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Re-blog: Loving Myself: The Hardest Lesson I Learned

I had to be torn apart to put myself back together again. I had to be naïve to become wise. Also, I had to be weakened by bullying for several years before I could finally realize my own strength. I had to be cheapened by others before realizing my worth. I had to feel hate […]

Loving Myself: The Hardest Lesson I Learned

This piece is like I wrote it myself! Only the author is further along the journey… I started it at a later age and I’m still learning to reprogram my brain. But I do hope I’ll get to where the author of this piece is. 😊 Tha k you for sharing this! 🤗 ♥

Re-blog: Is it Better to Have High or Low Expectations?

When it comes to expectations, my preference is to aim low and then be happy when I meet or exceed them. I know that approach doesn’t work for everyone, so I wanted to explore when it may or may not work. I think it might help to break the expectation/doing/result process into steps. This process […]

Is it Better to Have High or Low Expectations?

My WP friend Ashley has written a *very* informative blog post that is very fitting to several of mine. So I decided to share it here. Head over to her blog for many, and I mean many, very informative posts on (mental) health!

Re-blog: 10 Things that Happen if You Don’t Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, who will? And how can you love anyone else if you don’t first love yourself? These are valid questions. When someone doesn’t love themselves, we can tell. We can see it in their demeanor, their face, and their posture. We can hear it in their tone of voice and the […]

10 Things that Happen if You Don’t Love Yourself

I’ve done all these things. Always been depended on others to love me because I could not love myself. I feel all these things and know I’m on the right track as I now recognize them as not healthy things to do. Instead of “hey yep I do that all the time”. I did that and I’m learning how to never do it again!

Thank you for this post Cherie!

Re-blog: 12 Signs You’re Being Gaslighted

Bullies are notorious for gaslighting their targets. As we know, when a target speaks out about the abuse and begins defending themselves, bullies are quick to paint the targets as crazy, try to reverse the roles to make the target look like the bully, or try to convince the target that what happened didn’t really […]

12 Signs You’re Being Gaslighted

The more I learn about this, the more I can place the way I’ve been treated (behind closed doors of course) by my ex. I still have some of the treats now, some of these items that are mentioned, I still am trying to “un-learn”. 😔 I really didn’t see it when it was happening to me…

Reblog: Setting Goals vs. Identifying Valued Directions

Goal-setting is a popular thing; plug it into Google search, and there are billions of hits. But is goal-setting always the best approach? Maybe identifying and heading in valued directions can be a good alternative some of the time, especially if something like mental illness is making the whole goals thing difficult. Valued directions in […]

Setting Goals vs. Identifying Valued Directions

This post really showed me about how I can change setting my goals towards something that, in the end, should be more gratifying (for me). Although I had learned the hard way not to set my goals too big, I still set them. And while my smaller goals headed towards the direction I was aiming for, they were still goals I might fail.

Although I do admit the great feeling I get when I actually reach a goal, I think this is some good food for thought!

Reblog: Rocky’s Golden Ham Awards 2021

Happy 2022. I’m finally back after a little Christmas break with the Rocky Golden Ham Awards. Rather than do them on New Year’s Day like last year, I wanted to take a short break and have them as the first proper blog post (after Rocky’s Reviews – December). For those a little unfamiliar with the […]

Rocky’s Golden Ham Awards 2021

I always enjoy the gaming posts of Rocky! He’s a big fluff who lov s boops 🐾. Of course his owner is the one doing the gaming and writing. And he’s s a great guy as well, I have the pleasure of him following me on Twitter and IG (no worries, I do follow back!). I hope you’ll all enjoy this Rocky gaming post as much as I did. Maybe give him a follow 😉

Reblog: 4 Signs You’re Being Conditioned and How to Recognize It

Conditioning happens when others brainwash and train you to believe something. It’s how evil and terrible abuses get “normalized.” When you’re a target of bullying, bullies will try to condition you to roll over and take their abuse. Conditioning doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, incremental, bit-by-tiny-bit process that can also be soft and subtle. […]

4 Signs You’re Being Conditioned and How to Recognize It

Reblog: How We Talk About Mental Illness: Definitions vs. Connotations

Some of the posts I’ve written lately, as well as people’s comments on response, have got me thinking about the different ways that different people may use the same words. When it comes to mental health conditions, there are technical medical/psychiatric/psychological definitions of terms, but those aren’t necessarily the definitions that people are using in […]

How We Talk About Mental Illness: Definitions vs. Connotations

Reblog: Failed/Successful Suicide: Do Words Matter? What’s the Real Failure?

I’ve written before about the issues with language policing, but this is probably one of the more controversial areas where I believe that words matter less than people might think. We aren’t “supposed to” talk about successful suicide or failed suicide attempts. Sara of Surviving Sara brought this up recently, and I told her it’s […]

Failed/Successful Suicide: Do Words Matter? What’s the Real Failure?

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