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Enjoying my routines

I have several routines that I try to follow on a daily basis. This may seem boring to some, but for me it is a great help in getting through the days OK. I don’t deal with surprises well, so knowing what I’ll do and when I will do it is a big comfort. Plus I can prepare for it in time, releasing the “last minute stress” by a big load…

I can get groceries when people come over and make sure the apartment isn’t overrun with Arwen’s happy (hairy) glitters. I can make sure I will not have anything planned when people come over. If I know they are gaming friends, I make sure my controllers are charged.

If you have read my journal, you know about my morning routine of getting up, taking care of Arwen and hitting the gym. I don’t always love getting up, but being the sole caretaker of Arwen, I can not sleep in anyways, as she needs to go out and do her business. Plus I love the gym being super quiet (most of the time) in the morning.

I am fortunate that most of my friends know about my need for routine, my need for planning things. So when we are setting a date to meet up, they always try to plan it in advance with me. So they know I will be totally relaxed because I know I will see them.

Routine helps me to plan ahead. To know how I can spend my available energy and time. To see if I need to take it easy or if I can go full throttle that day. To know when I need rest, when there’s time for that, and when I need to do some chores that need to be done. I feel planning these things is way easier when you’re not restricted in energy, when you don’t struggle with pains and when you can just go with the flow. Sometimes I can be jealous of those kind of people… A day without pain, with enough energy to run out Sonic the Hedgehog 🦔, to get everything done and to do it right… It sounds like heaven to me!

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But with careful planning, I’m usually doing quite alright. Except on bad days. I can really struggle when my energy is too low, when my pains are too high, when things keep going wrong… I guess we all have those days some times, and I wonder how healthy people deal with these. If they can also just ease through them because they know they can? I mean, I know I can do things even during a bad day. But with a limited amount of spoons, it’s hard to not use them on things that aren’t too important at that time. Energy more on spoons and energy through this link. 😊

Predict your future 🔮 sounds cool at times. But for me it’s a necessity, to know my limits. Of course doing the same thing on a daily basis makes me more adjusted to it. I feel things take less energy when I’m prepared for them. And that, of course, is a great advantage for me.

Do you plan ahead? Do you have certain routines that you need to follow to get through the day OK? How do you deal with last minute changes? Limited energy is hard when wanting an active life. How do you manage? Let’s chat in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying my routines

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  1. I have only just walked into the kind of life where I can consider and revise my answers to questions like this. So, I don’t know yet, but am happy to be starting to learn. Better late than never?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If it helps you feel better, maybe even do better… It’s always a big win. I do believe we always keep Lear into about ourselves. We’re not the 4 year olds we used to be. Heck I’m not even anything like the 37 year old I was 5 years ago…
      So yes, it’s never too late as we keep growing. 😊 In my opinion 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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