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Journal – Week 46, November 2022

A new week. A week in which I’m eager to fight my darkest monster. A week where I want to battle with my calories. I feel more confident, but I may still fail as I’ve given my dark monster quite some strength the last few weeks. I want to win. Maybe not this week… But I sure wish to make a start. I’m worth it! 😁

Colder. Wet at times. Temperatures are in Celcius. 😊
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Journal – Week 45, November 2022

A new week. Weather really turned to autumn now. I have some appointments, some for me, one for mum, and for the rest it’ll probably be another usual week. 😊 Not that I’m complaining, I like knowing what will happen, in a sense. I’m still fighting the dark monster, it’s draining my energy. Even hitting the gym feels like a hard chore at times, as I’m so tired. But I’ll keep the routine as I know it really helps me. And I try to gather spoons to get strong enough to fight off the monster…

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Journal – Week 43, October 2022

The last full week of October had already arrived. Time seems to go by rather fast… Some plans were changed due to unforseen things happening. I needed a visit to the garage with my car as my engine light is bright 🔆 when I drive. My aunt surprised my parents and me with a dinner. Mum couldn’t drive so I had to drive to Germany. I combined it with the garage on Friday.

Very curious to see if we really will get this weather, it sure looks lovely got this week… 😊
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Journal – Week 42, October 2022

Another week in October. They’re expecting all sorts of weather, wet, dry, sunny, warmer and colder… It’s real autumn 🍂 weather this week, at least, if the forecast is right. If all goes right, I’ll be getting my new Samsung watch this Monday, so probably starting Tuesday I’ll have Samsung Health stats again instead of Polar Flow. I haven’t used Health since I got the Grit X, I saw its been changed a little. It’s said my S22 Ultra works like a charm with the Watch 5 Pro so fingers crossed it will be that good!

Rain, some sun, rain again, a little sun… Typical October weather for our little country.
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Journal – Week 41, October 2022

Another week in October has begun. On Tuesday I have a checkup for my right hand, probably getting a syringe in it to ease some pains I’ve been experiencing. Nothing planned besides that, besides of course the usual things. 😊 Hopefully I’m getting my money this week from my energy company, as I could really use the money. 😇 Their site said “around the 10th”, so that’s this Monday…

Not too bad predictions for this time of year.
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Journal – Week 40, October 2022 🍂

The first whole week of October is already here. 12 more weeks and the year will be over already! My how time flies when you’re not in any lockdowns 😂. So nothing too spectacular planned for this week. Only a visit to my gaming neighbor R on Saturday afternoon. Otherwise, as things are looking now, it’s “business as usual”. 😊

14 day weather forecast for Cuijk
Should be some pretty nice weather for a few days. Would be very nice… 😊
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Journal – Week 39, September/October 2022 ☔

13 more weeks, or maybe 14, and then 2022 already comes to an end. When there are no lockdowns, when vacation can happen, when you can meet with friends and do fun things… It really helps to make it feel like time can truly fly by… And while I may feel a bit blah, season changing to colder and wetter always does this to me, I’ll try to make the best of it. 😊

Weather forecast for this week. Temperatures in Celcius.
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Journal – Week 38, September 2022

The last full week of September has begun. Can’t believe by the end of next week, we’ll this week when I share this, it’s October already! When there’s no lockdowns the days can go rather quickly. Plus the vacation seemed to fly by as well. Another week in September, hopefully I will get my yearly end bill on my gas and electric, I would like to receive some money back (which will probably take another few weeks… Ugh!). My hair will get cut, hopefully, I have a PT session (I need it) and that’s most of my appointments. Ow of course going to Germany with mum. And hitting the gym every day. And I’ll need to fill out the questionnaire for the hospital. They been bugging me for weeks now 😂 but the appointment isn’t till next week, and I don’t fill out things 5 weeks in advance. It’s not like they will actually do anything with my answers. They haven’t in the past…

Not too cold, not too wet… Also not very sunny, autumn 🍃 has arrived I guess…
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