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Rehabilitation after hip surgery

If you have been following this site, you may have read about my hip surgery on September 6th (2021). I had a metal-on-metal BHR hip that had been placed on October 15th 2008. It now needed replacing, as it was worn down and also poisoning me. I had very high levels of Kobalt and Chromium in my blood and that was giving me some nasty side effects, unfortunately.

So after many visits to the hospital with X-rays, and MRI and blood work done, I was on the waiting list for them to replace my BHR with an THR (Total Hip Replacement). Due to Miss Rona, it took a while before I could get the MRI and my surgeon didn’t want to put me on the waiting list before he had seen those results. So it added almost 2 extra months to my waiting. And when I was tired of waiting on them, I decided to call and… They scheduled a surgery for me on the spot… If only I would have called them sooner 🤔 … And now, I am going through rehab, not the addiction kind, but the kind where I need to learn how to walk again. Yes, again… First as a child, then aged 17 after my first hip surgery, again at age 25 after my second hip surgery and again at age 28 when I received my first new hip.

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Slowly does it!

Said no one with a super active ADHD brain ever 😂! The last 7 weeks, almost 8, since my surgery have gone slow. Without my normal routine I felt like I was doing too little. I felt so lazy and tired, I missed my routine and I really needed to adjust to living with my mum. I had been on my own for over 3 years and for the last 2 of them, I had a rather well working routine that suited Arwen and myself. So needing to adjust was a big and hard part. And while I am grateful for all mum has done for me, being honest, I also am glad when things return to normal again. I know it will take time to get to my old levels, it will take hours of training to get close to where I was. And while I would love to push myself hard and get there sooner, I know it would not be wise.

Slowly does it, right?

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My poor muscles

I am busy with my rehabilitation. Walking more with one crutch outside and without any indoors. I started riding my bike again and it’s so hard not to level up, as my heart rate is so low and I feel like I could do better already. So I’m thinking, next short ride, I’ll push to level 2 or 3, as level one does not really “do” anything for me. If that makes sense.

Being on my saddle feels a bit weird, guess I’ll have to get used to sitting with my new hip. But when my legs start spinning, it feels comfortable and good, except for some muscle aches. I have one large muscle that definitely needs some work to get back to its old state.

Image of muscles and tendons, found through Google.

The muscle that needs most stretching is called the Biceps Femoris on this image. In Dutch it’s part of the “Hamstring”, and Google told me it’s the same name in English. I got squad exercises to do, but they’ve never been my favorite. I always struggled with squatting due to my bad hip and pelvis and I’m always afraid I’ll fall down… As I always used to fall whenever I needed to squad. But I’ll try it, as I definitely need the exercise. My PT said my muscles are still there (yay for that 😂) but they did lose rather some substance, so it’s back to training from scratch. I’m also trying to buy less snacks as I’ve definitely gained weight and I need/want to lose it again. Hopefully my body will recover quickly, as I really want to be allowed to ride again.

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If I may drive again, I could try to visit the gym again. I know I want to be able to walk without crutches again. I want to get back to my normal routine. Living with just Arwen, doing our things… I am really grateful for mum living with me, helping me so much, but I am getting ready to take care of myself again. Do things the way I prefer them. With my little silly OCD things, with my boring routine… 😊

So now, it’s doing some squats several times a day, practicing walking without the use of crutches and slowly starting up on my bike again. The first two days I did 20 minutes on the lowest setting. Tomorrow, or today when I will publish this writing 😉, I’ll try setting 2, as setting 1 is kot hard, painful or difficult in any way. So I’m guessing I’d be OK to try a level higher and see how that goes. If it’s too hard, I’ll just switch back to level one. I want to build up my muscles again, be able to ride, walk and exercise at the gym again. 💪

So after several weeks of rest, I’m slowly getting back at it. Too slow for my liking 😉 but best not to hurry and injure myself. So I have to put the brakes on my ADHD brain and get my body into gear slowly but surely. Let’s do this!

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

Some news

Yesterday I went to the hospital for my Xray check up. It had been almost 7,5 weeks since my surgery and I was so ready to start rehabilitation. I already walked with one crutch at home, as I didn’t really need a second one anymore. But, without the Xray, I tried to be cautious as well, as I didn’t want to injure myself and add time to heal more…

The Xrays were taken rather quickly and then we needed to wait to see the Doc. We were called in and he opened the old and new Xrays so he could compare them.

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