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Gaming – I Am Dead

While browsing the Playstation Plus Premium catalog, I came across this game. I saw one of my Twitter mutuals write about it so I decided I should give it a go. It’s included, so be at get what I’m paying for, right? 😉

At first I was a bit lost as what to do. There was this whole dialog in which it was explained, but my ADHD brain drifted off and most of the explanation went whooooosh beside me… So after some struggling, I decided to YouTube the game and that made it a wee bit more clear to me. So onwards I went!

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Gaming – Last Stop

An adventure game that I found on Playstation Plus Premium. I have heard it’s currently on Xbox’ game pass as well, so many ways to enjoy the game included in a gaming service. It is a point and click game where you control 3, well actually 4, people. Their stories are devided in 6 chapters each, and then the “end game”, where they’ll connect. But I’m jumping to the conclusion already, which of course is not the way to go.

I was browsing the Premium content on PS+ when I got this game recommended. I had seen some people talk about it on Twitter, so I Googled it to find out more. This game seemed to be exactly the sort of game my hands like to play, so I downloaded it to give it a go.

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Gaming – Enigmatis

…The Ghosts of Maple Creek

On June 22nd Playstation Plus and Playstation Now merged into one service. The new Playstation Plus service now has 3 tiers to choose from. Essential (tier 1), which offers like the old PS+ did. Premium (tier 3) which is basically PS+ and Now combined. And Extra, which is in between the two that we already had. But, this post is going to be about a game that I found on Premium while browsing the available games in the PC PS+ app: Enigmatis – The Ghosts of Maple Creek.

Playstation Essential (1), Extra (2) & Premium (3).
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Gaming – Day of the Tentacle Review

A few days ago I shared with you some basic information on the game “Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle”. I played the Playstation 4 Remastered edition. The original came out in 1993, the remastered version for PS4 came out in 2016. I played it through the game stream service of Playstation, PSnow.

More information on PSnow can be found here: Gaming – Playstation Now. More information about trophies can be found here: Gaming – Trophies. Since writing the bit about the trophy system, Playstation has made some changes due to the coming out of their latest console, the Playstation 5.

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Gaming – Point-and-click

As some of you might now, I struggle with my hands. Had several surgeries on my left hand/thumb and I deal with both Raynauds and fibro, which aren’t too kind on the hands either, especially in colder times.

I have a subscription on Playstation Now and I want to use it as much as I can, so lately I have been looking for nice point-and-click games to play, as they’re easy on the hands, most of the time.

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Getting back to streaming

As some of you might know, I have taken up streaming a few months ago. I was really having fun and I had a few regular people in my chat with whom I had a great time. And then, something inside me snapped and my anxiety got unbearable. I had to quit streaming and I really missed it. But just thinking of starting it up gave me a heartrate that was way too high and sweaty hands…

A few day’s ago I decided to try it again. I started on my Playstation 4, no webcam, just me playing and chatting. I’ve streamed a few times playing Lego games and Grim Fandango and I had some viewers. But mostly, I’ve been on my own and talking to myself for over an hour can be a bit disheartening.

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Active Saturday

I had not planned it. It was spontaneous. And I handled it well. It felt good even. I think I would have liked it less if I had planned it. Then I would have had an idea of a goal and I could have disappointed myself. But now it was extra, felt satisfying and in the end a bit wet…

What am I talking about, you might wonder now… Maybe you even asked it out loud… 😊 OK I’ll tell ya, but only because you are interested and I don’t want to disappoint you.

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‘CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder – part 5’ onYouTube

No real inspiration for a blog today. So I’m sharing case 3 of this game, CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder (Daddy’s Girl) with you all.

It’s 2:15 and solves the case…. It has be babbling and finding out who did what… I streamed this live on Twitch Thursday evening, 6-8:15PM CET… 😊

If you want to support me and my blogging and streaming, I’d be very grateful!

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Thanks in advance for any help.

Gaming – streaming

I’ve streamed yesterday. Twice! In one day… Yes, I am starting to like it. And I really wanted to continue the game I was streaming, so that’s why I played it twice. I was originally intending to only play in the evening. But when the afternoon was too hot on my balcony, I went to my pc and played an extra hour and a half of CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder.

I am really liking this game and I do remember playing it, but I don’t think I have ever finished it. So it will be fun to try and solve all the cases this time around. And while streaming even! See me fail when I get lost in a case. See me eagerly try different things in order to be able to solve the cases. I think I’ve come further now than when I played his back in 2006. So it’s really all new and I play this going in new and blind.

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A new week

It’s Monday again. Time to start a new week. Time to start some changes. Time to improve myself!

Yes, you read that right. I am willing to get more healthy again. The last few times at the supermarkets, I didn’t get any candy. Last time was Thursday when I got me some chocolate. But only one bar, where I usually take two, so that’s an improvement. No chips. No other candy. Unfortunately I did buy some junkfood as it was/is cheaper, and I can’t afford to go all the way healthy. And with my eating struggles, I am guessing I’d never be able to go all healthy.

So I am buying less snacks, should save me a wee bit of money to buy some healthy stuff… I hope I will notice the money I am not spending on unhealthy stuff. But with grocery prices these days, I doubt it will make a huge dent.

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