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Painful weather 🍂

My pain levels are bound to the weather, in a way. Is it below the 16°C, my muscles will hurt more. Is it below 10°C, my tendons will join in. And while my painkillers do help, I don’t want to take too many. I’m already dependent on them to get through the day. I try to take less when the weather is making me more comfortable. But when cold weather, wet weather, is arriving, I need mor meds to get through the day.

And I hate that. I hate the daily pain, I hate the discomfort it brings me, I hate the limited amount of energy I have during these days. Because for me, more pain means I need more energy to deal with that. And leaving me with less energy to get through the day.

Some people think it’s bollocks though, that a temperature/weather change can’t make you more in pain (or less). I’d like to think those people are fortunate enough not to struggle with chronic pain. Many people I know that have it in some form, they also notice changes when weather changes. So I know it’s “not just me” on this.

Everyone knows you should warm up muscles before a workout. And that a cool down afterwards will also help reduce injuries. So warm muscles is good when you want to use them. And it may sound strange, but simple things (to many) like walking or doing a chore around the house, they do require your muscles to help you out with that. And, naturally, your tendons also need to skip in. So when these feel colder, when they feel more tight, doing those simple things can be very painful.


And yes, I have several exercises I can do to help it loosen up a bit. But think of a time where you did an awesome leg day. The next two days you can barely get up because your muscles are sore. That feeling is what Fibromyalgia during colder days gives all my muscles. And to move them then in order to make then loosen up, to warm them, it is a oai ful task. Yes, in the end it helps so I often do them anyway. But it takes a lot of energy and afterwards I definitely need to rest. Also to let the pain ease after the exercises I did.

I’d rather experience muscle aches from a good workout. Yes, it’s still pain, but it means I did something to push my body to explore new limits. Just having Fibro muscle aches is not giving any feelings of having achieved anything. They’re just very painful and annoying.

It’s a reason why I want to try and grow my muscles a bit. I’d need to lose tonz of weight and body fat to exer really see my muscles though… But I always thought that having better developed muscles, I could deal with the Fibro pains better. I have no idea if this is just between my ears or if it really helps. As of course, time has passed where I tried (and failed a few times) to grow some muscle. In that time I also learned to cope with my chronic pains better. So maybe having better developed muscles helps prevent some pain. Maybe it’s “just” me being adjusted to the pains I feel… I think it’s never wrong to have good muscles so I keep on working on them, even if my low energy makes it go slowly. Progress over perfection 💪🏼!

Do you feel like having better developed muscles helps you to fight the chronic muscle pains better? Do you notice any change? Maybe your pain got worse as your muscles grew as there was more of them to hurt? 🤔 I’d like to chat about it in the comments, so drop me a line if you’re familiar with this!

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4 thoughts on “Painful weather 🍂

Add yours

    1. I’m fortunate to have low prices set till September 25, as I got a 5 year contract in 2020. But even with those prices and my income, heating already was quite expensive. I try to keep it 17,5/18°C and use warm sweaters, gallons of tea and blankets to keep warm. 😊

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  1. The cold weather definitely is harder on my joints, especially my feet and hands. But it’s easier on my heart and lungs and I don’t pass out as much as I do when it’s hot, so it’s basically an even trade off for me. I’m overall happier in the colder weather, despite the pain. But the temperature definitely does how I’m feeling physically, and it is frustrating having to constantly adjust and deal with those changes

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    1. I totally get it! Though I don’t pass out, with my Raynauds, my hands, feet, lips and nose can turn ice cold when the weather gets colder. And it’s painful when that happens. 😔
      I’m sorry to read you’re also in more pain with colder weather. Though it must be nice to not pass out 😉. Yes, especially in autumn and spring it’s a lot of adjustment and struggling.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🤗 I hope you’re doing OK! 🌸


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