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I like gaming 🎮

Sometimes people ask me why I enjoy gaming. And it surprises me that I always have to think about an answer. I know people that can sum up their reasons like they made mental lists of it. But I feel for me the reasons always change. Depending on the weather, my mood, my pain levels… I feel like I don’t have a set in stone answer to why I love gaming so much. So I’d like to use this post to talk, well write, a little about that. 😊

My new gaming avatar

I started gaming when I was young. Nothing too hardcore, just simple games. I remember borrowing my cousin’s Commadore 64. They had so many games! I don’t think I tried them all, but I remember playing them. With a beautiful green screen monitor. You played with those big 5¼ inch floppy disc’s. And I remember most of the games my cousins had were copies. But I didn’t know any better so I just enjoyed them as they were.

Super Mario Land

I got a GameBoy when I was 11 for Sinterklaas. It came with Tetris and the first game I bought for it was Super Mario Land. I played through many sets of batteries and when I got rechargeable ones from my parents, there was always a set charging. 😊 I had several games stolen from me by someone I had thought of as a friend. But then I never saw her again and I noticed the games missing… Later I heard from someone that she had sold them to have money for a habit that would later get her in some financial troubles… But I still have some of the games. I later got an illegal game with many ROMs for the GameBoy and later for the Advance as well. I’ve had several GameBoys, never a DS though…


But why do I like gaming?

As a kid, it was something I could do alone. I didn’t have that many friends, so having something to actively do by yourself brought some relief. I could find myself in a different world, one where I was safe and free and there were no bullies… I was never the best with games and many remain unfinished still… But it brought me joy and some made my mind work as they contained puzzles… I spend ages on Kwirk but I never beat all the hardest levels.


When the SNES came out, the NES became cheaper and I could finally buy one. I never had too many games but I did enjoy the ones I had. Trying to find all hidden levels in Mario, getting the high level in Tetris and tying to win the soccer tournament.


Then I went on to PC gaming. Dad wasn’t a big fan, so I started to save up for my own PC. The one that I got was definitely not right for what I wanted to do… They had sold me a pc that broke several times because I asked way too much from it. Even though I had explained what I needed the PC able to do. Ugh, just my luck I guess. (I knew less about PCs back then, I’m still no expert but I did learn some to prevent this from happening again).

I still didn’t have too many friends, but I had a few that also enjoyed gaming. So I could share that with them. I shared my games, they shared theirs. I remember a friend having a Sega and it was so awesome! Much better than my simple NES… 😊 I still used games to escape a world I felt I didn’t belong in. I always felt like this was not “my world”, as I always saw things differently, I always was bullied and I never felt like I belonged.


I gamed a lot when I lost my ability to work. I was home and I got bored. Also a tad depressed because my world changed a lot when I could not cope with work anymore. My ex thought I was gaming all day. But I did most of the house chores and they took quite some energy from me, so often when she came home, I just started a game… It caused for some friction as I felt like a bum because of how she treated me. I didn’t work. I gamed “all day long” while she was at work…. Of course it wasn’t true but it was the start of the end of our relationship, or so I feel now.

World of Warcraft

I gamed to relax. To escape my loneliest moments. But then I also gamed with my then wife and I had some online friends I played with. At one point I played loads of World of Warcraft. I played a lot of pet battles as I found them relaxing. I leveled a few characters that are now unused (since about 2017 when I quit due to my bad hands). I wonder if my account is still valid, as I put in quite a bit of money with mounts and such… 🤔

Gnömski - my Gnome Monk

I’ve had periods where I played a lot, either Diablo 3, WoW or on the Playstation or Wii. I’ve also had times where I couldn’t care less about gaming, which most often happens when I’m very depressed. All the things I love doing are feeling like heavy burdens when my depressions hit me hard. These days I use my PlayStations most and I would love to get a PS5. If only I had money and they were more available… 😊

So yes, I love gaming when the time is right. It helps me escape the world I’m in at times. It makes me happy when I achieve things within games. I really enjoy getting 🏆 with Playstation games and I loved getting achievements in Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.

I love being someone or something else and doing things you never would do in normal life. Often because it just doesn’t exists in real life 😂. Or because I’m against cruelty. When you need to harm or kill animals in game, that’s always hard for me. Even though I know they’re digital and know no pain…

Assassin's Creed® Origins

I also love how gaming can take your mind of things that are less important but kept bugging me because my ADHD overthinks everything every time…

So when my concentration, hands and time allow, I always love to play a game. Thing is though, I start many but finish few… Sometimes I just get stuck and have no help. Sometimes it’s less fun as I thought it would be. Or sometimes I start a new game that I like more and focus on that one.


Do you game? What kind of games? Why do you play? Let’s chat about gaming 🎮!

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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7 thoughts on “I like gaming 🎮

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  1. I also have a long history gaming! I started with SCUBA Venture, Frogger, and King’s Quest, which I played on my dad’s computer starting nearly 40 years (!) ago. I then played Mario and Tetris for years, followed by a gap then filled by World of Warcraft when I moved to Japan in ’04. I actually played WoW again a couple years back. but had to let it go when I realized it was eating my life again. So, now I am back in a gaming-light period … tickled to see such familiar history in someone else’s words!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Owwwww yes! Kings Quest IV I played on dad’s pc. It had 4 floppy 💾 disc’s and a copied instruction booklet that you needed to start to game (to prove you had an original game, not a copy 😇). I also played the first Larry on dad’s pc. WoW I think I played a lot from 2007-2017. Then I got two hand surgeries and I lost interest. Now I can only afford one game service and it’s PS+ as it gives me way more than one game. 😊
      I play on Playstation mostly, I’d love a PS5 but they’re so expensive as they’re only being sold by scalpers it seems… But some day, I’ll get that PS5… I’m sure (probably just before the 6 comes out the wat things are going now 😂).
      So cool that we grew up with many of the same games. Hours of Tetris played by me as well. Plus some Mario of course 😉.
      I once almost finished the X-Files game on PC but the save file got corrupted near the end… I’m eager to try to install it on my pc now (an old one but very capable of the old PC cd-rom game I think 😉) and see if it runs… Maybe, if it does, stream while I play it… 😊
      What is your “light” gaming like?
      Have a fabulous weekend 🎮

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaaah, your comment–got me in all the happy feelings! 🥰

        Today I mostly play short-burst games on the iPad for a brief distraction. Polytopia has still got me, three years in! Haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha you’re very welcome! ♥

        I usually play Playstation games. Mostly easy on the hands ones, and if I play a harder game, it’s for shorter amounts of time. But it’s still loads of fun.
        I’ve never heard of Polytopia. I do occasionally play Pokémon Go on my phone 🙄 haha!


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