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Gaming – Borderlands 3

Another glance – with help!

On Sunday, March 5th, I played with a friend in Vegas. That was cool to begin with! I was anxious to chat in the beginning, as I always feel my English may be too difficult to understand for others. Even though I know it’s well enough to chat while gaming. I just can’t shake the feeling that it may be inadequate. But my friend was very nice and wow! He had great outfits and also a very, very high level. He basically winked at the enemies and they already busted in pieces 😂.

I had a feeling this coop session would be very different from my first one. And it was. I could fight, I tried to do some jumping (yes I still suck at it) and we did several quests. It was awesome and because of his level and gear, we made good progress. He definitely played the game a lot as he knew so much about it. Just like playing ESO with my friend from the US East side. 😊

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Gaming – Little Hope

A first few glances/play throughs

When I finished the first Dark Pictures Anthology game Man of Medan, it made sense to get into the second game, Little Hope. My friend whom I enjoyed Man with was very interested in playing this game as well. So we set a date to play it together for the first time. We both went in blind and… We had loads of fun!

I’ll first share the trailer of the game and some copied information. Then I’ll burst loose with some of my opinions and comments. If you want to play the game without spoiling anything, don’t click the read more! There will be some spoilers and I would not want to ruin the experience for you. 😊

I refer to Man of Medan plenty of times. If you haven’t seen my review of the game and you’re interested, I’ll quick link it here 😉 Gaming – Man of Medan.

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Gaming – Telltale Games

I’ve recently shared a post about Telltale Games “Walking Dead” games and trophies. And it made me want to write a post about Telltale Games. I will probably copy some of a wiki site here or there, as those peeps often have the best info needed for a blog post from little old me 😉. But I’ll always quote with a link, so you know where it came from. I have saved some screenshots and a few vids of Telltale Games while I played them, so I will share some of them in this post. All shorts/vids are made during my gameplay but I definitely don’t own the rights. That’s all on Telltale Games. But I hope they won’t mind me sharing some of their images in a wee bit of free promotion on this page of mine.

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Gaming – I Am Dead

While browsing the Playstation Plus Premium catalog, I came across this game. I saw one of my Twitter mutuals write about it so I decided I should give it a go. It’s included, so be at get what I’m paying for, right? 😉

At first I was a bit lost as what to do. There was this whole dialog in which it was explained, but my ADHD brain drifted off and most of the explanation went whooooosh beside me… So after some struggling, I decided to YouTube the game and that made it a wee bit more clear to me. So onwards I went!

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Gaming – Enigmatis

…The Ghosts of Maple Creek

On June 22nd Playstation Plus and Playstation Now merged into one service. The new Playstation Plus service now has 3 tiers to choose from. Essential (tier 1), which offers like the old PS+ did. Premium (tier 3) which is basically PS+ and Now combined. And Extra, which is in between the two that we already had. But, this post is going to be about a game that I found on Premium while browsing the available games in the PC PS+ app: Enigmatis – The Ghosts of Maple Creek.

Playstation Essential (1), Extra (2) & Premium (3).
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Gaming – Lego City Undercover

It’s been a while since I wrote about this game here, the “old post” can be found here: Gaming – Trying out games: Lego City Undercover.

So I have shared this idea that I have for helping my mental health stay good in 2022. Or at least, stay as good as it can… With this whole pandemic still happening and our country being in lockdown for many months at a time, closing the gym 😔… If you have missed this post about my new “Ko-fi gaming goal”, here’s a quick link for you:

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Gaming in 2021

I love to game. Unfortunately, my hands won’t always allow me to play. Also, my state of mind isn’t always up to it.

In 2021 I’ve been working on my health, preparing for the upcoming surgery. Thanks to Miss Rona I had about 9 months to prepare as it took ages to get all the tests done and then to be put on the waiting list. In the end, I had to call them to get a surgery date, as I had been waiting a while for them so call me, as they had promised.

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Gaming – Day of the Tentacle Review

A few days ago I shared with you some basic information on the game “Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle”. I played the Playstation 4 Remastered edition. The original came out in 1993, the remastered version for PS4 came out in 2016. I played it through the game stream service of Playstation, PSnow.

More information on PSnow can be found here: Gaming – Playstation Now. More information about trophies can be found here: Gaming – Trophies. Since writing the bit about the trophy system, Playstation has made some changes due to the coming out of their latest console, the Playstation 5.

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Gaming – Point-and-click

As some of you might now, I struggle with my hands. Had several surgeries on my left hand/thumb and I deal with both Raynauds and fibro, which aren’t too kind on the hands either, especially in colder times.

I have a subscription on Playstation Now and I want to use it as much as I can, so lately I have been looking for nice point-and-click games to play, as they’re easy on the hands, most of the time.

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