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About me

Hello and thank you for your interest. In my first blog post I have tried to introduce myself properly.

My first post

I hope this post will tell you something about me. 😊

I wil write about several topics on this blog. Important things for me are health, which I divide in mental and physical health. I struggle with things like adhd, autism and depression mentally. Physically I struggle with Fibromyalgia and obesity.

I will also write about hobbies, like gaming, TV shows, movies and music.

I might share an occasional poem and I recently started writing a fictional story, based in part on some things that are very Cynni πŸ˜‰

And not to forget: I will share things about my big support Arwen, my now 9 year old Labrador gall.

Mastodon link to my Gaming account.

Mastodon link to my Fitness account.

Mastodon link to my ND account

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