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Journal – Week 11, March 2023

A new week has started. We’re slowly getting warmer, but wet, weather. Spring is coming closer. Daylight saving time will not come this week, we’re two weeks behind here and ours will come on March 26th. It would be a busy week, Monday I have back to back appointments, PT on Tuesday, Germany on Thursday and then helping dad, taking my mum to the gym on Friday… Busy busy days!

Warmer weather on some days, but also rain. Temperatures are in Celcius.
A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Monday"

It was a little wet but definitely not cold. As it was 11°C when I got up. I got ready for walkies with Arwen. Made her brekky and out her snack on the couch. Onwards to rgw gym. I was ready to grab my water and start. I chose my taste and pressed start. And before the machine gave me anything to drink… It’s system restarted! So I got nothing. Waited for windows to restart, twice, and tried again. It told me I already for my water. Whut?! OK ok, I’ll try again in 20 minutes as that’s the usual reset time. So I tried again 20 minutes later. Nothing. Another 10 minutes later. Still the same error that I already got my drink. I was getting angry as this isn’t the first time I am not able to get my water. And it’s a service I pay extra for. So I reached out to Basic-Fit on Twitter and Instagram and now I have to hope their team will see my messages and will be able to reset my cars, again. So annoying 😔 I got some water from the tap but it wasn’t as cold nor as tasty. Damn 😔…

Wir warten nun schon ein verdammtes Leben lang
Wann kommt denn unsere Zeit
Wann sind wir endlich dran

Und in Monaco gehen die Schönen und die Reichen über Leichen
Denn ganz vorn gibts mehr zu sehen
Und die Gewinner sind
Doch immer nur die Gleichen
Sie können direkt zum Einlass gehen
Wir müssen in der Schlange stehen und warten

©Vertigo Berlin

I did a few arm exercises and then I got to the bike. Wrote for this blog and started this post. Searched for 7 different German rock songs to share this week. I’m staying in a theme 😉 this week. With the water tap and the scale not working, I wanted to just head home. But I had gome to the bike anyway. And I also went to the treadmill, as I knew I would not have loads of time to exercise today. After the gym and brekky, I’d have my 3k walk with Arwen and our friend. Then immediately leaving for the hospital, again, for another blood drawing, as they messed it up last Friday. Then I quickly need to head back to get ready for my video call with the health center that may be able to help me with my eating disorder… Then I have to leave for Nijmegen as my parents hairdresser is coming and I definitely have too much hair now. So busy and busy… Today I’d have to eat my warm meal later, as I usually eat warm at lunch these days. But there won’t be any time due to the back-to-back appointments.

So I walked for 55+5 minutes on the treadmill again. Then I headed home. Washed up and had breakfast. Rode the bike for 25 minutes and then Arwen and I got ready for walkies. It wasn’t cold so that’s a plus. But there was no time for Arwen to swim a little as I had to immediately leave to go to the hospital after the walk. So we had to keep going today. I felt sorry for Arwen but I also know she’ll have plenty of opportunities later on when weather gets better. We got home, I gave Arwen a snack and grabbed my bag and headed to the car. When I was almost there, I got a call. As reception is very bad near the hospital, I let it go to voicemail, also I was parking and needed my attention for that. I went inside and waited to be called. I wanted an appointment at 9:30, they gave me one at 9:25, I was there at 9:21 and they called me for my registration at… 9:38! So tell me again why I could not possibly have the appointment at 9:30 🤔. At 9:40 I got my blog drawn and headed back home. I got another call, again from the health care institution I have that video call appointment with. Uh ow, this could not be good. I got a voice mail this time. And shortly after I got home I got an email. Djeez, gimme some time please. This really annoyed me as they seem to think I live with my phone in my hand, always ready to just answer.

I relaxed a bit, chatted with my friend in Wales, played a little No Man’s Sky and then I was less anxious so I could call them. I still hate phone calls with a passion… The one I got on the phone could not help me, sigh, I needed to call back again later. So I did, again with anxiety rushing through me. I made a new appointment, for Friday morning this time, and then I went to make some lunch. And this meant I could make a warm meal before leaving to go to my parents for my haircut. We left a little early so my mum and I could visit the Appie first. We got some of our groceries and my mum missed a call from her youngest brother. Then she got a text. The wife of her oldest brother had died. We didn’t have any relationship with them anymore after they were very bad during the time my grandma died (their mum). They had fights and it wasn’t nice. So they didn’t have any connection, besides being family. I think mum was a little sad she died. I wasn’t. She never liked me anyway… And that feeling grew to be mutual. Ah well…


Our hair got cut and it feels great again. Dad asked for my help for a project soon. And then Arwen and I headed home. I mad something to eat and made Arwen’s dinner as well. After that, I got online with No Man’s Sky again. I played with my friend again, even though there were some issues again with not seeing each other in game. I Googled how to get pellets to feed animals (I needed to know for a quest) and… One became my pet! So cool! I gave my friend some pet food and she also got a pet! Then it was time to get to bed again. I sure felt tired enough, so I was hoping I would have a decent sleep.

Positive: calling back to reschedule the appointment. Playing with my friend to unwind after a weird day.

Gaming: No Man’s Sky.

Music: Universum25 on Spotify.

TV: Downton Abbey, Shrek 3 and The Fall.

Book: finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and started Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I know these books have a bad air around them now due to JKR being a terf… But I wanted to reread the books with fresh eyes. Especially as I already bought them ages ago, before her bad spells happened. I’m sad that good memories are made so dark now because their creator is such a faul person 😔…

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Tuesday"

Alarm ⏰ went off too early again. While I felt I had a good night, I also felt it was yet another one that was too short. I checked the weather. A little drizzle and 10°C, so it could be worse. I got dressed and took my meds and supplements. Prepared Arwen’s meat and we went for short walkies. Then I made my sweetness her brekky, put out the snack and headed for the gym. Kept my fingers crossed as I’d love to get water and… It worked again! Yay! Started with some arm exercises. Then I headed to the seated bike. I chatted with my friend in Texas, wrote a little on Mastodon and wrote for this blog site. 😊

Die Musik ist lange aus
Die Band ist schon zu Haus
Nur ich sitze noch hier
(Mit ein Paar Freunden, ein Paar Bier)

Es wird getrunken und gelacht
Und erzählt die ganze Nacht
Und ich lehn mich kurz zurück
Und genieße still mein

Das sind die Momente
Wo ich wenn ich es könnte
Mir wünschen würde
Dass sie nie vergehn

Songwriters: Dritte Wahl © Dritte Wahl Records

After an hour I headed to the crosstrainer for half an hour. It’s been a few days so I was hoping I could manage the 30 minutes. As my left elbow still hurts from my fall in the end of December 😔 so a crosstrainer sometimes triggers some of that pain. In the end I switched things up a little. Did 15 minutes on the crosstrainer and 45 on the treadmill. So still had an hour of being more active. Then it was time to head home. I could do with some food. First I let Arwen out for a pee. Her hurt paw was still troubling her. So I tried to get some ointment on it and I have her half a painkiller. I had brekky and then decided to jump on the bike, as our friend would be later as it was Tuesday. I rode the bike for two hours while playing a little No Man’s Sky.


Then I washed up and got ready for walkies. We walked the 3k walk, a tad slower because of Arwen. But she was very happy so I’m guessing the medicine was helping her a tad. When we got home I cleaned her paw again, cut away some hair and tried to get the ointment on it again. Unfortunately Arwen kept licking her paw so that probably won’t help the healing process 😔 wish I could explain it to her, why she shouldn’t do that so much. But unfortunately she won’t understand. I then made my lunch and enjoyed it. Watched some of the new Luther movie. Then I walked a short bit with Arwen as I had to leave for physical therapy soon. The weather was dry but there was a very cold wind. I arrived early, as usual, but watched some Downton Abbey while waiting

My therapist gave me a nice massage and crushed a few vertebrae which felt like a big relief. Unfortunately time was up before I knew it and I was walking back home again. I had a small meal and made Arwen her dinner. Then I got to the bike for another hour while playing No Man’s Sky with Mel. I still struggle with the game and it’s really annoying me. I wish I were better at it 😔. But somehow the mechanics aren’t clicking with me and I can’t really get the hang of it. I guess I’ll YouTube some videos of people playing to see how they do it. Maybe having some visual aid could benefit me 🤔.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for bed. I took my supplements and meds, brushed teeth and walked Arwen. I was so cold again when I got to bed, that it took me a while to warm up. And then I switched off my electric blanket and fell asleep rather quickly.

Positive: getting a good therapy session and chatting with friends.

Gaming: No Man’s Sky.


Music: This is Pink! and my Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

TV: Downton Abbey, Shrek 4, the Fall & Luther: the fallen sun.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me resting on a Camel, no text, but meant for "Hump day", aka Wednesday
Hump day / Wednesday

Alarm ⏰ went off again and… Again I didn’t feel ready to get up. Ugh I hate walking up feeling tired. Especially when my watch tells me I’ve gotten about 8:14 of sleep. They say between 7-9 hours should so do well. But I can’t get 9 hours as I need to take care of Arwen. So I’m usually between 7:45-8:30 with my sleeping times. But rarely do I wake up feeling rested and energized. 😔 My sleep score was 82, so not that bad. Just wish it were like 92 and I would feel more rested. I checked the temperature and it was 1°C so definitely cold. I got dressed, prepped Arwen’s meat and we went out for a pee and poo. She still has issues with her paw, so after the gym she’ll get another half painkiller and I’ll rub some ointment on the small wound again. And then I have to be careful she won’t lick it off again 😔… OK onwards to the gym. I didn’t feel very motivated. I tried arm exercises and I just felt weak. I hate it when I feel this way, because usually the workout makes me feel better.

Verbrannte brücken nur die stärksten blieben steh´n
ich hab zu viele von euch lange nicht gesehen – ich
turn hier oben rum, als ob ich sowas wie ein Held wär
die Wahrheit ist mich zu lieben fällt mir selbst schwer

Das geht an alle die mich lieben müssen tut mir leid!
Ich war für vieles viel – zu alt, und für vieles noch nicht bereit,
oft fehlt mir der Mut und dann hab ich keine Zeit
versink im Selbstmitleid und bin mal wieder viel zu breit

© Slime Töntrager

So I decided to skip strength today and head to the cardio. Maybe that would help me feel better and I always like it more. Probably also because I can write for this site while on the bike and I can watch series when on the crosstrainer and treadmill. 😊 Although I also enjoy listening to music as well. So I headed to the bike a tad earlier. Today some of my supplements would be delivered but there was no good time known yet. And my vinyl from Universum25 would be delivered at the pick-up point but I’ll probably get that on Thursday, depending on the time I can pick it up. I’ve been trying the L-Tryptofane supplement for a few days now. I found another kind that may be better, as it has some extra ingredients. So I’ve decided to order those and take them in turns. One day the L-Tryptofane and the other day the one with the extra ingredients. Hopefully they will help me feel a bit better. If not, then I tried and I’ll go and chat with my GP again about dopamine and my ADHD. I never minded the ADHD on its own, but some of the effects of having low dopamine are causing me some unnecessary struggles.

After the bike I headed to the crosstrainer. I managed 30 minutes on the crosstrainer and then 30 on the treadmill. Yay for that as it felt good. But I could not shake the feeling that something was off. I just didn’t know what. When I got home I gave Arwen her painkiller and rubbed some ointment on her paw that should help it healing. I feel so sorry for her and I wish I could explain why she should stop licking it… Just taking it easy the next few days. Had some breakfast aftet that. Then I rode my bike for about 47 minutes and then I got ready for walkies. Arwen did her best, wagging her tail like crazy as she was happy to see our friend and to be out. We walked slower and at one point I guess the painkiller kicked in as she picked up the pace. Then, after about ⅔ of the walk, she started limping with a different paw 😭. I cleaned it best I could and could not feel or see anything. My friend massaged the paw a little. Slowly she put some weight on it again and we went home in a very moderate pace.

When we got home I could clean the paw better and… She had a same problem on her front paw that she has on her back paw as well! She probably licked that one a lot as well, opening up some of the skin and making it red and sore. So I tried to cut away some hair and I rubbed ointment on both places. I gave her another painkiller as I hoped it would stop her from licking the paws all the time. I felt so sorry for her… When I did all I could for her she snoozed and I felt grateful. Sleeping to recharge and she was not licking her paws now. I got on my bike and rode for an hour. Then it was time to make my warm lunch, which was very welcome as I did feel hungry. I tried to play a little No Man’s Sky but I wasn’t too into it today. So I switched to watching Bones again. I had my whey shake as I still felt hungry. And after a while I ate some yoghurt as well. Today I did not keep within my set calories limit. But I figured I’d ride the bike some and it would be better.

But I felt so tired! I texted my friend I needed a short nap. I felt cold and when I finally warmed up under my blanket, I quickly fell asleep. And I woke just before 6! About 3 hours later! My friend had texted to ask if I were OK and yeah, I was. But I still felt so tired. So I quickly took my meds and supplements, I walked Arwen, brushed teeth and went to bed. And while reading I fell asleep again.

Positive: listening to my body and giving it sleep instead of pressing on.

Gaming: some No Man’s Sky.


TV: Downton Abbey, the Good Wife, Shrek 4 and Bones.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Thursday"

I woke once for the loo and then when my alarm went off. So even with that much sleep. On Wednesday afternoon, I still needed the whole night of sleep. I had thought I’d wake up before the alarm because of it… But nope. Guess I really needed that sleep. I checked the weather, dry and 4°C (though a real feel of 0°C). So I got dressed and slowly walked with Arwen. She’s struggling so much with her two bad paws and I feel so sorry for her. So after the short walk I gave a painkiller again before she got her brekky. I put out the snack and hoped she would not lick her paws too much. I’ve been looking for a cone and shoes. But I have no idea if I should take her to the vet… So I’ll ask mum to look at her paws today and see what she says. I have some money set aside for her but I also need to get her vaccinated in a few months. I know my parents would not mind helping but I feel wrong taking so much help from them. 😔 But I want Arwen to feel better. And I feel I’m doing all I can for her, except seeing a doctor. But what I can see, the sore spots are worsened by her licking so she probably needs something to prevent her from doing so, giving the paws the time to heal. But I wonder what would be better, a cone (maybe an inflatible one) or shoes 🤔 she’s going to hate both though…

Zwischen uns die Welten
Ich werf sie aus der Bahn
Zwischen uns die Wüste
Ich werde sie durchfahren
Zwischen uns der Dschungel
Ich lade mein Gewehr
Zwischen uns das Meer
Ich trink es einfach leer
Zwischen uns die Zweifel
Ich räum sie alle aus
Zwischen uns die Wände
Ich hab ‘ne harte Faust
Zwischen uns die Wälder
Ich hab ‘ne Kettensäge
Und such mir meine Wege

Songwriters: Mia Aegerter / Chris Buseck / Alexander Wesselsky / Noel Pix
Songteksten voor Zwischen uns © Melodie Der Welt Gmbh & Co Kg

So I went to the gym, feeling a tad worried about Arwen’s paws. I had hoped that she’d walk a biy better this morning with rest and the painkiller I gave her for the night. I did a few arm exercises. But I was wearing a sleeved shirt and it didn’t feel to good. Guess I’ll need to invest in some more sleeveless shirts for the gym. The shirt is very comfortable, just not for arm exercises 🤔. While I used to always wear this to the gym. Maybe my shoulders or arms have grown a bit and they’re now interfering with the sleeves? After a few exercises I went to the bike. Writing for my site here. Listening to music. Still feeling a tad tired. But today I’d have no nap time as Arwen and I would be going to Nijmegen this morning. First to help mum with groceries. Then I would help dad with his tyres, they need to be brought to his new garage. And he can’t lift the tyres anymore so that’s my job now. 😊 I don’t mind helping, but this time I’ll take some gloves as my hands were so gross when we brought the tires home when the old garage closed. So this time I’ll be prepared!

After the bike I headed to the crosstrainer and treadmill. I managed 30 minutes on each. Then I switched shoes and headed home. Had breakfast, gave Arwen a painkiller and we got ready to head to Nijmegen. Mum and I went to Germany. We got the groceries and tried to find shows for Arwen. But they didn’t have her size. So we decided to visit a store in Nijmegen that was next to an AH that we also wanted to visit. But that pet store didn’t have any suited shoes either. Guess it was time to ask the Internet for help. When we got back, dad ordered four shoes for Arwen ♥. She’s going to hate them but I’m hoping, once she’s used to them, she’ll love them as they will help her walk better now she has those small wounds on her feet. 😔 Dad had some lunch and then we made the car ready. I hauled the tyres in the back of the car. Then we headed to the garage. It was quite a drive and when we arrived, it was a big garage. Loads of beautiful cars I could never afford but I loved looking at. 😊 We got the tyres to the right person, dad ordered two to be switched as they were low on tread, and they would have to bring us to Austria later this year.

We checked out the cars they had, me loving some a lot but disliking the price tags because I could only afford any of them, occasions mind you, not new ones, if I had inherited. And I don’t want to have that for quite a while. That doesn’t mean I would not like a new car. This one had expensive repairs for several years in a row now. And it’s hard to pay up for them. Plus I’d love a 5 door hybrid one as it would be cheaper per kilometer to drive. Insurance would be more expensive for a newer car. But I would definitely like a new one. I love the later Yaris models even more than I love my current one. 😊

I definitely would not mind owning one like this… Lottery, I gotta enter I guess 😂

We headed back home again. Then mum and I walked a short round with the dogs before Arwen and I headed home. I took most of the groceries upstairs and started making dinner for both Arwen and myself. I was kinda tired and very hungry. I had thought to ride the bike and game some but after dinner I just laid on the couch and watched Bones. Tomorrow I’ll ride again and game again. After the walk with Arwen and the video call (ugh do I have to? 😔). Then it was time to take my meds and get ready for bed. One lore slow walk with Arwen and then some reading before sleeping. Although it took quite a while for me to fall asleep tonight.

Positive: helping my parents and listening to my body.

Gaming: none.

TV: Downton Abbey, Luther and Bones.

Music: Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Friday"

I woke a little before the alarm. I stayed in bed till. It went off though, dozing for a bit until I had to get up. It was dry and 7°C so not too bad this morning. I got dressed, prepared Arwen’s meat and we went out for walkies. I made her food when we got back, put out the snack and saw a message that the shoes would be delivered today. Arwen is so going to hate me for that! But I do hope they will help her and in the end, she’ll love using them to walk better. I’m sure it will make for some silly videos of Arwen trying to shake off the boots 😂 poor gall! So I headed to the gym and did a few arm exercises. Not that many as I wasn’t feeling too motivated. But I tried. 😊 Then onwards to the bike. Writing for my blog site. Chatting with my friend in Texas. Seeing a dude I met in January 2022 texted me asking me how I was doing now. Maybe you remember about him? Yeah that wasn’t the best experience. I’ll be kind and reply later. But I wonder why he texted me after this time, after telling me it would not work because of him, not me. (does anyone ever believe this when they’re told this?). I looked up the post about this to link it here: And that was it…

Ausgestattet voller Pracht
Vom lieben Gott zum Vamp gemacht
Aus gutem Haus, verwöhnt und clever
Der Grabstein für potente Stecher
Sie jagt den Trend, sie ist gefährlich
Obszön, vulgär, abgrundtief und ehrlich
Verführt, verhurt und provokant
Das Luder hat dich in der Hand
Ich bin klein, mein Herz ist rein
Kannst du nicht mein Spielzeug sein?
Jagdzeit, es ist Jagdzeit

© Golden Core

It wasn’t a good ending and yeah, I thought we could be friends. But after being blocked and ghosted I thought he wasn’t interested in any of that. And now, out of the blue, he asks how I am… Hmm 🤔 I never know what to make of that.

So I rode the bike for an hour while writing a bit here. Then onwards to the crosstrainer and treadmill. I managed 30+2 minutes on the crosstrainer and 30+3 on the treadmill. The + minutes were cooling downs. So I think I did rather well. On to changing my shoes and heading home. I got a reminder from DHL to pick up my parcel, the vinyl from Universum25. I was planning to do that later today, as I had the video call and I would receive Arwen’s shoes today. Home I washed up and had my breakfast. Gave Arwen some meat with half a painkiller in it. So it could help her to go on walkies as she still loves those, even with hurting feet, bless her ♥. I was ready a tad early so I rode the bike for 30 minutes on low settings before my friend texted she was ready for walkies. We took a tad shorter route as I needed to be home in time for that call. Arwen did her best and we got home with a little time to spend.

So I could grab a drink, visit the loo, get my charger ready just in case. I was chatting with my friend in Wales while waiting for the worker to get online. I switched on the mic and camera and we were ready to go. I still hate seeing my blown up face in that screen all of the time 😔. I think the talk went well and I was able to tell her all that she needed to know. She has to discuss me with colleagues and she’ll call me Thursday afternoon to let me know the outcome. Maybe they can help me… It will be hard if they can, as it’s a lot of driving and needing someone to care for Arwen in those days. But I’m sure my friend or plmy parents will want to help me. I just hope I can afford the benzine for those kilometers, but maybe my parents can help me. It’s a LOT… Part of me is hoping for the online support first as that means videocalls instead of driving 230 km for 3 days a week… So yeah… Let’s see what happens…

After this I chatted again with Mel. We wanted to game some, so we made some plans. I rode my bike while watching the second episode of Criminal Minds Evolution, as there were two online on Disney+ now, yay! Then I made some early lunch and I let Arwen out for a pee. She was wearing her new shoes (just two for now) and she definitely was not impressed with them. Poor gall…

So then it was gaming time. Mel and I wanted to try Minecraft Dungeons, so I installed it and logged in with my Microsoft account, which went easier than with Minecraft this time. I did a bit of the intro and then Mel invited me into her game. We had no real idea what we were doing, so we just went ahead and tried things out. Slowly we got a tad better, but we still managed to die loads haha 😂. It was loads of fun though. In the mean time. I was riding my bike as well for 90 minutes… Around 15:40 my bestie called so I just played on while chatting to her. Mel had to leave around 16 and my call ended just after that. I made Arwen her belated dinner and let her out to pee. I took off the two shoes as I was going to the DHL service point and I hoped she would not nibble on her paw ( ut the shoes were a tad too expensive to be subjected to nibbles so that’s why I took them off). When I got at the point, they were closed today because if a family emergency. Ah ok, just my luck as they’d be closed in the weekend as well. Of course an emergency tops my need to spin a vinyl, so I did understand. I headed back and found Arwen nibbling on her front paw again 😭 damn…

I then tried to get into the Diablo IV Beta that would start at 17. It could give me an hour to test out the game. If I can reach level 20 during the beta weekend, I could get some nice rewards. Yes please! So when I got in, I made my character and started the game. I’ll write a separate post about the two beta weekends, this is a closed one to all who pre-ordered in advance. But I got to level 4, got kicked out and then my character was gone… And I tried to get back in but a queue of 62 minutes had formed 😭 I had about 15 minutes till bed time, so I just got ready for bed instead.

Positive: the video call going well, even though I don’t know anything yet.

Gaming: Minecraft Dungeons and Diablo IV bèta.


TV: The Last of Us, Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds Evolution and Bones.

Music: Some Sarah Bettens and my Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Saturday"

I had a weird night and felt tired when the alarm went off. I snoozed it once, getting ready to get out of bed. Then I checked the weather, 10°C and some rain. OK, let’s get dressed. I prepared Arwen’s meat and took my painkillers and supplements. I walked Arwen, slowly, and then made her brekky. Put out her snack and headed to the gym. I did a few simple exercises, but didn’t really feel like it. So o headed to the bike a tad earlier. Let’s work on a sweat with some cardio. I posted some on Mastodon, wrote for this site and uploaded some images to Flickr to use in my blog posts.

Den Horizont siehst du als Grenze
Bloss nicht weitergehen
Doch die Welt ist rund, wir werden weitersehen
Wir rasten nicht, bleibt nur nicht stehen
Denn niemand bleibt zurück
Siehst du unsere Fahne wehen?
Wir Sehens Stück für Stück

Das Morgenland
Aus dem Dunkel steigt’s herauf
Und morgen dann
Geht die Sonne wieder auf
Volle Kraft voraus
Und vielleicht morgen, morgen, morgen dann

Songwriters: Rico Schwibs / Rainer Stefan Hoffmann © AFM Records

After the bike, I wanted to follow the same path as the previous days. So half an hour on the crosstrainer and half an hour on the treadmill. I was hoping to get some Diablo IV bèta gaming done today, so I’d need my exercises more. Of course I’d ride the bike as well if I remembered 😇. But I rode slowly when gaming. Still, I do exercise…

So, 30+3 minutes on both the crosstrainer and bike. Yay for me! 💪🏼 I got ready to head home again. Washed up and had a well deserved breakfast. Texted our friend we were getting ready for walkies. Grabbed a shoe for Arwen’s front paw, hoping it would help het have less issues when walking. The shoe still needs some getting used to, but I hope it prevents small stones from hurting her foot when she walks and sniffs. Arwen wasn’t too pleased when I put it on and acted like there was a snake on her paw 😂. But after a few steps she got used to it again and she walked, rather fast compared to previous days, and she seemed to be OK. Sometimes she forgot she needed to place her paw right as she was distracted by all the sniffs. But overall I think the shoe really helped her.

When we got home, I needed to do the laundry. I tried to login to Diablo IV Bèta again, and within a few minutes I saw my level four character. I logged in and noticed I could make a clan. I used to have a small World of Warcraft guild called “You Shall Not Pass”, named after that iconic line in Lord of the Rings. So o decided to just make a clan and see if it would survive the beta. As I have no idea if the characters, items and clans will keep existing after beta 🤔.


I started questing again. Doing special events, doing Dungeons, doing the extra side quests and main quests as well. I was having a great time. I didn’t dare to log out so I kept myself logged in when it was time to make food, to walk Arwen, to provide Arwen with food, to ride the bike… I didn’t log out till it was bed time 😂! At one point I was level 20 and stuck on a boss fight. I just could not get past ⅔ of the fight. It had cost me quite some gold for repairs as I’d been dying quite a bit. I asked for help on Mastodon and someone was kind enough to reply! We tried cross play. Chat only worked for Clan, not for group, but he joined the clan and we could talk. We beat the boss I was stuck on quite easily! And then he helped me with a dungeon until it was time for bed for me. 😊 I had a great time playing Diablo today. I wonder when the last time was that I played one game from morning till evening 😂. I’m definitely writing about my gaming experience, so I’ll share that soon!

Positive: enjoying the game so much and chatting with Stephan in game and with Mel on whatsapp. 😊

Gaming: Diablo IV Bèta


TV: Downton Abbey and the Fall.

Music: Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

A bitmoji of me and a dog, both wearing sunglasses, with the text "Happy Sundog"
Happy Sundog / Sunday

I had a decent night but getting up was hard. I felt the night had been just a few hours short again. But I needed to care for my sweetness and I’d be hitting the gym again. So I checked the weather, which was 10°C and dry this morning. Prepared Arwen’s food and we went for short walkies. Fixed her brekky and put out the snack. Then I headed to the gym. I felt I lost my MOJO during the night, I just felt so tired and weak and a little nauseated. 😔

Austin Powers GIF by Pixel Bandits - Find & Share on GIPHY

So I tried some exercises at the weight section but it didn’t work for me. I decided not to give up completely and headed to the cardio. But while riding the bike I didn’t feel too good 😔. So I’m guessing after the bike I’ll head home and I’ll ride my bike there. My stomach was upset a tad and I didn’t like that at the gym. I never like it but it’s worse when you’re not home. If that makes any sense. 😊

Trag den Kampf ins Herz der Bestie
Nutzt die Zeit die Euch noch bleibt
Befreit euch selbst Nonkonformisten
Einheitsstarre neue Zeit

Das Blut der Armut fließt in Strömen
Der Westen feiert Disneyland
Die Traummaschine läuft sich heiß
Bis jeder hier zu Staub verbrennt

Lauft, lauft, lauft
Ihr seid das Triebwerk I’m System
Hört nicht auf
Es wird noch höher, weiter gehen
Tanzt und lauft

Songwriters: Dennis Mikus © Drakkar Entertainment

So while riding the bike I wrote for this blog site. And I posted on Mastodon as well. I just didn’t feel good. I lost my mojo, my fitness motivation. So after my hour on the bike I decided to head home. I felt defeated and sad about it. But, I ate and then I booted up the PS5. Got on the bike and rode for 75 minutes while playing more Diablo IV bèta and having a good time. I slowly felt better and I liked it loads! I got ready for walkies and Arwen and I walked the 3k walk with our friend. Arwen wore her shoe again and it went great. A quick stop at the Jumbo for some groceries and then heading back home.

I prepared food for lunch so it was easily made. I did another load of laundry as the one from yesterday was dry and I changed the bedding. Then, it was time for more Diablo! I got back to the bike and rode it for two hours. I was hitting boss fights I could not manage on my own and I was ready to just stop. I reached level 20, so I’d get the perks when the game releases. And then a friend came online and we played together. I of totally forgor about lunch for two hours as we were having such a good time! I even made it to 25, as did he. The leveling system works really well, more about that in my Diablo IV post.

I made lunch, walked Arwen and made her dinner. I watched the Fall while I was waiting for my other friend to get ready so we could game. But she didn’t have a good day and in the end we could only game for 40 minutes till it was time for bed for me. And unfortunately the game had connection issues. But on the second try it did work and we could do one level together. Then, time for bed!

Positive: getting to level 25 and having a good time walking and playing with friends.


Gaming: Diablo IV bèta & Minecraft Dungeons.

Music: the Journal Blog playlist again.

TV: Downton Abbey and the Fall.

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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