, so I Googled it to find out more. This game seemed to be exactly the sort of game my hands like to play, so I downloaded it to give it a go.

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Review – Samsung Keyboard Trio 500

As some of you know, my simple and cheap BT keyboard had the letter E die on me a while ago. It still worked, but barely, making typing on it all but fun. And as I type like 99% of my blog posts on my tablet with keyboard, a decent functioning one would be very useful. So I used Google and saw many awesome keyboards, also with awesome price tags. And then I saw the Trio 500, made by Samsung so should work perfectly with my Samsung S5e, right? I Googled some more, found it on sale some place (saved me almost 8 Euros!) and I ordered it. Very eagerly I was awaiting it, as I write daily for my blog and that E button was making me fume at times 😂!

I got the keyboard on the day they promised it would arrive, which was a big plus. Of course I immediately grabbed it, opened the box and hooked it up to my S5e. The keyboard can support up top 3 BT devices, so it’s usable for, let’s say, your tablet, your phone and maybe a work tablet or phone? Pairing is easy as 1, 2, 3 and you’re done.

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Review – Sony WH-1000XM4

Noise canceling headphones 🎧.

I’ve been using my headphones for 46,5 hours now so I think I’ve used them enough to be able to write a review. Unfortunately I had not been able to test them at the gym yet while I wrote this, as the gym just reopened as I wrote this and that day I could not visit…. So these are my impressions for use at home, at appointments while waiting and while walking outside.

Sony WH-1000XM4

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Re-blog: Comic Book Review: Aliens: Aftermath #1

Set 35 years after Aliens (which is quite a neat touch, given that this issue celebrates the movie’s 35th anniversary), Aliens: Aftermath sees a group of humans making their way to LV-426 to discover the truth about what happened there, given that all-powerful corporation Weyland-Yutani have covered up the details of what happened back in […]

Comic Book Review: Aliens: Aftermath #1

Written by my dear friend GeekMid! I’m not a big cartoons reader, but I occasionally enjoy them and this seemed like a very interesting read. Hence I’m sharing his original work with you here. Broaden my horizons a bit 😉

Review – CoolBlue & Polar Grit X

You probably have noticed that I’m the proud owner of a Polar Grit X activity watch now. I wrote about my doubts between this watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3. As I really loved Samsung and the watch abilities. But I wanted to focus more on my health, and Polar was a bit better for that… Plus one of my besties made a fabulous video of the Polar Flow app, showing me all possibilities… Which made me want to get the Grit X.

My favorite store for electronics and gadgets is CoolBlue, so it was obvious that I would check out their store for the watch. I found it and the price was good, cheaper than on the Polar site…

CoolBlue app view of the Grit X watch.
The watch in the CoolBlue app. It was also available as a black watch with black straps. But after almost 4 years of having a black Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier, I wanted something different. These colors reminded me a bit of army colors. And if I got some money, I’d love to get some new army pants that will fit me 😉 So this watch would fit it perfectly 😉.
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Review – & Koba Libre H2O

As some of you have already seen on social media or read in one of my posts here, my 7 year old Kobo Aura HD had died on me. I used it quite a lot and I was very devastated. I always use it to fall asleep and I love that because it mostly brings me sweet dreams.

My parents had heard about the loss of my Kobo and… They offered to help me get a new one! I was so terribly happy. I used my old Samsung Note 8 tablet to read in bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep with it and the light felt different to my eyes. So a new Kobo would be awesome!

Kobo Libre H2O

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Review – CoolBlue & Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

I have been using the Bose BT headset with noise canceling option ever since 2017. I started with the wired version but it wasn’t very handy in the gym… I managed to drop my phone several times because the wire got stuck her or there or I turned away without realizing that I was stuck to my phone… Because I was very impressed with the wired abilities, I saved a bit and got myself the Bluetooth version. I have shared some about these headsets here: Autism – Noice cancelation (and yes, I know I frequently misspell noise…….. Sorry 😭).

But after 4 years of loyal duty, my Bose headset started to show some wear and tear. The cover of the neckband was getting loose, which would not be handy with sweating at the gym. As the headset itself still works well, I am keeping it as a backup. But I was browsing for smaller ear buds with noise cancelation and water resistance… I used the app to browse (works perfectly!) and… It showed me some bugs, including some on “vacation money sale”. Most people in the Netherlands are getting their vacation money this time of year and some stores are very smart and throwing in awesome sales. And I happened to find one that was perfect for me!

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Review – CoolBlue & Tunturi FitCycle 50i

On Wednesday April 14th I ordered the Tunturi FitCycle 50i bike on the website. The one I wanted from Decathlon was sold out with no clue to when it would come back in stock. So I used Google to find a store selling hometrainers, preferably a store I knew and felt good about, as I would be spending quite some money (well, it was a lot for me). CoolBlue had this bike on a nice sale, sooooo I logged in and clicked the order button. And, to my surprice, they had *next day delivery*! Even in this pandemic, where online ordering made delivery services quite busy, this awesome shop promised me to deliver it on Thursday the 15th.

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Gaming – Book of Unwritten Tales 2

This game originally came out on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. It came out in September 2015, so the game is 5 years old now. It was created by a German game developer, King Art Games. And it was published by Nordic games. It first came out on Linux Microsoft Windows and OS X in February 2015, before it got ports to the consoles. In June 2016, there also came a port to the Nintendo Wii U. And in 2019, the version for the Nintendo Switch came out. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were released exclusively as digital downloads.

I got this game on PS3 through Playstation Plus, I found out. But I played it on my PS4 through the stream service of Playstation, called Playstation Now, or PSnow as I shorten it. I was looking for a good point and click game, which would be easy on my hands and head, and according to this game was at the top of their “48 best point-and-click games for Playstation 4”. So that’s why I decided to give it a go! I didn’t have to buy the game, so it didn’t cost me and if I would not like it, nothing was lost either.

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Gaming – Spider-Man review PS4

It’s finished! I’ve had some great help, who I will mention later, and thanks to that, I’ve been able to finish the game in a month’s time! Whoohoo what an awesome game! Now I know why everyone was so excited two years ago haha.

The final trophy

I loved this game, I played it on the most easy settings so my hands were able to perform well. During the game I got some help from very dear and kind Twitter friends, one all the way in Canada and one a wee bit closer to home in Amsterdam. I had some trouble getting the webslinging in order. For some reason I’d crash into buildings, steer wrong, aim wrong and mess up. And seeing for several quest you need to chase a baddie, it definitely was challenging.

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