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More fun in/with gaming

My mood often makes me interested in gaming. It’s one of the signals I can recognize when I am going through a depression. When I feel bad, I don’t want to game. Or more, I am not able to game. I lack the concentration, the energy and my timing is even more off then, than it usually is.

I have had a period where I played a lot and also got trophies. Then I had a busy job, busy life and if I gamed, it was often games that had no trophies or the “easy ones” I already had. In the beginning, a lot less was known about them. I still have a few printed out from around 2009 or so, and while accurate, they look very different to the guides (and videos) we have these days.

SmartSelect_20220712-090702_Samsung Internet

In the beginning I didn’t really know about the tropies. If I had time to play, it was all casual. I still am a casual player, but I do try to get some trophies along the way. Looking them up just to see what I maybe can grab along the way.

Nintendo Power

I started console gaming on the Sega’s and NES systems from friends. We had a few simple (pirated) PC games. And I once could borrow the Commodore 64 from my cousins who had many games for it. But no manuals, so often I was lost as to what I needed to do. Back in those days, there was no Wiki or YouTube with all the solutions. I got a Nintendo Game Boy at age 11,5 and I started saving for a NES. Of course I also wanted games for my Game Boy, so it took me a while to get that NES. I was only able to get it when the SNES just came out and the :old systems” went on a sale.

I played my Game Boys, the NES and later also PC games. I played on PC for quite a while. Ow sure, I wanted a Game Cube or a Playstation 1, but I was also OK with my PC games. And I had saved for a PC so I could play loads of games on that. For my birthday, I then got a Nintendo Wii, many years later. I loved it. We played so many games, even had game nights. Then, I also got a PS3 for Xmas. I was spoiled. I got more party games and we had more game weekends at our place. It was an awesome time and I still have fond memories, even though most friends have moved on since then… Which is a shame, but I guess that’s just how life goes most of the time.

Playstation Power!

I saw an ad for a second hand PS2 with several games. I grabbed that as well, and still have it to this day, though I did expend on the games a wee bit. I don’t own too many games though. And at one point I sold several games when I didn’t have the space and needed the money. I am still sad over that, as it’s too expensive to buy the games back at their value these days.

I didn’t get the PS4 when it came out. I wanted one, but my then wife and I were looking to buy a house, so I would need money for that first. Then we got the home and I had some money and I bought one that Xmas. As a gift to myself and my wife was able to use it as well. I also got a PS+ trial then and I enjoyed it a lot, so I kept it. When I was married, we had more money to spend, so I bought more games. I do miss those days sometimes, thinking I was happy, not needing to worry about bills and such… 😊


Then PSnow launched here. It was a streaming service for PlayStation games. People said it was a tad wonky, unreliable and all that. But in all the years I had it, I only had issues once. OK, this week I had some issues as well, but it’s not PSnow anymore, as it doesn’t exist in that state anymore. PSnow became the PS+premium tier. OK, it’s the old PSnow and PS+ combined (the same price as they both used to be).

I was gaming a lot a few months before the divorce. I tried it after, but my head wasn’t in it. I was in such a dark place, that even gaming didn’t bring me any joy. It took quite a while to recover. But I had (and still have) friends in Canada and the States. They gamed with me in coop (before I had my “weird” bed time routine hours), and they chatted with me and together, we grabbed a few trophies and we had fun.


I have been fortunate to mave met some people online that have offered to help me with some of my games. PS3 didn’t have this, but with the PS4, if you have PS+ (and the other person as well), you can stream your game to their console. Share Play, it’s called. And through this option, I’ve let friends play as me. And that’s how I got past beasties and hard bits several times. I’m so grateful, because with their help I was able to enjoy more of the games. Usually I just had to give up. Or hope my now ex was gracious enough to help me out…

I sometimes can be a tad jealous if I see some people’s gaming collections. Some have such a wonderful collection, with games I’d love to have… I know each gamer or collector may feel this way at times. And it also makes me grateful for the things I do have. It keeps me busy for many hours so that’s a big plus.

SmartSelect_20221219_053010_PS App

I am definitely not a good gamer. Definitely very casual. And that’s OK. I enjoy it the way I do it. I have fun, I try games, even finish some… And it’s fun. I met some great people because of gaming. For which I’m very grateful. I wish I could have all the systems, I’d love the “golden trip”. But by the time this post goes live, I do hope to have one of the 3, the PS5. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 all goes well.

If you’re a Playstation gamer (other sustems are good too, but I can only connect through PSN), and you love coop (especially Lego) and you’d like to be friends, hit me up! My ID is in the image above. Just add a note to the request as I don’t allow everyone… 😊 Thanks!

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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