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Almost October folks!

September came and almost went as well. Time seems to fly by these days. Good days with friends, Gaming, hitting the gym. And, of course, no lockdowns! We are able to go on vacation, which we did and I loved! We can visit sporting activities, we can shop if we have any money 😉. I do believe that the lockdowns we had in 2020/2021 have showed me not to take my freedoms for granted. As it also showed me how easily they can be taken away!

I understand the greater good and I wasn’t against it… But it is limiting your life and has a greater impact on your health than they want you to believe. No sports can knock the wind 🌬️ out of your sails, as it supports both your physical as your mental health. But this year had been rather kind on us. We had some restrictions early on but when they were lifted, they stayed away. 😊

So while this year started with some lockdowns and restrictions, after a while we were able to slowly go back. Well back, yeah, to a new normal. Enjoying our hobbies again, festivals and all sorts of gatherings starting again, vacations could be planned again… But a huge inflation hit many of us, not just in the Netherlands but everywhere, and it became a big puzzle. Affording the bills, being able to buy food, using electricity and gas less. I’m already a very low user of many things, I try to live economical. Not just becaus I don’t believe in spilling, also because I need to keep the costs low with my disability income. But I manage with help from family and friends, for which I am very grateful. 😊


I’ve been enjoying some new TV series, and rewatched some older ones that I love. Been trying to work on my health, which isn’t too bad at the moment. Just my weight that’s not right yet. But I’m working on it 💪🏼. And hopefully with time, my efforts will be rewarded. If I don’t mess it up myself. As I’ve done many times before 😔. I also finished a few games and tried some others. Gaming usually gets neglected when my health is declining so I guess it’s a good sign I am still enjoying it a lot.

The weather, unfortunately, has gone from nice and warm to colder and wet. We had a rather dry and sunny summer so I guess we need to catch up with all the rain that we “missed” those weeks. But, with decent clothes and a good umbrella ☔, I can face the weather and make the best of it. Of course I enjoy walks with Arwen more when the weather is nice, but if it rains, we’ll still head out so she gets her exercise and she can do her thing.

October, three more months and it’s 2023 already. How time has passed. And I can say I am feeling so much better than I did 4 years ago. I’ve overcome. I grew. I learned after losing. I wanted to give up, I gave up, I messed up and I slowly came back with a vengeance. I truly hope that the last three months will bring me some relief, some joy and some love I don’t want it all, just enough to feel good about myself and my life. Together with Arwen, making the best of our time together 🐾.

Selfie with the Rote Wand

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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2 thoughts on “Almost October folks!

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  1. I’m glad it’s October soon too. The heat from this summer had been ridiculous and I desperately need it to cool off 😅. But I know that can make it harder physically, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it’s been quite a warm summer here, though I love it a lot as my pains are low then. Indeed, colder (and more wet) weather sure has an impact on pain and my physical (and mental) wellbeing. I’m sorry you struggle with that as well.
      Let’s hope it won’t be too bad this autumn and winter. 😊


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