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Journal – Week 10, March 2023

The first whole week of March starts cold, wet and even a chance for snow! I hoped we’d be heading for spring weather. These conditions make my health worse, so I expect I’ll need some more painkillers and I’ll probably struggle more with my gym goals. On Tuesday I have an appointment with my GP and then he will hopefully make a referral for my Tuesday afternoon appointment with the health care company that may help me with my food disorder. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻. If my GP won’t do it, it’s all over πŸ˜”. On Thursday mum and I will go to Germany again. Last week mum didn’t visit the gym, I waited for her to ask about it and she didn’t πŸ˜”. So I’ll probably need to ask again for this week, if she’d like to work on her health. We’ll see how it goes… Hopefully I can keep my calories relatively low and my activity in a healthy way up.

So much rain and possibly a snow as well πŸ˜” I was hoping to head to better weather as spring comes near. But first we get this painful weather, unfortunately πŸ˜”.
A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Monday"

It was too early for my ⏰ alarm. I just felt so tired still. And it was cold out, 1Β°C. Nearly freezing. I got out of bed and did my things. I wanted to head back to bed after I walked Arwen. My painkillers had not kicked in yet so I felt tired and sore. And those feels are definitely no motivators for some good activity. But… I fed Arwen, put out the snack and headed to the gym. I started with some arm exercises and then I did two for my well hidden abs πŸ˜‚. On to the bike! I was chatting with my friend in Texas while I did my exercises. And then I wrote for this site when I was on the bike. Yesterday I had picked out seven songs for this week’s post so I hope you’ll like them πŸ˜‰!


Life sucks then you die
I’m stuck in a lie
My dreams has been replaced by rules to follow
I’ve been a slave for so long
Can’t get my freak on
About to unleash the fucking fury
Time to make a change before it’s too late

I gotta get away
Leave all the evergrey
I’m breaking up with my disaster highway

Songwriters: Isak Snow / Jennebo Benjamin Nils Larsson / Per Gunnar Bergquist / Soerbye Chris Adam Hedman / Viktor Vidlund Β© GAIN

I wanted a lot after the bike. Crosstrainer. Treadmill. Burn some calories and get some steps. I was very active in my head. But my body was trying to keep up. The colder weather didn’t help, even though it wasn’t too cold at the gym. And I got warmer from doing the exercises. So I did my best. I got 15 minutes on the crosstrainer and 20 on the treadmill, not as much as I’d like but more than I got yesterday, so I’ll gladly take it. This week I’ll probably struggle more due to the weather conditions. I know this always happens in winter times and I hope that, when better weather comes, it will also help me with my food intake. Fingers crossed!

After the treadmill I changed my shoes and headed home. I had some breakfast and then I rode my bike for 55 minutes. I washed up, got dressed and Arwen and I got ready for walkies with our friend. We walked the 3k one and then headed to the Jumbo. We both needed some groceries. But my friend said she needed more, so I should just go first and then leave with Arwen when I was done. So we did that. After I got home, I relaxed a bit with some Bones. Then I got to my bike and I rode for 1:45. Then I walked Arwen a short bit and made lunch. After lunch I played some coop Minecraft with my friend in Wales. After a while I got on my bike for an hour while playing as well.

I did my best to not overeat. And my calories may still seem high compared to others. But I got to 3500 calories today and I count that as a win. Especially since my watch estimates I burned 2600 of them! So hopefully I can keep this up and slowly lose my obesity. I chatted a bit with someone on Mastodon who also struggled with his food. He’s also adhd and said that for him, it was a dopamine issue that kept him looking for food everywhere to receive small dopamine kicks every time. I checked several sites on the symptoms of low dopamine and wow! I also checked what I could do to help those levels rise. There was natural pills and powders and a higher dose would be adhd meds that you get from the GP. I’ll ask about this tomorrow and I definitely will write about my findings as it may help someone else as well. 😊


Then, it was time for bed! I took my meds, brushed my teeth and walked Arwen. The wind was cold and chilly and I was happy I turned on my bed befor I went for walkies as it helped me to warm up better so I could fall asleep.

Positive: keeping my calories low and having a good time online with my friend.

Gaming: Minecraft.

Music: Blog Journal Mix on Spotify.

TV: Picard and Bones.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Tuesday"

My ⏰ alarm woke me and I was not ready to get up yet. I wish I could wake up after at least 8 hours of sleep and feel better. But that may be my fibro and it may be low dopamine levels. I ordered a supplement that may help me to regulate my dopamine better. I know there’s adhd meds that could help, but I’d prefer the non-meds way first. If that doesn’t help… Then I can always ask about Adderall. I had Ritalin in the past and that didn’t work. So maybe a different kind could help me. But as I mentioned yesterday, I’ll try to make a separate post about that. Soooo I got dressed, it was slightly raining and 4Β°C. But the wind felt cold. I walked my sweetness. Made her breakfast and left her a snack she loves. Then I headed to the gym.

All the same take me away
We’re dead to the world

The child gave thought to the poet’s world
Gave comfort to the fallen
(Heartfelt, lovelorn)

Remaining, yet still uninvited
Those words scented my soul
(Lonely soul, ocean soul)

Songwriters: E. Vuorinen / J. Nevalainen / M. Hietala / T. Holopainen / T. Kinnunen

I started with some arm exercises again. They were heavy today. But I tried to push through today instead of just giving up. It felt hard but also good. Let’s just hope it will help me get stronger in the end. 😊 After several exercises I headed to the bike. My friend Mel had asked about playing No Man’s Sky. I heard about it, but didn’t have it and unfortunately it wasn’t on PS+ premium. So I Googled for information and prices. And I asked Mastodon for their experience. Most of not all were very enthusiastic about the game. I checked for a lowest price for PS5 and… I just did it! I am having loads of fun playing coop with Mel. And if this is something we can enjoy with cross play, I’ll gladly fork over some money to play this with her as well. So it should arrive tomorrow. I found a trailer of the game and I’ll share it here, just because I can πŸ˜‰!

It looks good and I can’t wait to dive into this with Mel! We should have loads of fun, I hope. 😊

After the bike I wanted to do some crosstrainer and treadmill again. But I had to mind the time as I had my GP appointment at 8:30. I was in doubt if I should take the bike there or the car. The car would be quicker and warmer. But the bike would be more sporty… So I left it to decide around 7:45. Rain would mean car, dry would be the bike. I need to walk Arwen before that as well, so I could not make it too late at the gym. And I was already feeling some anxiety for the video call I would need to make this afternoon. I just hope that my GP is willing to give me the referral. Otherwise my insurance won’t cover it, if I’m accepted, and it will be all for nothing. But if he doesn’t want to give out the referral, I’ll ask about Adderall. If I could get a new appointment to talk about that, to see if it could help me with my dopamine. So I have some options. Let’s just hope I can be brave enough to work them out. Writing about them is easier than actually doing it! As many of us will probably know. 😊

So after the bike I spend 20 minutes on the crosstrainer and then I headed back home. It was raining still and I was thinking of maybe walking to the GP as they said it would snow this morning. First home, washing up and breakfast. Then I walked a round with Arwen, a little less than 3 km as the weather was bad still. When I dried Arwen as best as I could, I got ready to walk to the GP. Unfortunately it rained even harder and with the winds blowing, by the time I arrived at the GP office, the back of my pants below my jacket were soaked. So wet and cold. I was hoping I would not ruin any chairs…

My GP called me in time and he then asked me about my issues. I explained it all and… He signed off on a referral, hoping this may be the thing that could help me. It took the whole appointment to talk and get the release form, so I didn’t talk about my adhd issues. My supplement should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll give that a try for a few weeks first. On my way home I made a quick stop at the Appie for some dinner for tomorrow. I was walking past it so it was easily done. Then onwards to my home. I hung out my jacket and took off my soaked pants. My legs were so cold and moist, they were red. It felt good to dry them and out in dry and warm pants. I relaxed a little with a whey shake and then I rode my bike for an hour. Part of me wanted to game but I ended up watching the Good Wife instead.

After the ride, I let Arwen pee and I made myself lunch. I wanted to be ready in time for the video call. My anxiety was slowly building up as time got closer. I chatted a bit with some friends. I let Arwen out again and made her an earlier dinner, as I’d be on the phone during the usual time she has her dinner. Then I got the link for the video call. I opened and it was blacked out. I had never used the app so had no idea how it would work. Then two people came on and said they didn’t hear or see me. I found the right buttons and when I saw my ugly mug in the corner of the screen, I was reminded why I didn’t like video calls, among things. πŸ˜”

I think the talk went rather well. We were done a little over an hour in. I tried to answer all questions as best as I could. They made notes and I’ll be getting another video call on Monday at 11:30 with another worker there and she will assess if I’m in the program or not… Ow Ow… More anxiety πŸ˜‚ yay…

After the call ended, I answered some whatsapp messages I got during the call. Then I got my headset, logged on my PS5 and started Minecraft and I played the game till bedtime with my Welsh friend. 😊 It was good to unwind and relax after such a straining day.


I worked on the floors a bit with all the colored wool I had, making carpets. Unfortunately you can’t place carpet under beds. I was still working on it in this shot. No idea if I’ll keep it this way, but I do like the colors.

Positive: going to the GP and doing the video call all by myself.

Gaming: Minecraft.

TV: Shrek, The Good Wife and Bones.

Music: This is Smash Into Pieces & This is Within Temptation on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me resting on a Camel, no text, but meant for "Hump day", aka Wednesday
Hump day / Wednesday

Why did my alarm go off so early? Ow yeah, because I always get up early. But I wanna sleep some more… Nope your time is up, Arwen needs a pee and poo… OK ok I’m getting up. It was -1Β°C with a promise of snow. I’d forgotten to cover my car window, so that was going to be fun when I had to go to my mum after the walk with Arwen. πŸ˜” Ah well, just start the car and get working on the windows with my scraper. I got dressed and added an extra pants as it looked colder than just barely freezing. And I didn’t want my muscles to get too cold as that really hurts a lot. I prepared Arwen’s meal and we went out for walkies. Brr it was cold! Real feel was -3Β°C so those extra pants were smart. I checked the weather chart and saw so much snowy areas in the south. πŸ˜” I like how it looks but I don’t like needing to drive through it.

Current weather here this morning and that snow is coming closer.

Get up before they force you to lie down
Get up before they isolate you
Get up before you lose your ground
Get up before you let them win you lose

Get up before they analyze you
Get up before they wreck your dreams
Get up before they convince you they’re right
Get up before you’ll bΠ΅g them on your knees

Play by their rules, you losΠ΅, your freedom
Fear is what they use, to numb, your natural wisdom

Songwriters: TomÑő Kučera / Marek Kučera / Jan Sorm / Matyas Verner
Β© Dreamstart Music

After I gave Arwen her brekky and snack I headed to the gym. Started with just a few arm exercises. I felt a tad sore so I headed to the cardio a bit sooner. Got on the bike and wrote for this blog. Shared some Toots and Tweets while listening to Within Temptation. After the bike I skipped the crosstrainer this time and headed to the treadmill. I managed 30+5 minutes with a low incline. But I did it. 😊 Then I put on my warm pants and outdoor shoes and I headed home. I had breakfast and then rode my hike on low settings for an hour. After that, I washed up and got ready for walkies with our friend.

We walked the 3k round in the snow. Though the ground was warmer so the snow didn’t gather there but it melted and became puddles. My umbrella was very heavy when I got home with all the snow it gathered. πŸ˜‚ At home I grabbed my bag and car keys and we headed to the car. Cleaned the windows, texted mum and slowly we were on our way to Nijmegen. The roads weren’t too bad. I cuddled Basje and Arwen and he got a snack when mum was ready to go to the gym.

We did some exercises, when I didn’t have to help mum I did some on my own as well. Then mum treated herself with the relax chair for 10 minutes while I texted with my friend Mel. Onwards to my parents place again. I managed to get Disney+ working for them again, so dad can finally watch the Mandalorian. Then Arwen and I headed home. I checked the mailbox and the game had arrived!

So while I was making my lunch, the game was installing. I had texted Mel so she knew that I was getting ready to play the game soon. I let Arwen pee and then I logged into the game.


It looked beautiful! But… The hud text was small. And I was a tad overwhelmed by all the options that were there. Like start slowly and not dump it all! πŸ˜‚ Mel joined me and we started our quest line, exploring the planet Of Nant. I tried to enlarge the hud but then pieces of information fell off the screen! πŸ€” I’m guessing they thought anyone with a PS5 would have like a 70″ TV so it would all appear awesome and big. But nope, I’m still using a 42″ and it was definitely small. And I don’t really have very bad eyes or anything. But we managed and slowly we were making progress. And then Mel got some issues. She tried getting back into the game and… We didn’t see each other! We were in a group as we could chat. But we didn’t see one another πŸ˜‚ Ow my…. After a while we got that fixed but then she had to go offline. I tried to explore some more, trying to continue with the quest line. I felt I was getting a bit better at it but still… It’s a bit like Minecraft alright but then, it’s got loads more options making it challenging.

Around 6PM I got off and prepared myself for bed. I took my meds and the first dose of L-Tryptofaan, let’s see if this is going to help me. I can use it for 3 weeks and then I need to do a week without. Brushed my teeth, walked Arwen, did a Duolingo lesson and read my eReader till I fell asleep.

Positive: going to the gym with mum. And keep trying to play the game even though I was so overwhelmed by it. I just need to get used it it, I’m sure!

Game: No Man’s Sky.

Music: more of Within Temptation…

TV: The Last of Us & Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Thursday"

I woke a few minutes before my alarm ⏰ went off. But I didn’t really want to get up. Still, I did. It was 1Β°C but I saw snow laying on cars, so I also checked the real feel temperature, just in case. It said -2Β°C, so I put on my extra pants. Prepared Arwen’s meal, walked with her and then have her her meal. A snack on the couch and onwards to the gym. When I was almost there, a police car came up to me. Wondered if I were OK. I told them I was heading to the gym. They gave a thumbs up, checked the parking and then we waved goodbye. Ever since the Covid19 restrictions have been lifted, I’ve been going to the gym early and never been noticed by the police. While I walk past the station every day, as it’s in the same street as the gym.

You want to fly above the fire
On the top of the world, looking down
Pick your poison between jealousy and anger
Both will bring you back to the ground

When the taste of greed has touched your lips
You seek the power
Give a stage to your demise

Written by Adrian Thessenvitz, Korbinian Benedict Stocker, Melissa Bonny & Niklas MΓΌller. Β© Napalm Records

I got off the shoes and pants, got my gym shoes on, put on my gym gloves and started some arm exercises. My elbow is still bothering me, ever since I fell on the second day of Xmas… πŸ˜” I have a PT appointment next Tuesday, I’ll ask him to check my elbow again. I want my strength back and to lose that annoyingly nagging pain it gives me when I use it. πŸ˜”

This morning I am only allowed to drink water! I need to have blood drawn at 8 and I need to be sober as in no food or drinks other than water… It’s going to be hard as I usually eat at about 7… Mum will pick me up at 7:45 and then after the GP visit, I’ll drive to Germany for the groceries and gasoline.

SmartSelect_20230309_040145_Samsung Internet

I found a calculator at and used it to get these results. Let’s see if they help me.

So I did my best at the gym, even when I knew I wasn’t allowed any “reward” (food) when I’d get home. After my hour on the bike, I went to the crosstrainer for 15 minutes and then the treadmill for 20. It felt a tad hard, so that’s why I shortened my usual goal times of 30+5 minutes. But I did both and that was a plus. I changed shoes and got ready to head home. Of course it was raining again. When I got home I took my usual pills with water and then I hit the bike as I needed to distract myself as I really wanted to eat. πŸ˜” So I managed 30 minutes on the bike. Then I washed up and got dressed. A short round with Arwen and then I got my stuff and headed down as mum would be there soon.

So mum just texted me she was there when I was coming down the stairs. We got to the GP a little early. I went in a few minutes to eight, told the secretary I was there and waited to be called. The first prick didn’t result in any blood, my hands were too cold (thanks Raynauds πŸ˜‚). So my hand under the warm water till it warmed up and she tried again. This time it immediately worked and she texted my sugar levels. The machine said 4,6 which was very good according to the assistant. If it were over 6 it would have been bad. So I went back to the car and drove to Kleve. We got some groceries and then headed to the Shell. I filled up my parents car and paid. Then we headed to the rest of the stores.

We got all we came for so that was a plus. I drove us back home. We got my things upstairs, mum cuddled Arwen for a bit and then she headed home. I texted our friend that I was home. She was at the gym. So she knew that we were ready for the walkies as she was ready. She came our way, handed me the card back so I could use it tomorrow again, and we headed for walkies. We were fortunate that it was dry most of the way. We walked the 3k one. Then I got home and made myself my lunch. I had snacked a little in Germany but I could do with a good meal. So I cooked and enjoyed mine. Then I got ready for some gaming.

Unfortunately my Welsh friend had no wifi! Her provider was out 😭. And then she fixed it by using her phone as a Hotspot, it seemed that No Man’s Sky had an update. And Playstation automatically updated. So when she tried to join me, she got an error that I was running a different version! It appeared that Xbox had not gotten the update online yet, even though the makers of NMS said it was out. I was riding my bike at that time. And by the end, we decided to play some Minecraft after I was done on the bike. I quickly let Arwen pee, it was raining a lot again, and went to the loo myself. Then I logged in to Minecraft and hoped my friend’s mobile internet would be good enough for some coop. As we had no idea how much data it would use.

I remembered, half an hour late, that I should feed Arwen! So I quickly did that. And we tried several things in the game. We went to the Nether to kill some fire beasties and get their sticks. Then my friend wanted to look for something that we needed to find the Ender Dragon. πŸ€” But we were digging and digging and could not find it. At one point my friend went into the water and drowned. 😭 I tried to get her gear but my inventory was so full with cobblestones from digging down. And I tried to discard them but they just kept coming back into my inventory. So I was able to rescue some ore and stuff but not my friend’s gear. I felt so bad about that! Later I learned how o can discard more things at the same time. So if there’s a next time I can definitely try that. If only I’d known sooner…


My friend spawned back to the house and she made new gear. While it didn’t have all the fancy enchanting things she had, it was good enough to get her back to where I was. We divided to give up for now. She needed special items to look for that instance and she lost the last few. So we’d try again later.

It was time to get ready for bed. Not a minute too soon as I was “wedi blino”, tired in Welsh. My friend and I both had been yawning for a while. It was quite a laugh. I got ready for bed, of course it was still raining. Said goodbye to my friend and headed into a warm bed. I was so cold…

Positive: a good blood result and having fun with my friends.


Gaming: No Man’s Sky and Minecraft.


TV: the Good Wife.

Music: Warfront by Wind Rose on Spotify.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Friday"

I woke up from my treasure Goblin sound. What, that could not be right! My alarm had not even gone off πŸ€”. I quickly realized that my alarm had not sounded! And it was 3:30 and I should have been heading to the gym by now… I checked my settings and the alarm, which was supposed to be a daily one, was turned off! I’m very sure I never did that! So I quickly got dressed, prepared Arwen’s food and we went out for short walkies. Fortunately Arwen didn’t seem to mind me being a tad late. She did her thing. Then I made the brekky. Put her snack on the couch and headed to the gym. I decided to skip the weights today and just head to the cardio. I would definitely have to do my best at the weights again tomorrow! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Here we stand
Worlds apart, heart’s broken in two, two, two
Sleepless nights
Losing ground, I’m reaching for you, you, you

Feeling that it’s gone
Can’t change your mind
If we can’t go on
To survive the tide, love divides

Someday love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched and went our separate ways

Songwriters: Stephen Ray Perry / Jonathan Cain
Songteksten voor Separate Ways Β© Love Batch Music, Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited

Today it would be the gym, walkies with our friend, then some time before I needed to go to the hospital in Beugen to have more blood drawn. I am planning on making a stop in the nearby town to visit their Appie. Ours is a tad messy as they’re building a new entrance. So the parking isn’t well. And with all the rain they’re expecting, I’d rather quickly do my heavier groceries by car. After that, I was hoping my friend in Wales would have her wifi back and… That Microsoft would finally have approved the No Man’s Sky update so we can play together again.

But first, the gym πŸ˜‰. I spend my hour on the bike. Then I headed to the crosstrainer, which I used for 20 minutes. Then 28 minutes in the treadmill. After that, it was time for me to leave again. At home I enjoyed a meal and then I rode my bike for an hour. Some washing up and getting into some different clothes. The weather was not the best, so I wore my rain suit for the walk. And while there were periods with less and more rain, the legs of the pants were very wet, so I’m guessing the rain suit wasn’t my worst idea ever haha! When we got home I had a little time before needing to leave. So I got my bags ready and then I played a little No Man’s Sky. Just some mining to make some money for items that I would need. And one needs to mine quite a bit to get the resources. Then I had to log off and I headed to the hospital.

The blood work wekt rather well. So I found the route to the store and went there. Unfortunately they didn’t have all I wanted, but I got most. Then back to home. I made my lunch and then I let Arwen out. I missed a call, well I let it go to voicemail as it was an unknown number (blocked) and I hate phone calls. They called twice and left a voice mail, yay. It was the hospital. They messed up something with my blood work. I really don’t like this hospital as they always make mistakes when it comes to me and my care. So on Monday, a day that already was busy, I have to go back to the hospital for another blood work. Ugh…

I never go to that hospital when I have a choice. They messed up reading an X-ray, then they messed up my hand surgery (reasons my left thumb is so bad, it’s because they messed it up!). Then they messed up my cast several times, once even almost having me pass out. So when I can, I choose different hospitals. But my GP works with them as they’re “our region hospital”, so they get all the jobs. And apparently they do mess them up when it’s for me. Ugh. Sorry, rant over, I’m just so pissed that they seem to mess anything to do with me up. And it’s always me making extra costs. And doing extra efforts to make up for their mistakes.

I played No Man’s Sky with my friend again. At one point my bestie called, so we chatted for about 20 minutes. Around the same time my friend had her mum visiting, so we’d play together again after that. I kept mining bits while chatting to my friend. And after she hung up, I explored a few nearby planets while riding my bike for an hour. As I kinda neglected riding today, whoops!


When she came back er did a bit more of the quests we had. Then it was time for me to get ready for bed again. So it was a rather ok day, just that mess up at the hospital that frustrated me. And makes me do things I didn’t plan to and didn’t really want to… Ah life is life… πŸ˜‰

Positive: keeping my calories lower than usual and having a good time with my friends.

Gaming: No Man’s Sky.

Music: This is Wind Rose on Spotify.

TV: the Good Wife and Shrek 2.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Saturday"

My alarm woke me this time, so that’s a plus. Well, maybe not as I could have done with a little more sleep. But when I woke I needed to go, so I quickly got up and went. πŸ˜‚ Then I checked the weather, hmm -1Β°C, brr! I got my extra pants and headed to Arwen. Prepared her meal. And took my meds and supplements. We walked out little round and then I gave Arwen her brekky. Her snack placed on the couch, I headed to the gym. I started with several exercises for my arms and shoulders. Then, of course, onwards to the seated bike where I wrote for this site. And I’d been chatting with my friend in the USA. I’d been neglecting some posts i was working on, so I slowly worked to finish them to have them ready to be shared here soon. I think today is my 999th day of consecutive posting on WordPress. So tomorrow marks a very special day. I’ve been sharing loads since I joined on December 14th 2019 and I’m still loving it. 😊

How many times do I have to learn my lesson
Before I learn my lesson, no
Somebody help me, please tell me that I’m dreaming

I keep repeating my actions expecting different reactions
But the same thing keeps on happening
Somebody help me, please tell me that I’m dreaming

I miss when I was blissful in ignorance
I thought we said we’d take our time

Songwriters: Benjamin Bruce / Danny Worsnop / Matt Good
Songteksten voor Never Gonna Learn Β© BMG Rights Management

After my hour on the bike I headed to the treadmill. I walked for 55 minutes and then a 5 minutes cool down, so an hour in total. I was very tired and hungry when I was done but it did feel good. 😊 I switched my shoes and headed home. It was still rather cold but it was getting light already. Pretty soon I’ll need my sunglasses again to walk back from the gym. I got home, washed up and had brekky. Texted our friends and we got ready for walkies. Our friend surprised us that she was alone. The kid was out, which was a quiet change. Sometimes all the babbling on a loud volume can be a tad annoying. I do get it, being adhd myself as well. But so loud at times πŸ˜‚. So we had a quiet walk and Arwen wanted the 6k round so we made her happy. So swimming for her though as it was still 0 degrees. The sun was nice and a tad warm, but not warm enough for Arwen to swim unfortunately.

After the walk I started my chores at home. I wanted them all done quickly so I could game the rest of the time. I brought the old paper to the container that was outside. It comes every month, so then I take away my old paper. Then I started the washing machine, cleared away the dry laundry, did the dishes and swept the floor. Hang the wet clothes and towels and then… I was done! So yay for that. It was time to prepare lunch now. So I made and ate it. Then I let Arwen out and I texted my friend in Wales about playing together. All went well till my friend had a bug and needed to relog. And then it happened again… We tried and tried but… No Man’s Sky didn’t let us see each other anymore. We could chat, but not really play together πŸ˜”. Such a bummer! So we decided to explore things on our own while chatting together. Which was also nice but not really the purpose of coop gaming. I send a tweet to the company, maybe they had a solution for us to solve this. I knew it was weekend so maybe they’d not have anyone working now. But I could always try…

My friend logged off around 17:20, getting ready for a D&D session. I played for half an hour longer and then I got ready for bed. Took my meds and supplements, brushed my teeth, walked Arwen… And fortunately I had turned my electric blanket on as I was so cold! And then I fell asleep while it was still on… So about 2 hours later I woke up feeling very well done πŸ˜‚ whoops!

Positive: having a good day with Arwen and our friends.

Gaming: No Man’s Sky.


Music: some more Wind Rose and while doing my chores I listened to This is Powerwolf.

TV: Shrek 2, Downton Abby and some Shrek 3.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

A bitmoji of me and a dog, both wearing sunglasses, with the text "Happy Sundog"
Happy Sundog / Sunday

Alarm? Why? OK I’m up… I still felt quite tired but I got up, opened the curtain and checked the weather. It was dry and 3Β°C so that was better than yesterday (or the day before that). I got dressed, prepped Arwen’s food and took my meds and supplements. We walked a short round so Arwen could do her thing. Then I fixed her brekky, put out the snack and headed to the gym. I started with some arm exercises. I chatted with my friend in Texas and saw my Borderlands friend had confirmed we’d be playing again this afternoon. So a big yay for that! After some exercises I headed to the seated bike. I wrote for this site and chatted some more with my friend. Posted a few things on Mastodon.

I stand alone and wonder why
Why did we come down where all hope is dead or dying?
Flames strike the ground like crimson rain
Prayers to an open sky won’t drown out all the cries in vain
‘Til you will come again

Take me back to the memory
Play me song and the melody
Praying for you to cover me
With your wings of light
Make me one with my enemy
Raise me up to the heavens
I’m waiting for you to come
And take me on your wings of light, oh

Songwriters: Eero Martti Pietari Sipila Β© Nuclear Blast

I was aiming at doing the same as I’d done yesterday. So after the bike I headed to the treadmill. I set it up for 55 minutes that would add a 5 minutes cooling down, so I’d get an hour in total. I watched Downton Abbey as I headed into the great unknown πŸ˜‚ Ow nope, as I stepped in the gym. 6912 steps later my hour was up and I got ready to head home. Switched my shoes and went on my way.

A quick shower when I got there. I got on the scale, I had wanted to do that at the gym, but once again , it wasn’t working πŸ˜”. My scale told me I lost a kilo since Wednesday and I was now 87,7 kilo’s. Yay! Then some good breakfast. I had texted our friend and we were getting ready for walkies. Arwen was allowed to chose and she wanted the 6k walk. So we did that. No swimming today as it was still too cold. After that, we headed to the Jumbo where I got some groceries for me and my friend. Onwards going home. I rode my bike for an hour and made lunch. Then I wanted to game some No Man’s Sky till two, as my friend in Vegas and I would play more Borderlands 3. But he texted me around 1 that he was ready. Apparently their daylight savings started today. It doesn’t start for another two weeks here. 😊

We played till 16:30 and then he needed a nap. So I packed my gym bag and started some more No Man’s Sky. I ate my last meal. My friend in Wales joined me for an hour. She found a possible working method so we could see each other in game again. So she shared this with me and we tried it. And it worked! Yay! We had a good hour and then it was time to get ready for bed for me. But as I was getting ready for bed, I started to get burning acid in my throat. I hoped it would go away with some meds I have against that. But half an hour later I still felt so nauseated that I had to run to the loo. After that, the feeling subdued and I was finally able to fall asleep.

Positive: getting my exercises done and having a good time with my friends.

Gaming: No Man’s Sky & Borderlands 3.

Music: been playing Universum25 on Spotify so much today that I even ordered the vinyl LP today. I love it. 😊

TV: Downton Abbey and Shrek 3.

Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

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