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Getting help – part 2

I recently shared that I reached out to a health care organization that may be able to help me with my eating disorder. I had contact with them on phone. Which was hard. But I did it as I do want the help…

I got an intake planned. I need to visit the GP first for the necessary papers/referrals. I have my go appointment on the same day as my video call with the health care company. So I’ll write this post towards that day, March 7th, with my experience. And then I’ll add the experience of that day before I share it. So I’m starting this in advance of the first (long) video call… 😊

I reached out to my GP a while ago. I wrote about needing the poop scoop and some blood work. Health – Poop scoops and all that 😉 I shared it in this post.

The scoop showed an infection, I got meds and hoped it would help. But it didn’t. I got talks with someone at the GP office. It she I my knew some basics, which I had already Googled and tried, so that was a tad fruitless. And then I just let things get worse 😔. Until last week. I Googled for help, found a health care organization that may be able to help and I reached out. They didn’t call me back on Friday, so I was bummed. And… I called them again on Monday. They scheduled a call back on Tuesday for about 20 minutes to get details and see if I could be suited for their program.

They did call me this time and I think I did OK during the talk. They’re thinking of adding me to the program. There’s an 8 month waiting time!! Ow my… 😔 There is another program that’s more intense with a lesser waiting time. But if they think I need that, I will probably need to ask my parents for help with gasoline money as it’s a long drive, several times a week then. I don’t think they would mind helping me, but it will be difficult to ask them for help again 😔. But if this could help me with my eating disorder, it would really be helpful for sure.

If I get accepted, I hope I’m able to change my mental health. Shift my focus. Recognize the patterns. And be strong enough to chose wisely and stay more healthy. I love working out! I love being active. But it’s gone beyibg normal or healthy at some points as I just try to keep up with my snacking… 😔

I occasionally snack so much that, while still not feeling full, I have to throw up as I’m so nauseated from it. The even worse downside is that after that, I immediately feel so hungry again 😔.

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So, on Tuesday morning I headed to the GP office. It was raining a lot and when I arrived, I was cold and wet, even with my umbrella. The GP was on time, which was a plus. He asked me why I came to him. And I explained about my weight situation and the health care instance I found that may be able to help me. After a chat about it all, he agreed to sign my references to this instance so my health care would cover it. So that meant I needed to get blood drawn for tests as well. And that I had to make that video call later in the afternoon.

I scheduled the two blood appointments, one on Thursday morning, one on Friday (different locations). And then I had to wait till 14:45 for that video call. I was very anxious. And tried to distract myself by posting a shitload on Mastodon, while riding my bike. Of course I was riding. I could not sit still all that time. I’d let Arwen out 15 minutes prior to the video call time so I could. Be sure she didn’t need to head out during. And I made her dinner in advance as well. I tried to think of everything while I just felt so weird. A video call with an app I didn’t know with people I didn’t know… Yikes! The things we sometimes need to do to improve our health?! Right?

The first video call went OK, I think. I hated seeing myself in the screen all of the time. But I tried to be honest and answer all I could. I felt very uncomfortable, so I’m guessing they may have seen that. But I’m also guessing they’re used to it as it can be quite a difficult subject to talk about. We were done after a little over an hour, so that was a plus. I could relax again and had to await the video call next Monday. Now onwards to the blood tests.

On Thursday morning, having only had water (and feeling quite hungry), I got my blood sugars tested at the GP office. My value was at 4.6 and the assistant told me it was a good value. So yay for that!

Friday I got my blood drawn at one of my last favorite hospitals. It went rather well so I was hopeful this time things went OK. So of course they didn’t! They messed something up and… I have to come back in to do it again 😭. So on Monday morning, I’m heading back. And then I have my call shortly after that. And then I need to head to Nijmegen to get my hair done. A very busy day that Monday. Let’s hope the call would go well… Ugh another video call…

My video call got postponed… 😔 I got several calls as I was driving and when I had no reception. Then a voice mail and email. Damn that’s a bummer. So I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to know if they think that they may be able to help me. The call is now scheduled for Friday morning so let’s hope it will go well then.

To be continued…

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