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Progress, not perfection

This ☝🏻…

Is something I had to learn. Which I’m still learning. If you’ve gone to perfection for so many years, it’s very hard to let go of that ideal. Even though it seems so easy, because if you’re just satisfied with progress instead of perfection, it seems like you’re lowering your expectations a tad, making it easier to succeed.

But in my case, that’s not always the way it goes… Even if I aim for progress, I can still have this little voice in my head making me strive for things to be perfect.

And while I know that it being good is already enough, when it comes to doing things that involve others, I still feel things need to be perfect. But then I aim it at them, at the others, shifting focus from myself. And while I know that others are more than appreciative when it’s done OK, I still want to “show off” and make it perfect, just for them…

It’s a big learning curve for me. To accept that OK is good enough. To know people don’t always even need it to be perfect. I may have those expectations but others may not be so hard on me as I am on myself. They are happy I’m willing to do something for them and don’t nees it to shine bright and well. They’re OK with OK. And I always want more, better, perfect…

It is hard to “settle for less”, as that’s the feelings I get when I do something just OK. But the still thing is, while at the gym, I can be OK with OK, even if I know then that I’ll make progress by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. To grow muscles you need to be uncomfortable for short amounts of time, pushing them to grow. But there, I can be lazy. I guess I’m striving for perfection most when it’s something for someone else. I want them to see a perfect me… Someone they can appreciate and maybe even love/care for.

I wonder why the cat doesn’t give a number 🤔 haha!

So I’m trying, learning, maybe even accepting a little already.

How are you with perfection, especially when it’s for someone you care for? Do you drive yourself harder than when it’s “just” for yourself?

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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