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Story time – part six

Welcome to my fictional story, Hidden Messages. This is part six, as the title already let’s you know. If you have missed the previous posts, please check this link to see all previously shared parts.

Last part our gall was at the gym when she got another very disturbing message. If only she had been a better friend. There was no name mentioned, so she started questioning all her friendships over the years. Who would hate her so much to stalk her like this? Who was smart enough to reach out in this way? Will she find out?

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Story time – part five

Have you ever received a hidden voice message while listening to Spotify? Or saw weird, distorted images while watching video on demand? No? No worries, that’s totally normal. But it is happening to one person, our main character of the “Hidden Messages” story time fiction story.

Have you missed the first four parts? Then please read those before continuing with this one… This is where to find them. Did you read them and you want to continue the story? Then please, by all means, keep reading!

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Story time – part one

A lonely ray of light escaped between the window curtains. Sun was rising, a new day had just begun. Sleeping wasn’t an option anymore, the aches were too real and present, so better get up and watch the stunning view. Opening up the curtains, a spectacle of light entered the room. What would this day bring? Starting with pain but also with those magnificent sunrise orange colors. Mixed feelings were cruisin’ through her mind. She loved the sunrise but could do without the pain. She got dressed and went into the living room where she gave her dog the best hug she could muster.

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