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Journal – Week 12, March 2023

The last full week of March has begun. Can’t believe next week April is already starting! Ow my… The weather doesn’t promise much good unfortunately… So I guess we’ll get soaking wet quite a few times if we’re unlucky. Not too many appointments this week, which is nice. Gives some time to exercise and game and relax and all that 😉. Let’s see what this week brought me!

So much rain ☔ 😭 definitely not liking these forecasts…
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Gaming – Making Friends

The thing I love most about gaming is not the graphics, the stories or the hours spend in a beautiful world… But the friends I’ve made because of it! I struggle making friends but gaming forms a special bond and I’m loving it!

I hate phone calls but lately I’ve been doing better, chatting with gaming friends as we progress our games. It’s still scary at times as I always am afraid I’ll say the wrong things due to my anxiety and AuDHD. But so far I’ve met some awesome people and I’d like to thank them with this post ♥.

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Gaming – Getting frustrated

with myself…

I have mentioned many times that I’m not a terribly good player. My reaction times, my hands, they make me a player made to game on easy settings and I still struggle. I’ve always hated this about myself. As I love gaming and I’d love to be more successful. I would love to have no issues with boss fights. I wish I were good at jumping and landing right. Aiming guns and shooting straight. Doing quests without needing an arrow to point me in the right direction.

But I’m a gamer that needs handholding. I need a direct course to plot. I need clear instructions. And not all games have these things. Some games don’t attract me so that’s OK. But others sound so interesting, look beautiful, are so much fun according to others, that I’d love to play and love them as well. And that’s where I get frustrated at times with not being a good player.

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Gaming – Diablo IV Bèta

Warning! Below the *read more* I will show screenshots I made during my beta testing of the game during the weekend of 17-19 March 2023. If you don’t want to see any spoilers yet, don’t click the read more option. You’ve been warned, thanks!

I pre-ordered my physical copy of Diablo IV ages ago. When I heard about a closed bèta testing, I thought it was only for the digital pre-orders so I was a tad bummed. Until I got a code to enter as well. So cool!. Next weekend is an open bèta testing period, but it’s so cool to try a piece of a game in advance. Although, it’s bèta which means things can go wrong and most certainly will go wrong…


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Journal – Week 11, March 2023

A new week has started. We’re slowly getting warmer, but wet, weather. Spring is coming closer. Daylight saving time will not come this week, we’re two weeks behind here and ours will come on March 26th. It would be a busy week, Monday I have back to back appointments, PT on Tuesday, Germany on Thursday and then helping dad, taking my mum to the gym on Friday… Busy busy days!

Warmer weather on some days, but also rain. Temperatures are in Celcius.
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Gaming – No Man’s Sky

A first glance…

I love playing coop. A great coop friend doesn’t always have a Playstation she can use, but she has an Xbox. So we’ve been looking for games that have crossplay. We played tonz of Minecraft, but as much as we enjoyed it, we did miss playing games like the Dark Pictures Anthology. We tried Borderlands 3, but that wasn’t her cup of tea. Then she found No Man’s Sky on her Xbox game pass. Unfortunately it wasn’t on PS+ premium, so I Googled for a cheap new copy for the PS5. I found one that was €17 cheaper than the digital PSN version. So I ordered it and then the wait began. It was just a day but still…

I had heard many positive things about the game so I was eager to have a new exploration game to play with my friend. And maybe do some exploring on my own as well. 😊 If I’m brave enough…

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Gaming – Borderlands 3

Another glance – with help!

On Sunday, March 5th, I played with a friend in Vegas. That was cool to begin with! I was anxious to chat in the beginning, as I always feel my English may be too difficult to understand for others. Even though I know it’s well enough to chat while gaming. I just can’t shake the feeling that it may be inadequate. But my friend was very nice and wow! He had great outfits and also a very, very high level. He basically winked at the enemies and they already busted in pieces 😂.

I had a feeling this coop session would be very different from my first one. And it was. I could fight, I tried to do some jumping (yes I still suck at it) and we did several quests. It was awesome and because of his level and gear, we made good progress. He definitely played the game a lot as he knew so much about it. Just like playing ESO with my friend from the US East side. 😊

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Gaming – Coop pet peeve

I wrote about some of my gaming pet peeves a while ago. Pet peeves when gaming here it is! A while ago I played some coop with a friend who was definitely not used to playing together and it made me angry. Annoyed at first and when nothing changed after that, it got on my nerves so much… He’s basically a good guy, but this way of acting just didn’t work with me!

I definitely won’t say I’m the best person to play coop with! I make mistakes as well. I mess up. I die. I can’t do certain things due to the bad thumbs/hands. But I definitely try and talk to my team mate to make it work as good as I can! 💪🏼 So this is me talking about co-op, about my triggers for things that don’t work, about my complaints… I usually try to write more positive things, but this kept me busy in the back of my head… So I decided to write about it. If you’re still interested, please do click the “read more” link. 😊

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Gaming – Borderlands 3

A short first glance.

On February 21st, I believe, Borderlands 3 got added to the PS+ premium lists of playable games. I played a wee bit of Borderlands 1, never the other games (even though I own them). They were intended to be shared coop with my then wife…

I was very curious about the game as I heard many good things. So I gave it a first try with a neighbor friend who was also interested.

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Journal – Week 9, February/March 2023

The last week of February, the start of March… Time goes quick and I don’t mind. I’m trying to make the best of every day, even if some days I experience more pain. Or I’m sad because of things not going too well with my dad. I try to distract myself with fun things. I try to workout. I fail in eating less… I am trying to find help, but they need to be covered by my insurance as I can’t afford any help otherwise 😔. I called last week and they should call back. But I’m grabbing my anxiety and I’ll call again on Monday. Let’s see what this week brings…

They fixed it and I can share this again without too much hassle 😉. The weather forecast for our place… I live in Cuijk, Beers is a town nearby that has the weather station they use.
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