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Journal – Week 12, March 2023

The last full week of March has begun. Can’t believe next week April is already starting! Ow my… The weather doesn’t promise much good unfortunately… So I guess we’ll get soaking wet quite a few times if we’re unlucky. Not too many appointments this week, which is nice. Gives some time to exercise and game and relax and all that 😉. Let’s see what this week brought me!

So much rain ☔ 😭 definitely not liking these forecasts…
A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Monday"

My alarm woke me, again too early. But after a snooze I got up and checked the weather. 6°C and dry, which was a plus. I got dressed, prepared Arwen’s meat and we went for short walkies. I finished Arwen’s brekky, put the snack on the couch for her and headed to the gym. My mojo was still somewhere else, but I tried and did three arm exercises to start with. Then I headed to the bike. I chatted with my friend in Texas and wrote for the site. Posted a bit on Twitter and Mastodon. I wanted to hit the crosstrainer and treadmill again, as I had missed them yesterday. But part of me just wanted to go home and ride my bike there. Fitness without a mojo is definitely harder. 😔

I’ve lost my mojo. Moving image from the Austin Powers movie.

Welcome to the shit show
Just another freak show
Hang your hat and hate at the door
It’s a game of torture
Souls are made to order
Everything you wanted and more

You’ve gotta kill somebody to thrill somebody
Everybody’s gotta reason to bleed

Songwriters: Ivan Greening / Kevin Gregory Churko / Zoltan Bathory
Songteksten voor Welcome To The Circus © BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

After the bike I really wanted to go home again. But I headed to the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes. That’s not much, but it’s more than if I had headed home. After those minutes I did change my shoes and head home. I had breakfast and felt a little better. I watched The Fall as I rode my bike for an hour. Then Arwen and I got ready for our 3k walk with our friend. Arwen’s paw was slowly doing better, but I still put on the shoe as I didn’t want to challenge anything to harm it again. Arwen didn’t like it at first, but after a bit, she walked rather well with it.

After walkies I changed my shoes, got my gym bag packed and I texted my mum. Arwen and I were on our way to Nijmegen so I could take my mum to the gym. She did her exercises and I rode the bike for 10 minutes with her and then the hand bike for 5 minutes. Unfortunately the massage chairs weren’t doing what they should so we headed to the Appie for some groceries. My freezer items were stored in mum’s big freezer for a bit so we could walk the dogs. Unfortunately it was raining, but the dogs did their things so that’s a plus.

When Arwen and I got home, I put away the groceries. Then I headed to the DHL parcel pickup place. I’d been there last Friday but they had been closed unexpectedly. Today I got a big box! And inside it was a smaller box 😂.


But I got my Universum25 album, yay!


I started making lunch then. After which I rode my bike and I played some Minecraft Dungeons with Mel. When I was done riding my bike, we switched to No Man’s Sky and explored some planets. My mum texted me to check my bank account. Dad transferred some money they got from their city council. I help my parents with loads of things so they can stay in their home without loads of support from the county. So they have some rewards, for loss of a better word, for people who help and make that possible. My help keeps the costs for the county low, and they reward that. So they gotten some money for me and… I used some to get the Ultimate digital edition of Diablo IV and the rest I transferred to my saving account. There’s not much on it, but a wee bit more now. Some more No Man’s Sky and then it was time to get ready for bed. It’s been a good day, even though the start was wonky.

Positive: taking mum to the gym, ordering the special edition of the game, getting my vinyl and playing with my friend.


Gaming: Minecraft Dungeons and No Man’s Sky.

Music: my Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

TV: Downton Abbey and the Fall.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Tuesday"

When my alarm woke me, I wasn’t really ready to get up yet. I just wanted to shut it off, turn around and sleep till I would awake. But if course I can’t as I have Arwen and she needs walkies and food. So after one snooze I got up and checked the weather. 9°C and dry, so that was OK. Prepared Arwen’s meat and we went for short walkies. Arwen did her thing and we headed back. Made her brekky, which she quickly started and I put the snack out on the couch. Onwards to the gym. I did three arm exercises and then I headed to the bike.

The dogs come out after sundown
Gonna Tear this city to the ground
So drink up Buddy Cause its goin down
Head to the ground and Listen to the sound

Hmm hmm
Can you hear them
Hmm hmm
Can you feel it
Can you hear the sound of the heathens

Written by Andrés Alvinzi, Benjamin Jennebo & Isak Hallén. © Smash Into Pieces.

I wrote on Mastodon and for this site. I chatted a bit with my friend in Texas. I felt like I just needed to head home after the bike. But, I did not go. I tried the crosstrainer and treadmill again. Shorter times than I’d like, but longer than if I’d had gone home 😉. My watch had some issues on the crosstrainer, it showed me my heart rate but for 15 minutes of hard work, it said I had only burned 16 calories 😂, seemed a tad too low… I spend 20 minutes on the treadmill and then I changed my shoes and headed home. It had started to rain, so fortunately I have a small umbrella ☔ in my bag. When I got home I let Arwen out for a bit. Then I ate and rode my bike for two hours.

Washed up and got ready for the walk with Arwen and our friend. As Arwen was walking rather well now, I decided to try it without her shoe today. She was very happy about that! She had a good 3k walk and when we got home, I started making lunch. I was so hungry… (what else is new right?). After lunch I relaxed a bit. Then I let Arwen pee before I left for the physical therapy. I left a little too early, but Arwen had been quick on her walkies and I didn’t want to sit on the couch for a few minutes before needing to go again.

Fortunately it was dry so I walked to the PT more easily. Texted a bit with my friend in Wales. Spend my time waiting watching Downton Abbey. Yay for a good internet bundle on my phone subscription 😉. The therapy was good. I had loads of knots that hurt a lot. So when they got more loosened, it felt great. 😊 Painful but good. Then my time was up already and I headed back home again. I ate a little after I had made Arwen het dinner. I wanted to game but I felt tired and exhausted. So I texted to my friend I would not be able to game this afternoon 😔. I got my blanket and pillow and watched Bones while slipping to a snooze every now and then. And then it was time to get ready for bed!

Positive: getting a good massage and listening to my body, giving it rest when it needed it.

Gaming: none.

TV: Downton Abbey, the Fall and Bones.

Music: Universum25 and Rammstein – Zeit on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me resting on a Camel, no text, but meant for "Hump day", aka Wednesday
Hump day / Wednesday

I woke a little before the alarm, so I decided to get up and dressed. It was 9°C and dry, so that was good. I prepared Arwen’s meal and walked her. At first she just sniffed loads and then she quickly did her buniness and headed home for her brekky. When she was eating, I put out the snack and headed to the gym. My PT had really helped me as the arm exercises felt a little easier to do this morning. Then after a few, while chatting with my friend in Texas, I headed to the bike. Posted some on Mastodon, wrote for this blog site and enjoyed some Rammstein. I had listened to a part of the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack and I loved it. But it’s over 7 hours and not really good for exercise. Good for walking and relaxing though. 😊

P. S. Y. C. H. O
Oh dear, it seem’s like we have struck a nerve here
And she’s upset chain-smoking all her cigaretts
While contemplating retribution
They say when you want peace you prepare for war
Now you have no idea of what she has got in store
Cause if you want peace you prepare for war
Na na na
This is a god damn war you will be paying for
It’s fucking drama spelled P. S. Y. C. H. O

Songwriters: Nicklas Eklund / Erik Eklund / Patrik Hallgren / Ronny Westphal / Andreas Clark © Self Deception AB

After my hour on the bike, I headed to the crosstrainer. Hit 25 minutes today as I went onwards to the treadmill. I did 30 minutes in there and I felt tired but good. I changed my shoes and headed home. I washed up and changed clothes. Had my breakfast and got ready for walkies with our friend. I had a little time so I rode my bike for 20 minutes. We walked the 3k walk again. Arwen still doing rather good without her shoes. After the walk our friend picked up the access card for the gym. We walked to her home where she grabbed her bag. She headed to the gym, me to the Ah for some groceries. It was a good walk and I found what I needed. I quickly paid and headed back home again. It was dry but there was some wind though. When I got home I packed away the groceries and then I relaxed a bit. After which I watched the new Criminal Minds Evolution episode while riding the bike. After 90 minutes I was tired and I relaxed while I made my lunch.

After lunch I let Arwen pee. Then I headed back to the bike and rode 2 hours! I felt good and needed to be busy so the bike it was. After that I made Arwen dinner and I had a light small meal myself as well. Around 3 my bestie called. She’s started to divorce and it’s been bad. Don’t I know all about that? So I’m trying to be there for her, help her through it. I felt rather alone during my divorce as most people only listened to the half truths my ex was telling and I lost quite some people I had thought of as friends. After half an hour my friend had to go. I hope the talk helped her a little. 😊 Then I contacted my friend in Wales and we set up a whatsapp call. Discussing which game we would play. In the end we decided upon Minecraft. We’d try to get a trophy/achievement so she started building wildly 😂 and I just followed being very interested. And… I found my first wild Llama!

Fortunately I had a leash so I leashed her while we tried to get the trophy. But something wasn’t right and we both didn’t get any, unfortunately. I went to pick up the small Llama and brought her home. I quickly made a small pen for her, I’d need to improve it soon,as I turned my back for a bit and the small Llama became an adult. My friend tried building again for that trophy and unfortunately we didn’t manage to get it. Well try again next time we play together, I’m sure of it. 😊 Then it was time to get ready for bed. I logged off the PS5, took my meds and supplements and brushed my teeth. Walked Arwen while still chatting with my friend. Then we hang up, I did one Welsh lesson IN Duolingo, and I read till I fell asleep. Woke once for the loo and then… See the next day 😉…

Positive: being active, chatting with my friends.

Game: Minecraft.

Music: Horizon Forbidden West OST, Universum25, Rammstein & Energy booster: Metal on Spotify.

TV: Downton Abbey, Bones, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Thursday"

I woke up feeling rather rested, wondering how much time I had till my alarm would go off. And it woke me in a heartbeat as it was 4AM! My alarm should have woken me an hour ago! Poor Arwen 😔. So I quickly got dressed, prepared her food and we ran outside so she could do her things. I felt so guilty and while I woke rested, the disruption of my routine also shook me. I made my galls breakfast, put out the snack and quickly headed to the gym. I skipped the strength today and just headed to the bike for my cardio. As it’s Thursday and that’s always a day where I exercise less due to taking mum to Germany. 😊 So some cardio would be wise to do.

Wir durften nicht dazugehören
Nichts sehen, reden oder hören
Doch jede Nacht für ein, zwei Stunden
Bin ich dieser Welt entschwunden
Jede Nacht ein bisschen froh
Mein Ohr ganz nah am Weltempfänger

Radio, mein Radio
Ich lass’ mich in den Äther saugen
Meine Ohren werden Augen

Songwriters: Richard Kruspe / Till Lindemann / Doktor Christian Lorenz / Paul Landers / Christoph Doom Schneider / Oliver Riedel
Songteksten voor Radio © Discoton Musik Ed. Gmbh, Rammstein Musikverlag

While on the bike I posted on Mastodon and I wrote for my blog. I also answered an email I got yesterday, but I was playing Minecraft with my Welsh friend then so I couldn’t reply. After the bike I headed to the crosstrainer again I managed 30 minutes on it and then headed to the treadmill for 30 minutes as well. When I was done, I was craving food! So I quickly went to change my shoes and I headed home. Washed up, changed clothes and made a well deserved breakfast. Then I let Arwen out for a pee and texted my mum we’d be on our way to Nijmegen after Arwen had peed.

The weather was yuk still and it was busy on the roads. We headed to Germany, got some groceries and then I filled up my parents car. When we were getting ready for the next two stores, rain turned to hail for a while and it went hard! Damn… We got all the groceries and I had everything to make pasta tomorrow. A stop at the Kruidvat and Appie and then we were done. I helped mum with her groceries and then Arwen and I headed home. I texted out friend we were on our way so she’d know we’d be ready for walkies in a bit. I put away my own groceries, jumped in the smallest room and then we were ready for walkies. Weather had cleared up a bit, which was nice. We walked the 3k walk and I saw my big cookie friend Sam again! He’s a blonde Labrador and he knows I have cookies so he always rushes to see me. I got him his two cookies and he played with Arwen an bit. Then we headed home again and I made my warm lunch.

After that I jumped on the bike and texted my friend in Wales that I could game some Minecraft if she’d be up for it. During the ride my stomach got bad and I had to run. Damn the IBS 😔. I got back feeling empty but better so back to MC and riding. In total I rode for 2,5 hours. And we were able to find a portal to “the end”.


It took a while but we found it, with some help from my friends youngest daughter. 😊 On our way back we found another Llama, two even, but I had only one leashed, hoping the other would follow, but he did not. We tamed the Llamas and were able to breed them. We need 5 tamed Llamas for a trophy we both still need, called “So I got that going for me”. We did get the “On a rail” trophy today!

I got my call from the health care institution and they could not help me. I am taking prescription painkillers and since I need those to function, they could not help me. 😔 They saw and acknowledged I have an eating disorder and they’ll write a letter to my GP. Hopefully he can help me further as I feel a bit lonely with my food troubles now 😔.

It was time to get ready for bed. Meds, supplements, teeth and walkies with Arwen. Onwards to bed where it didn’t take me too long to fall asleep.

Positive: getting groceries, helping mum and having fun with friends.

Gaming: Minecraft.


My friend was upstairs so naturally most cats looked up 😂

TV: Downton Abbey, the Mentalist and Bones.

Music: This is Live on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Friday"

Ugh my alarm went off “too early”. Actually it went off on the right time today, I had checked the settings during the night just to make sure it would walk me… But I still felt very “wedi blino”, which is Welsh for tired. 😊 I checked the weather, 12°C and rain. Again rain, as they had “promised” earlier this week. I got dressed, prepped Arwen’s meat and we went out for walkies. Added her kibble, put out her snack, and headed to the gym. I did a few arm exercises, but not that plenty. I felt tired and a bit exhausted, so I just headed to the seated bike. Read and shared some blogs. And then I wrote for this site again.

Left in the darkness
Here on your own
Woke up a memory
Feeling the pain
You cannot deny it
There’s nothing to say
It’s all that you need to find the way

Oh Damn, the war is coming!
Oh Damn, you feel you want it!
Oh Damn, just bring it on today!

You can’t live without the fire
It’s the heat that makes you strong
‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it all the way

Songwriters: Daniel Bjorn Gibson / Robert Westerholt / Sharon Den Adel
Songteksten voor Iron © Cloud9, Downtown Music Publishing, PFIVE Entertainment Mexico, Universal Music Publishing Group

After the bike I wanted to hit the crosstrainer and treadmill again. I managed the crosstrainer for 30+2 minutes and then headed to the treadmill. Several times I thought of just going home. But in the end I managed to get my 30 minutes in and I felt good about that. Onwards going home. I washed up, ate breakfast and cut my leek and mushrooms for my pasta I was going to make this afternoon. I have written down the recipe years ago, of you’re interested, it’s here: Food – Pasta a la Cynni. Then it was time to walk with Arwen. We walked the 3k walk and at the end I nipped in the Jumbo for some groceries. They didn’t have the meat for Arwen which I needed, so I asked mum to check their store tomorrow. She said she would, so that’s a plus. Fingers crossed they will have it.

After some rest I hopped on to the bike and I rode for 90 minutes while watching some Downton Abbey. Then I started making the pasta. I ate way too much, made bins with sauce for me and my parents, and let out Arwen. She got some pasta with sauce and kibble and seemed to really enjoy it. I rested a bit while playing Minecraft with my friend. Then I headed back to the bike as we were off to slay the Enderdragon. 🐲 We died several times but in the end we managed to kill it off, yay for us! After that, my bestie called me and we talked about my rejection at the health care institution, about her upcoming divorce, I tried to make her feel a tad better with silly things. And I hope I managed just that. I remember how lonely I felt during my divorce, so I’m trying to reach out so she doesn’t have to feel like that too much.

I kept playing Minecraft with my friend till a bit to 5. At that time, the open beta of Diablo IV would start. My friend wanted to try it as well. So we both got into the queue to get in. I got in a little before her. Made my Necromancer and named him Frodo 😂. Goes well with my Arwen Sorcerer. And the clan is called You Shall Not Pass, so there you go. My friend made a Sorcerer and she called her Glaladriel. More Lord of The Rings in Diablo! 😂 Love it! We played till 6 and then I had to get ready for bed. We would try to play some more tomorrow. So she can see if she likes it enough. And if she gets to level 20, she’ll have the titles and pet if she does decide to play it later on. But I was tired and ready for bed. And very happy as well, as I had been able to keep my calories at about 3000. Yay me. 😊

Positive: enjoying games with my friend, exercising, talking to another friend, walkies with yet another friend. It’s been a friendly day 😂

Gaming: Minecraft and Diablo IV bèta.


Music: more of Live!

TV: Downton Abbey, Bones, The Mentalist and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Books: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows & the Hobbit.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Saturday"

Still tired when the alarm went off. Ugh, hopefully I’d feel better in a bit. It was windy, with some rain and 8°C, so not too cold. Although the wind did chill things a bit. My app said the real feel was 5°C. I got dressed, took meds and supplements ND prepared Arwen’s meat. We went for walkies, she did her thing, and we got back and I finished her brekky. The snack on the couch and I was off to the gym. Today I’d be focusing on my legs, so I did several leg exercises while chatting with my friend in Texas. After several leg exercises, I went to the bike (and used my legs some more). I wrote for this site, posted some on Mastodon and listened to the Secret Samhadi album by Live!

Living in the night
‘Neath heavens torn asunder
You call on me to solve a crooked rhyme
As I’m closing in
Imposing on your slumber
You call on me as bells begin to chime

Are you on the square?
Are you on the level?
Are you ready to swear right here, right now
Before the devil
That you’re on the square
That you’re on the level
That you’re ready to stand right here, right now
Right here, right now

Songwriters: A Ghoul Writer
Songteksten voor Square Hammer © BMG Rights Management

After the bike I wanted to do the same as yesterday, hit the crosstrainer and treadmill both for half an hour. I felt a bit tired while on the bike so I didn’t know if I’d be able to push through or not. Time would definitely tell in the end. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reach half an hour on either. But I tried to push on, even if I didn’t feel like it. In the end I managed 15 minutes on the crosstrainer and 23 on the treadmill. Then I changed my shoes and headed home.

Washed up and ate my breakfast. Texted with our friends about walkies. We left for walkies around 7:30 and Arwen was very excited to go. As it was above the 6 degrees I hold as a target for Arwen’s swimming, she was happily diving in the water every chance she got. My friends kid decided on the 6k walk, which Arwen and I didn’t mind. More swimming for Arwen later on. 😊 When we got home, I started the laundry. I booted the PS5 and logged into Diablo IV again. I started leveling when I got a group invite from a Mastodon friend. I had a short break to hang the laundry on the lines, but we played for about two hours together. Which was a lot of fun. The Necro was a lot stronger than the Sorcerer seemed to be last weekend. Around noon I logged off and made lunch. I let Arwen out as well.

I had planned to game some more. But while doing some of the dishes, my hands hurt so much… So I decided to hit the store first, also because it seemed to be dry and a bit sunny now. I got my groceries and headed back, dark clouds forming again.


Fortunately I made it home before the clouds burst open. I cleared away the groceries and my hands were still so cold. 😔 So I decided to ride my bike for two hours while watching Downton Abbey. A quick pit stop around 3 to make Arwen some food. And then onwards to the two hours. After that I played a bit on my phone. My hands were still painful and cold. So I got my reading glasses and eReader and I read some of the Hobbit. I never read it on this eReader so it counts as a new one. Around 5 I was getting ready for bed. Daylight Savings would start, meaning at two it would be three and time to get up. So I went to bed earlier. I took my meds and supplements, brushed my teeth and walked Arwen.

I had done rather well on my calories, but apparently I had exercised a little too much… As I lay in bed, my stomach kept telling me I was hungry. So in the end I gave in and snacked some. After that, I quickly fell asleep.

Positive: getting exercises done, chatting with a friend while gaming and enjoying some series and my book.

Gaming: Diablo IV bèta.

Music: still This is Live on Spotify. It’s been ages since I listened to them and I am now remembered how much I love their music still, after all these years.

TV: Downton Abbey, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Book: The Hobbit.

A bitmoji of me and a dog, both wearing sunglasses, with the text "Happy Sundog"
Happy Sundog / Sunday

It took some time (and food) to fall asleep, so even with going in early, I only managed to get about 7:50 of sleep. It sounds like a lot, but I usually get half an hour more… 😊 But it was 2AM, so the clock jumped to 3 and my alarm woke me again. I snoozed a bit and then got up and checked the weather. 6°C and dry for now, so that was good. Although it did feel colder when I walked Arwen. Real feel said 4 degrees Celcius. I made Arwen her breakfast, put out the snack and headed to the gym. I did three arm exercises and then I headed to the bike. I wrote on Mastodon, uploaded some images to Flickr and then I wrote for this site. 😊

There are of course those who do not want us to speak
We spin the world like a pinball machine
We have thoughts of a life in abundance
Day and night we wish movies were real
And what’s behind the screen is our entrance

I’m like a satellite
Transmitting different eras
I am the voice of the next generation
Completely digital
Create synthetic auras
Start a revolution now

You will never have to cry
‘Cause the future is sold

Songwriters: Joacim Lundberg / Olof Nils Moerck / Elise Hanna Isabell Maj Ryd
Songteksten voor Digital World © Warner/chappell Music Scandinavia Ab, Lucidor Production Ab

After the bike I wanted to hit the crosstrainer and treadmill again. Make some good cardio. I managed 22 minutes on the crosstrainer and 33 on the treadmill, so that wasn’t too bad. Then I headed home, washed up and had my breakfast. I rode my bike for 26 minutes and then I got ready for walkies with Arwen. Quite unexpectedly, we went for the 6k walk again, which Arwen loved! More swimming for her, even though the weather wasn’t too good. We had some rain along the way. After the walk we got home and I relaxed a bit with Diablo IV again. During my playtime I rode my bike for 90 minutes. Then it was time to fix something to eat.

I wrote a bit for my blog site while watching Harry Potter movies. I logged back in to D4 and finished Act 1 and got to level 20 on the Necromancer. I’m definitely playing Necro when the game releases! I rode my bike again for two hours. And then I was so hungry that I ate again. And I ate too much 😔 even though I had burned a lot of calories as well, so I’m hoping it will even each other out a bit. According to my Samsung Health app, I exercised for 8:14 on Sunday, so that’s quite a bit. Maybe also the reason why I was hungry, even though I can always eat too much… After I got to level 20, my hands started hurting again. So I decided to grab a pillow and blanket and watch more Harry Potter. I was on movie 4 now.

While I did feel tired, I didn’t fall asleep. But I went to bed a tad early and set my alarm accordingly. Wish I could just sleep some extra minutes but Arwen needs her walkies. So I got ready for bed, taking meds and supplements, brushing teeth and walking my gall. I read the Hobbit till I fell asleep.

Positive: enjoying D4, being active and having a good walk.

Gaming: DiabloIV beta.


TV: Downton Abbey, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and a wee bit of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Music: This is Live on Spotify.

Book: The Hobbit.

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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10 thoughts on “Journal – Week 12, March 2023

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  1. I adore how it feels like we were there with you during your week ☺️

    One question about the No Man’s Sky gams, what keeps you motivated to keep on playing it? I struggle so much to continue playing it.

    As for Diablo, I’m so excited for it but I have no idea what system to get if for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😁

      I want to keep exploring, keep learning new things and make myself, my base and my ship better if I can. I do struggle a bit at times as the game is so huge, as I pointed out in one of my posts on NMS. But when I play with a friend, it’s a bit easier as we can explore together. 😊 I think playing coop does increase the fun of the game. Trying to find all the fauna on planets together and such.

      I am getting it for PS5 as I prefer the controller and my pc is probably too old to run it in a decent fashion. But it’s cross play, so you can play it with BattleNet friends on other platforms as well, which is great!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I gotta say I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with the size of a game, though even games like Fenyx and BotW I struggle with the size.
        My problem is either no one wants to play or they play one session and we never play it again, which of course is fine but it becomes frustrating when you buy a game purely to play with them. Can I borrow your friends? 😂

        Ohh I forgot about cross play! I really hope I’ll be able to find a team to run dungeons with!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ow yes I get easily overwhelmed by large games!
        I always love to coop, so if we could ever play together, just let me know if you’re interested. I play Playstation (as you’d probably know from my posts here). So if there’s any games we could coop, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can hook up for some coop!
        My PSN is Super-Cynni
        My BattleTag is SuperCynni#2463
        In case you’d like to add me.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I shall add you when I come on! This is how adults make friends 😂.
        I do have a ps5 though my kids use it more than me but I would love to try and play something, is there a game you would like to play coop and need someone to play with?
        Mines KonaTat for both (I think lol), but I shall add you when I get back 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha yeah it is… 😊
        I have recently played coop like Minecraft (though I’m not that good 😂), Minecraft Dungeons, Borderlands 3, No Man’s Sky and the Dark Pictures Anthology games. 😊 To name a few.
        I’ll try PSN, as BattleTag needs a hashtag with four digits added to it. 😊
        I tried PSN but it didn’t give a 100% on your ID name so I’ll wait till you add me. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I’m happy to go anything, I often play Monster Hunter series but no one to play with now.

        Oh, I don’t know off by heart so I’ll add you when I get it ❤️☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      6. That you did! Thought it would be easier to talk over, since the kids who use the ps5 more than me and I didn’t want to miss a message from you ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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