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Journal – Week 12, March 2023

The last full week of March has begun. Can’t believe next week April is already starting! Ow my… The weather doesn’t promise much good unfortunately… So I guess we’ll get soaking wet quite a few times if we’re unlucky. Not too many appointments this week, which is nice. Gives some time to exercise and game and relax and all that 😉. Let’s see what this week brought me!

So much rain ☔ 😭 definitely not liking these forecasts…
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Journal – Week 11, March 2023

A new week has started. We’re slowly getting warmer, but wet, weather. Spring is coming closer. Daylight saving time will not come this week, we’re two weeks behind here and ours will come on March 26th. It would be a busy week, Monday I have back to back appointments, PT on Tuesday, Germany on Thursday and then helping dad, taking my mum to the gym on Friday… Busy busy days!

Warmer weather on some days, but also rain. Temperatures are in Celcius.
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Journal – Week 10, March 2023

The first whole week of March starts cold, wet and even a chance for snow! I hoped we’d be heading for spring weather. These conditions make my health worse, so I expect I’ll need some more painkillers and I’ll probably struggle more with my gym goals. On Tuesday I have an appointment with my GP and then he will hopefully make a referral for my Tuesday afternoon appointment with the health care company that may help me with my food disorder. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻. If my GP won’t do it, it’s all over 😔. On Thursday mum and I will go to Germany again. Last week mum didn’t visit the gym, I waited for her to ask about it and she didn’t 😔. So I’ll probably need to ask again for this week, if she’d like to work on her health. We’ll see how it goes… Hopefully I can keep my calories relatively low and my activity in a healthy way up.

So much rain and possibly a snow as well 😔 I was hoping to head to better weather as spring comes near. But first we get this painful weather, unfortunately 😔.
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Journal – Week 9, February/March 2023

The last week of February, the start of March… Time goes quick and I don’t mind. I’m trying to make the best of every day, even if some days I experience more pain. Or I’m sad because of things not going too well with my dad. I try to distract myself with fun things. I try to workout. I fail in eating less… I am trying to find help, but they need to be covered by my insurance as I can’t afford any help otherwise 😔. I called last week and they should call back. But I’m grabbing my anxiety and I’ll call again on Monday. Let’s see what this week brings…

They fixed it and I can share this again without too much hassle 😉. The weather forecast for our place… I live in Cuijk, Beers is a town nearby that has the weather station they use.
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Daily/weekly songs

I recently shared a post about my journal songs. How I find them. Why I share them. And this month, I’ve been sharing them for a year now. I started late March 2022 and I’ve been sharing a song a day ever since. Sure, they get shared once a week, but still every weekly post contains 7 songs. When available, I also add some of the lyrics and copyrights.

Finding music 🎶 the post I just mentioned. And if you want to find all my songs that I shared, I have a list with links to the playlists! Lemme share that as well 😉. Journal Spotify Playlists

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Journal – Week 8, February 2023

A new week. The last one for February. We’ll, last complete one. I’m trying to make some positive changes this week by reaching out to some instances who may be able to help me. I have some house chores I need to do. And hopefully some gaming as well. I feel loads better now I have a dear friend to enjoy gaming with. We’re having a lot of fun, at least I hope she’s enjoying it too. Slowly building and expanding in Minecraft. And hopefully she has access to the PS4 soon again for some other games as well. 😊 Gym. Walks with Arwen. Different sorts of weather. Let’s see what this week will bring me.

Another copied image as my app doesn’t support sharing the complete images anymore 😔. I do miss that option, it was so easy to use.
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Journal – Week 7, February 2023

The last full week of February has already startes as this post goes live. Time flies these days. I wanted to share the usual weather forecast but instead of an image it gave me a link. So I nabbed the screenshot of it. It still shows our forecast, temperatures in Celcius. I don’t have too much planned this week so that’s cool. Hopefully some time to ride my bike and play games (most preferred to combine the two). 😊

For some reason the App didn’t want to share an image from the forecast like I’ve been doing for ages… 😔 So I nabbed a screenshot of it. This is for Cuijk, predictions from February 13th 2023.
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Journal – Week 5, January/February 2023

January is coming to an end. February is coming and hopefully it will be a good month. On Monday I’ll take mum to the gym again! And then I get my weight moment on Wednesday and I’m dreading it big time. I’ve gotten so huge 😔. On Friday we’ll be going to Germany this week. I’ll probably help my friend with some more chores in her new home again. And hopefully I’ll also have some gaming time. Need to relax between all the jobs 😉.

Less cold but loads of rain! Ugh can we never catch a break? We’re either freezing or drowning these days.
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Journal – Week 4, January 2023

The last full week of January has started. When you are able to read all this, it will be February tomorrow. Damn time does fly when you’re trying to have fun. 😊 This week may be a bit different as my friend in the same town is getting keys to a new home. So it’s loads of work to get the house ready for her and the kid to move in. She has a lot of offers for help, which is awesome. I of course will try my best as well. But with bad weather comes less strength and energy. So I have to use those wisely. I promised to help get paint on Wednesday. For the rest, haven’t got a clue yet. On Monday I’ll take my mum yo the gym for the first time. And on Thursday we, of course, will go to Germany for groceries. But if all goes well, dad will have his small surgery then as well… So let’s see how this week will shape up to be. Busy, I imagine. 😊

Loads of colder and grey weather. Can’t wait for spring to arrive again. This is definitely not helping my health. Every winter I struggle unfortunately…
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