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Gaming – Deliver Us the Moon (first glance)

A while ago I was looking for cool games to play. Not that I’m finished with all those I was already playing 😂. Never heard of a gaming backlog? You start new games because they seem exciting and then you play that and… There’s that other game as well…

Currently I have several games open for playing. I want to finish Horizon Zero Dawn and continue Horizon Forbidden West. I also want to continue Biomutant, Astro’s Playroom and Diablo II Resurrected. I want to 100% Man of Medan and Paw Patrol On a Roll. So much to play, so little time. Well, actually, if my hands allow, I have quite some time to spend. But I keep myself busy with other things as well. 😇

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Gaming – Biomutant

I had this game, the special edition, in pre-order for December 2018 (first planned release). Got slammed with a divorce in June 2018, moved out a month later and was divorced just after that. Leaving me no funds left. So I canceled my pre-order…

In the end, Biomutant didn’t get a release until May 25th 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Versions for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S released on September 6th 2022.

Many people were excited when it was first announced, but after it came out, it was met with many different critiques. I still didn’t buy it then… I was worried I would not be able to play the game due to my bad hands/reaction times. So buying an expensive game may not be worth it.

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More fun in/with gaming

My mood often makes me interested in gaming. It’s one of the signals I can recognize when I am going through a depression. When I feel bad, I don’t want to game. Or more, I am not able to game. I lack the concentration, the energy and my timing is even more off then, than it usually is.

I have had a period where I played a lot and also got trophies. Then I had a busy job, busy life and if I gamed, it was often games that had no trophies or the “easy ones” I already had. In the beginning, a lot less was known about them. I still have a few printed out from around 2009 or so, and while accurate, they look very different to the guides (and videos) we have these days.

SmartSelect_20220712-090702_Samsung Internet

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Gaming – I Am Dead

While browsing the Playstation Plus Premium catalog, I came across this game. I saw one of my Twitter mutuals write about it so I decided I should give it a go. It’s included, so be at get what I’m paying for, right? 😉

At first I was a bit lost as what to do. There was this whole dialog in which it was explained, but my ADHD brain drifted off and most of the explanation went whooooosh beside me… So after some struggling, I decided to YouTube the game and that made it a wee bit more clear to me. So onwards I went!

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Gaming – Enigmatis

…The Ghosts of Maple Creek

On June 22nd Playstation Plus and Playstation Now merged into one service. The new Playstation Plus service now has 3 tiers to choose from. Essential (tier 1), which offers like the old PS+ did. Premium (tier 3) which is basically PS+ and Now combined. And Extra, which is in between the two that we already had. But, this post is going to be about a game that I found on Premium while browsing the available games in the PC PS+ app: Enigmatis – The Ghosts of Maple Creek.

Playstation Essential (1), Extra (2) & Premium (3).
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