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Journal – Week 15, April 2022

The second full week of April, which should bring us a little better weather, if the forecast is to be believed. A little better and then a little worse 😂 that’s April weather in the Netherlands for ya! 🌤️🌦️🌞☔

I’ve had some appointments this week, one for my blood work because of my everlasting appetite. Unfortunately no appointment to fix the hometrainer, that will have to wait until next week, unfortunately 😔. So bummed about this! But hopefully I’ll be able to walk a bit when weather allows.

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Fitness – Slowy building it up…

…but it feels like I am going too slow… Am I really?

When you have an ADHD brain that does zoomies all through the day, and when you have a body dealing with fibromyalgia, hip replacements and more… It is hard to keep up. And I love being active, which unfortunately is limited by my bad body. I want to be active, I want to feel as fit as possible, which is something I have been struggling with since my old BHR hip went bad.

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Health – Getting stronger

I’ve lost a great hunk of muscle mass since the surgery. It was to be expected, unfortunately, as 50% usage and way less activity because of the recovery and healing… Well, your muscles relax a whole lot then, compared to me hitting the gym, walking about 15km a day and als riding the bike…. Yeah…

The surgery really gave my muscles a beating. The tourniquet they used on my leg left me with a very painful bruised leg. The clamps that my muscles had been in for several hours also didn’t do too much good. So I had a lot to recover from. But slowly, I am able to do more and more.

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Health – Trying to get back 💪

My life since the surgery has had several ups and downs. I am trying to stay in the up bits, as I enjoy those the most… But what goes up, after a while, must come down or so they say. 😊 I’ve been feeling very emotional the last few days, I cannot watch something sad or touching on TV without welling up. And sometimes I am just bawling like a mad woman, tissues in my hands, tears running down my face, snot everywhere. Well, I guess you get it now 😉.

I have been trying to push myself to get more active again. I want to get my muscle strength back and then, I want to make it even better. I have no idea if I will ever be able to actually reach my goal, as my fibro is really being a b*tch now, with the weather turning colder and wetter.

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Weekly update & new Spotify playlist

Howdy folks, after a very serious topic, it’s time for a lighter one today. I had not shared my weekly Polar stats yet and I finally remembered to update the Monthly playlist I have on Spotify. I had a list all ready to share and last month I just forgot! So I waited till November 1st to update the new playlist.

Unfortunately my playlist only has 2 likes. I know it will not be everyone’s cup-of-tea. But I really hoped that more people would have clicked that little heart symbol… I shared the list on Twitter several times and I really hoped some of my friends on there would like it, to show some support… I guess 2 of them did and that really means a lot. 😊 OK lets head over to last week’s Polar Flow numbers!

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Journal – Monday, October 4th 2021

Happy heavenly birthday grandfather! My father’s dad was born on this day. He died several years ago, to finally join my grandmother… I do believe they are at their happy place, near where we brought their ashes. They always loved their time in Austria, near where I went with my parents before Miss Rona messed that up for 2 years in a row…


As you could expect, my day was kinda boring… I did sleep for some time, which of course was not enough to not feel tired anymore. I wish I was able and allowed to do more, but as I’ve shared in my weekend post, I was told to cut back on my activity, even though I felt like I was slacking it all the way…

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Polar Flow – weekly activity

Even though my activity levels are really painstakingly low, I still monitor them. It is hard for me to see those low numbers, but I think I need them to keep “it real” for myself. I know I am someone who loves to push herself to new limits and records. Heck, if you have followed my journal posts leading up to the surgery, you have seen how active I was, even with that failing hip. It cost me more energy but I did not let it stop me. I love being active, my ADHD loves me being active and my autism loves numbers, so tracking my exercises was very stimulating to me.

The only thing I really struggled with were the numbers on the scale. And I KNOW the numbers will be bad when I am able to stand on my scale again. I *know* I am snacking too much and not burning enough calories to keep it up. But I feel like shit and snacking helps. I know, it doesn’t really help me, but it soothes my brain and that’s a plus.

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Journal – Post 3 😉

The first week of writing my shorter journal posts is almost over. I have to admit that even for me it’s a lot easier dealing with shorter posts, so I’m hoping it’s better for you, the readers, as well… 😊 The last day of the weekend, the first if a new week. My ears still hurt a lot, the drops make it a little bit better but they are still very sore and wet.

Weather forecast as of Sunday the 18th.
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Journal – Another week of June

Another week of June has gone by. Slowly we’re getiing closer to July. And, bit by bit, also closer to September 6th… Summer started during this week. But it started with some very wet days. This week I would get the new Kobo reader that my dad ordered for me. Can’t wait to pick it up and start using it! Sooooo great to have a good eReader again, instead of using my old tablet. Though I was really glad I still had my tablet as it was nice to read before bed time. 😊

Colder weather with loads of rain to start this week with…
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May has come – Measurements

As you long time readers know, I always measure myself at the first of each month. OK, I did smuggle a few times and measured on the 30th or 31st, but my aim is the first of every new month.

Even when I wasn’t losing weight, even when I was gaining some, I did keep measuring. Gaining weight is also, unfortunately, part of the journey. And when my hip started acting up, making it too hard to row, I got depressed more and started eating more. And as I could not row, I exercised less, as the gym’s still in lockdown.

Domyos 500 rower & Tunturi FitCycle 50i bike

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