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Gaming – Biomutant

I had this game, the special edition, in pre-order for December 2018 (first planned release). Got slammed with a divorce in June 2018, moved out a month later and was divorced just after that. Leaving me no funds left. So I canceled my pre-order…

In the end, Biomutant didn’t get a release until May 25th 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Versions for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S released on September 6th 2022.

Many people were excited when it was first announced, but after it came out, it was met with many different critiques. I still didn’t buy it then… I was worried I would not be able to play the game due to my bad hands/reaction times. So buying an expensive game may not be worth it.

Biomutant for PS5

So I was super excited when I got my PS5. As in my PS+ premium subscription, there was the ability to play Biomutant!! So I started a game, then got distracted by Man of Medan and DiabloII. But over the holidays, I’ve been playing about 7 hours of the game. And I’m loving it! So much, I ordered the physical copy as it’s on sale now. If I ever lose my PS+, I can always play it. Plus I think it’s a good way to support the devs. Of course I bought it in a sale, but it was new €1 more expensive than the pre-used ones I could find.

I tried to make some screenshots during my play time. But I messed a few up! I learned now, but made mistakes with older ones, so they don’t look as good as they should. I also made some small videos of bits I thought were good. 😊 I’m going to share some here. I don’t own the ©opyright. The game is made by Swedish developer Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic.


The game starts with all settings and options. I saw they had an accessibility menu and wow, I loved it! This could make a difference between me needing help and me actually being able to play the game myself. I’m about ⅓ in, I think, and so far, I did it all on my own. Easy settings, some accessibility options enabled. Yes, my dude died several times, but hey, I’m still making progress.

There’s a lot of options for your character. There’s also a small DLC available that offers another type of character: the mercenary class.


When I was done with my character, it was time to start the game. I didn’t have too much time left for the game itself (I always need to try all the options when I can create a character), but I liked what I saw, so far. 😊 I decided to save the game for Xmas, when I could/would play at my parents house.

Biomutant is an action role-playing game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective in which the player takes control of a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Players first customize their character including length, body shape and thickness, fur, fangs, and many other attributes that can be tweaked and all have direct impact on the statistics of the playable character during gameplay. A thicker character is heavier, which makes it slower but conversely allows it to deal and resist more damage.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The remains of the human life as we know it still visible in the rubble and debris. Parts of roads, railroads, cars, trains, trucks, buildings, electric devices… Loads of junk laying around, some you’re able to salvage. And some you’re able to re-use to shape your outfit and gear.

Your character levels up by experience points. You also get several different other points to invest as you level up and make your journey through the world. You can boost your character’s stats as you make progress, making it smarter, faster, stronger and… Well, you get it I guess 😉. The better you get, the stronger gear you’re going to need. Some spaces of land have been poisoned, making them unsuitable for you to travel through without any protection.

You learn how to get mounts, some of which look really awesome. How you upgrade your gear and weapons is all to you. It’s no set path, you create the stuff you think you need and then try it out. Try to make progress with advancing your level, abilities and gear.

There’s a downside though. You can die. Obviously. But when you chose the last game save play (auto save, not your own), it will put you directly at peril again and chances are you’ll die again within seconds. So that option isn’t good! I advise to make many saves as you go. Did something good, defeated some characters, save. That way you won’t loose too much progress when you die.


Throughout the game, players can change their abilities, looks by mutations, and apply upgrades to their robotic companion, which can be used to get various advantages against certain enemies or at certain locations. In order to reach specific areas, the player must equip gear that is suited for that area, or obtain specific vehicles, such as an air balloon or jet skis. This way, the player can overcome obstacles introduced by their surroundings, such as the limited oxygen availability in the Deadzone: by wearing a gas mask or an oxygen container, the player is able to venture deeper into the area and explore new places that cannot be reached without any precautions, while an even bigger part of the area can be reached by obtaining a mech. The game’s world can be seamlessly explored by the player on foot, by flying or using an air balloon, jet ski and mech. It features a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle which affect the gameplay and enemy behaviour.

I recently read an amazing German Biomutant review on He allowed me to tag his post so, if you like a totally different style of review and, more importantly, you know German, please check out this post 👍🏻!

Another great German Biomutant review can be found on It has a different perspective on the game, so if you know German, please check out this one as well!


The game has flaws, sure. And with the world its set it, sometimes I got reminded to Horizon Zero Dawn at time. But it is unique in shaping your character, gear, and by doing the quests and choosing fractions to align with. I’m just about ⅓ in so still loads to explore. I haven’t gotten to the flying travel, for instance.

I also enjoy the good and evil bits in the game. Another way to shape your game play and your character and its abilities. 😊

If you can find a good sale on this game, I got it for €19,99 just now, or if you have PS+ with a PS5, please do give this game a try. Despite the bad reviews, you may love it in the end. Or not, but then you at least tried it without trusting someone’s opinion. I know I’m voicing mine here as well. I just say, stay open minded and maybe give it a try if you can.

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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  1. Great Article, as I read it I can really see that you love the furry little world as much as I do 😊

    Thanks for the back link ✌️

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    1. Thank you! Vielen Dank. 😊
      Yes it’s been a great journey so far, and what I understood from your experience, it may only get better still. 😊
      Thank you for checking it out and leaving a comment.
      And you’re welcome for the link back. 😊


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