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Gaming – Telltale Games: Walking Dead

I have been enjoying games by Telltale for quite a while. I think my first experience with their studio were the PC games of CSI. When I started struggling with my hands, I learned of their new line of games. There were many stories already out so I began to read a bit about them. When I saw a bundle of several of their games (digital) being on sale (the games were about €3,50 each), I immediately bought and downloaded them. And I have had loads of great joy while making my journey throughout their stories.

Telltale Games

So when I saw the disc version including all the Walking Dead games and some extra’s, I waited for it to go on sale and then I bought it. I was very happy to finally play the last episodes of the story of Clementine. I’d finally know how this story, one that I had been following for 3 seasons now, would finally end. I had tried to steer away from spoilers and so far, I had managed to do that quite alright.


As I had already played the first season and it’s 400 Days DLC on PS3, I didn’t play it on the 4, even though I had it for the PS4 as well. But I just noticed they have separate trophy lists, so I might as wel give it another go. And then, I need to give it another go… 😂 As I just found out that the disc edition of “The Definitive Series” has different trophies than the separate seasons. Which really surprised me.

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

Apparently, the complete seasons disc edition (and probably also it’s digital brother) have their own trophies. I had thought that, considering it’s all the original games brought to one collection, that it would have all the original trophies. But, in order to really get all the Walking Dead Trophies and complete all the quests that are in the original game, you need the stand alone edition 🤔. So I have been looking for a second hand edition of the last season. As I already had all the other Walking Dead seasons digitally from that sale I got. I did play season 2, Michonne and A New Frontier from the PS4 digital editions, so I got all those trophies. So now I need to play the PS4 edition of season one and the 400 Days DLC and then I need to play the stand alone version of the last season.

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

As you can see, there’s a HUGE difference between the collection and the stand alone editions, trophy wise. But it also means I need to replay all the disc editions as well if I want to get all the trophies from that one 😂! I think I will be playing The Walking Dead till they come to haunt me!

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

Telltale's Walking Dead trophies list

The screen grabs are from the site and include my own gotten trophies. 😊 I will share some shots I made of the games as well, only game I don’t have some shots from is season 1, as I played it on PS3 and it doesn’t have a screenshot option.

I see the Telltale Games stories as interactive comics. These series do take your choices and work with them. Normally you can chose things in games and the outcome will be the same. But now, you can make choices and some really are life and death ones, especially in the Walking Dead. I will try to write a post soon about Telltale Games in general, where I hope to provide you with some more in depth information about their games.

The Walking Dead_ Season 2_20180609113036

The Walking Dead_ Michonne_20180616005636

The Walking Dead_ A New Frontier_20180621234706

I didn’t make too many screenshot during my games, maybe I can try to take some more when I replay them. I did upload my shots, most are trophy shots made automatically by PS4, to my Flickr site. If you would like to see more of my screenshot or normal photography, this is the link to my site:

If you like the idea of interactive comics, if you like it that your choices in a game matter to the outcome, than maybe these are the games for you as well. They can require a few go’s (as in, you may die a few times to get things right), the can tug the heartstrings at times, but I could do them even with my bad hands and their stories are really great! I wish I could pick a favorite, but that’s hard. I promise to soon share a blog on the other games and on Telltale more in general (I’ll probably quite some Wiki sites or something 😉 ). I am uploading pictures and a few video’s that I saved now (they will be on my Flickr) so I can use them ibn my upcoming blog. Thanks for checking this one out!

The Walking Dead_ Season 2_20180614141927

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