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Gaming and πŸ† trophies

I’ve written about trophies a while ago. To learn more about them, please check out the following link: Gaming – Trophies. TLDR: trophies are a reward system by Playstation, staring during the PS3 times, where you get rewarded for doing certain things in game. Some games are very, very hard and only achievable by the best (or luckiest) gamers. Some games are easy and more made to just relax while playing. Those are, most often n, my kind of games.

As I write this, I’m close to getting my 2500th trophy. It may sound like a lot, but compared to some others, I’m just a humble beginner πŸ˜‚. Of course some people just live to game, it’s even their job. So if you’re that good at it, it’s more easy to get those little rewards.

There are times when I get a lot of trophies in a short time, and then I don’t game for ages so I don’t earn any. When they were just new, I always was in awe when the PS3 showed a pop-up that I got another one. Mind you, we didn’t have a the walkthroughs (both text and in YouTube) yet. It was all rather new back then, it was coming… But it took a while for the pros to share their teophy secrets with all of us πŸ˜‰.

While I enjoy gaming without trophies, I do enjoy getting them when I can. I see it as little rewards for time well spent.

Trophy unlocked

I also have some πŸ† in my list that I never actually got myself. I’ve been there when others got then for me. A few I asked help with because my hands could not cope… A few were friends trying games I have on my console. Some games I’ve tried myself and liked them. Some were definitely not my cup of tea, as they say πŸ˜‰.

I’m not a “real” trophy hunter in the eyes of many. I just play and if they are within my reach, I’ll try to get them. If I get a lot of πŸ† from one game then yes, I do want to get them all. And I’ll ask help, when possible, to get them 😊. If I check, some people have so many trophies, it makes me wonder if they play for a living and they just game 24/7… Plus they are lucky to be good at gaming, obviously. I’ll check the top ten and share it here with ya.

Screenshot_20220919-051314_Samsung Internet

It will never be my aim to get in any top! I know I could not do it, even with all the positive thoughts I could bring along on the journey. Plus it would take away the joy of gaming for me. So with some games, like the Lego ones, I’ll try to aim for the 100%. Some story driven games as well. Others, I’m happy with what I earn while I play.

Do you collect trophies? Or maybe achievements on PC or Xbox? Are you more casual or hardcore? How do you “attack” them to get them all? 😊 Let’s chat about trophies here!

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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