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Health – Where’s my mojo?

I shared a few days ago, to never cheer too soon. There may always be setbacks. There may always be kinks in the road that make it more difficult than it first appeared. Plus, often a few days are easy to maintain, but keeping it up requires a whole different way of thinking and doing. And I’m a routine person, even though the routine isn’t too good for me.

I was doing well with my calories and exercising. I even lost a wee bit of weight! Which I was kinda proud of, even if it was only like 3 kilo’s… 😊 But keeping it up is hard and now I’m feeling my body resisting to snacking less. I know I’m addicted to the sugar rush, the dopamine release when I snack, and it’s hard to get used to going through the day with less of those moments. They feel so damned good! Why should I resist if it feels like this? That’s the addiction talking, I know. Also a reason why I’m reaching out for help with my eating disorder.

But where is my mojo? Where is that motivation, that bundle of energy I got to put in towards reaching my goal? Did I already use it all? Is my body adjusting to the supplements I’ve been using? Is it adjusting to dealing with less dopamine kicks? As I know I really miss those. It’s been hard not to buy too many snacks. It’s very hard to resist that bag of chips, that bar of chocolate, those sugary drinks…

I feel I should be more energized. Weather is getting warmer. Unfortunately it’s also getting more wet, which means different pain issues happening. Looking forward to spring with appropriate weather coming… 😊

I really enjoy going to the gym. It’s a place where only my phone distracts me, and mostly in a good way. It helps me keep the focus (most of the time) on my exercises. Music for the strength exercises, using WordPress while riding the bike and watching a series or movie during cardio. But when you lose your mojo, it’s all distracting.

I feel I can’t really focus on my exercises. I think of heading home a lot. Even though I always feel better after a nice workout. Maybe I need to adjust settings to elevate my HR more? Maybe it’s the time of year? Maybe… I just really don’t know. But I try to keep going, keep working for a stronger me. And hopefully burn some calories to lose some weight as well.

I just keep my routine going as well as I can. Keeping to my schedule as I know that making changes will only throw me off more.

I guess this happens to everyone. Losing some fun or motivation for something they love doing? When you reach a plateau, when something happens, or just because it’s not so fun for a bit?

How do you deal with losing your mojo? Any tips I’m not doing yet? I really feel I should stick to the routine as it’s helped me for quite some time now. So it can’t be that bad for me.

To be continued…

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