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Scheduling annoyance – Just me?

Everyone who has been, or maybe still is, under care of a health provider knows the importance of scheduling the appointments right. Especially when it’s a recurring thing, you may want a set day or a set time, or if possible, maybe even both. I am one of those people that kinda “needs” a set day and time, as it would work best with my routine. Or with basic adapting of my routine to fit that thing in on a weekly/monthly basis.

With my physical therapist, I usually have a set day and time and it works very well for me. So when I needed to see a therapist for my bad hand at the hospital, I asked if they could schedule me on a set day and time, preferably late in the morning (as I want to visit the gym first plus getting into Nijmegen during heavy traffic, not my idea of time well spend). But ever since I started the therapy, I have had issues with planning. And it’s so bad that I am even thinking of quitting as it just disrupts me more than it can do me good. 😔

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Some news

Yesterday I went to the hospital for my Xray check up. It had been almost 7,5 weeks since my surgery and I was so ready to start rehabilitation. I already walked with one crutch at home, as I didn’t really need a second one anymore. But, without the Xray, I tried to be cautious as well, as I didn’t want to injure myself and add time to heal more…

The Xrays were taken rather quickly and then we needed to wait to see the Doc. We were called in and he opened the old and new Xrays so he could compare them.

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Journal – Tuesday, September 28th 2021

Ugh… Definitely not my best day… I even got angry with my mum for something quite small. But I was soooo fed up over several things and that build up to me not handling it right.

Partly it’s because, as I suspected, something probably went wrong with my blood works. I got an unknown call this morning, fortunately mum was there to pick up… The hospital knows they should call her when something is wrong, so they first called my dad at home and then, instead of calling mum’s cellphone, they called mine… Ugh…

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Struggles – Will I beat my infections?

For those following my blog site, you may have read that I had a hip surgery on Monday, September 6th. Back in 2008, October 15th, I had received my first prosthetic hip, a BHR model. And for many years, it served me well. But at the end of 2020, I started getting more pain and discomfort. A GP visit and some waiting lists were on the start of my journey that lead to me being on the last waiting list: one for a THR hip.

For those who have not followed, a BHR hip was very popular for several years as it showed many advantages and while it worked well, I was able to do all that I wanted and that was awesome. BHR stands for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Now, I have a THR, Total Hip Replacement, which was made in a very creative way, at least I think so!

New THP hip

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Journal – Wednesday September 8th 2021

Here I am, sitting at the hospital, waiting for the Doc to sign off so I can go home! Really looking forward to seeing my gall again, to being in my own environment. No snoring, loud talking and complaining neighbor anymore… I had a slight increase in my temperature, 38,3°C. So they want to temp me again around the afternoon, so keeping fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

I just saw the PT and we walked a bit. I got up from the chair right, I walked ok, well still a bit bended but that was to be expected. Then the stairs, which I feared a bit. But it went very well! The PT was also very positive and she was going to write my dismissal letter for the Doc and for my own PT at home.

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Journal – Tuesday September 7th 2021

Another day in the hospital, a day where I (again) won’t be able to get to my Polar 100% goal. Ah well, guess I’ll have to live with that for a while… It’s not fun, but it’s life. I’ll be needing my crutches for at least 6 weeks and I’m not allowed to do several movements for 3 months.

I forgot to ask the physical therapist if she could film my first steps. It was a tad hectic. Maybe I need the loo when mum gets here and she may be able to capture it so I can share it. 😊

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Journal – Monday, September 6th 2021

Surgery day! Again, a smaller blog as I’m still a tad drowsy from the op. But it is done and I got my replacement hip.

The surgery went well. Took about 2,5 to 3 hours. I’m still feeling it well, not very comfortable yet. Though I think I will get out of bed tomorrow, as they want my catheter out asap. I’d rather like it now as it’s so easy not needing to go out to pee in the middle of the night. 😊

The pictures I share don’t show any bad things, but I still want to warn you, it’s a drowsy me in a hospital bed 😂.

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Saturday, September 4th 2021

Another day closer to the day. Jup, only 1,5 more sleeps… 1,5 you say? Yeah! On Monday I have to get up at silly o’clock so I am not counting that as a whole night 😂! I’m still so grateful my parents live near the hospital and mum is willing to take me at that very early time… Ugh…

Also I’m still very proud that I managed to ride 0,01 km last night! 😂 Of course it should be 100,01 but the counter only goes to 99,99, just like the timer only goes to 99:59. They really don’t expect you to ride for long times 😇. But that’s OK… My Polar keeps track of the time. Just not the KM. I wish I could get those two to work together, so my Polar would also be able to show my speed and distance during the ride… Maybe there will be a collab, some day???

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Journal – Friday, September 3rd 2021

Yawn! 😴 Can I sleep some more? I just feel do damned tired… But nope, I’m waiting at the gym, remembering that I forgot my pain meds 😣! Fortunately I had a drink and some in the car. But the short time I have this morning, due to another call from the hospital, I hope it will go OK. Part of me just wants to snooze in the car 😂!

I’m really dreading this hospital call. Mostly because I’ve had the talk about 4 times since January, it’s almost always the same lady that calls and she’s very hard of hearing as she still got the number of Oxy wrong! After I have corrected her so many frakking times!! It’s a really frustrating lady to deal with. Add that to my hate for phone calls with people I don’t know. Plus the hospital is a shitty one on phones as they never send along their number, it’s always caller unknown.

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