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Journal – Week 32, 2022 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Our last week in Austria, time goes by so fast when you’re having fun… 😊 Unfortunately this week doesn’t show loads of good weather… The week after we leave though… πŸ˜”

Unfortunately some colder, wetter, days are to be expected. I wanted to walk another bigger round, so probably on Tuesday or Wednesday…
A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Monday"

This morning, after walkies, a shower and breakfast, mum and I drove to Anger for some groceries. When we got back, I checked the weather and decided to walk the HeilBrunnWeg on my own today.

Written by Butch Walker & Jaret Reddick Β© Austin Upchurch

I packed my bag, fresh water in the water reservoir, hiking clothes on and away I went.

The folder on the route said it would take about 1:30 to complete the walk. I did my best to keep a nice pace and I needed 1:29. So I wonder if my speed is really that average. As I passed several people along the way who had also started in Brandlucken (I saw them leave before I was ready to leave myself).

When I got back, mum was just downstairs with the dogs so I took Arwen and we went to the meadow behind the hotel. They did their things and played a little. Then we went back to the rooms and I had a very quick shower. Then mum and I went to Weiz for some more shopping and we took the dogs, so on the way back, we’d visit the Teichalmsee with them.

I played a little Pokémon when we got back and then we got ready for dinner. After dinner I walked a short bit with the dogs. Then I watched some Jessica Jones, as the wee bit of wifi would allow it. And I wrote some for this post. 😊

Positive: enjoying a nice 90 minutes walk this morning/early afternoon.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

Music: some release radar on Spotify.

TV: Jessica Jones.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Tuesday"

This morning, after walkies with the dogs, a shower and breakfast, I went to Sankt Kathrein am Offenegg. The signs said it would be a 1:30 walk, so I told mum and she would pick me up there. The weather was lovely and I had a good start.

Self-destruction, activated

Delighting minds with my shadow
Rely on your way to grow
You want to decide from your cloud
You’re lost in a world that I have to repair

You want it all, the greatest smile
Who wants to deny forever?
You’re made of ice, I pay the price
For all your unforgiveness

Composer Marco Coti-Zelati, Marco Biazzi, Cristiano Migliore & Cristiano Mozzati, Lyricist Cristina Scabbia & Andrea Ferro
Copyright Β© Magic Arts Publishing & Century Media Records


All info on my walk can be found here: Komoot Brandlucken – St Kathrein. I followed the main path until I arrived at the “Beautiful cross”, SchΓΆnes Kreuz.


There I decided to take a lesser used path to another cross, Schlagkreuz. It was a small and adventurous pathway going down a tad.


I got back on a bigger pathway onwards to Sankt Kathrein. After 1:27 I arrived at the church. I had let my mum know (when I finally had reception) that I was almost there. But she got delayed due to my dad. So I first visites the church and then the small store for a can of sugar free Red Bull. 😊


As I had to wait, I explored a little of the town. I made some pictures before finding a parking where my parents could easily pick me up.


They had brought the dogs with them, so we headed to Teichalm for walkies. After that, I took a shower and relaxed a bit. It wasn’t dinner time yet, so I got my book and read a bit of the 5th Horseman.

After dinner I tried to get my tablet on the Wi-Fi so I could watch some series. I started the new series about Batman’s butler, Penny worth. But halfway through I fell asleep for a bit. I had my alarm on so woke in time for the last walkies with the doggos before bedtime.

Positive: walking to Sankt Kathrein on my own and having a good time. πŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Music: only some Steiermark radio that dad had on in the car.

TV: Pennyworth.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

A bitmoji of me resting on a Camel, no text, but meant for "Hump day", aka Wednesday
Hump day / Wednesday

Today, mum and I tried to walk a bit of the Raabklamm. More can be read here about that adventure:

Every hour the shadow king
Wonders what his clock will bring
I’ve lived and loved and that’s for sure
My fatal quest forever more

The days of future past to wander on the shore
A king without a queen to die for evermore

To wander in the wasteland
Immortal to the end
Waiting for the judgement
But the judgement never ends

Written by Adrian Smith & Bruce Dickinson Β© Parlophone UK

When my dad had finally found mum and I, he had the doggos with him. On our way back we visited the Teichalmsee. No swimming today as there wasn’t any sun here. Mum stayed in the car while dad and I walked the dogs around the lake.

Then a shower and some relaxing until it was time for dinner. And damn, I was very hungry! Mum had decided I needed my own walking sticks so tomorrow we’d be checking out a big sports store for some. 😊 I had only ever occasionally used one of mum’s, so I had no real idea about them.

After dinner I let the dogs out for a quick wee and poo. Then I watched some ER on my tablet. I fell asleep but had my watch set on an alarm so I’d be up in time to walk the dogs before bedtime. It took me a while after to get comfortable enough to fall asleep again. I did read some in my book until I dozed off.

Positive: helping mum walk a part of the Raabklamm.

Music: just some Steiermark radio in the car.


Book: The 5th Horseman.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Thursday"

Today, dad could pick up his pants in Gleisdorf, the ones he bought last time we were in this town. We were hoping to visit the church as well, but like last time we were here, another funeral was progressing. I said the church was to die for πŸ˜‚ as it seems very popular for funerals. I had seen a view tower on Google, in the area of Gleisdorf, and my parents were interested as well. So I started Maps and we headed to the tower.

Did you hear the one about me being a punk?
Did you hear the one about me being a drunk?
Did you hear the one about me losing my nerve
Or how I’m just another fucking sheep in the herd?
Did you hear about the money, how it made me change?
So funny to me, all the time that they waste
Did you hear the one about me giving a shit?
‘Cause if I ever did I don’t remember it

Writer(s): Bathory Zoltan, Churko Kevin Gregory, Grinstead Thomas Jason, Moody Ivan, Jeremy Spencer Β© Eleven Seven Music


Dad tried to go up with me but it were too many stairs for him. I took his video camera and headed up. I’m not too fond of heights but the tower seemed sturdy and safe, so I was hoping for the best. 😊


After the visit to the tower, we headed for Weiz. A visit to the Interspar and Intersport. One for some groceries, one to see if we could find me some walking canes/sticks as mum’s came in quite handy during the Raabklamm walk.

First we got ourselves some groceries. Then onwards to the sports shop. We browsed around a bit, my did they have some nice things there 🀩… In the end we found the canes and a nice lady helped us with all the sorts they had. We got a nice pair on sale, so satisfied we headed back to Brandlucken.

After some rest I tried out the canes on a shorter walk through the woods behind the hotel. I still need to find my step with them and they seem just a little too long for me. That’s a downside but it’s only a bit so I guess with practice I’ll adjust and learn.

After dinner I relaxed a bit with some ER. 😊 Then we let the dogs out for their thing and bed time followed. Maybe tomorrow weather would be good enough for that walk.

Positive: having a good time and being spoiled. πŸ˜‡


Music: some Journal Blog mix.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Friday"

Weiz kerk, Anger kerk, kerkhof HeilBrunn

I got up, we walked the dogs and then I checked the weather reports. They predicted thunder and 🌩 lightning with rains starting around 11 in the morning. Even though I wanted to walk a short bit, I would not be able to be back before then. So I chose to be safe and, unfortunately, not have any walks anymore.

I watched you walk away
Hopeless, with nothing to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see you again

This is my curse (the longing)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the yearning)
This is my curse

Writer(s): Howard Jones, Joel Michael Stroetzel, Mike A D Antonio, Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz, Justin Foley Β© Roadrunner Records

Instead mum and I went to Weiz to visit the white basilika church. Hoping it would be open to the public as we arrived.

Weizbergkirche Steiermark

We visited the church, I made several pictures and then we headed back to the car.

Weizbergkirche Steiermark

There was a small flower shop where mum bought a nice little plant. We’d bring that to the grave of someone we knew here who passed away on our way back to Brandlucken.

We planned an extra stop in Anger to visit the church there as well.


I wanted to take some pictures of the altar but two women were arranging flowers on there. You’d think the pope would visit there that day, as they kept busy with the same few flowers. So in the end I got a quick shot with the broom still there πŸ˜‚.

Pfarrkirche Anger

Then we made our way to HeilBrunn graveyard to visit the grave and place mum’s flowers.

It was past 11 and still no rain… I may have been able to get that walk in after all, big bummer! Ah well… We drove back to Brandlucken and I was glad when I parked the car safely. Mum had me drive all today and I’m not really used to driving here.

Some relaxing after this and then… Hell broke loose and it rained so much! I was very glad I wasn’t walking then… When it got a little dryer, mum and I took the dogs to the Teichalmsee for a walk.

Some more relaxing with The Sandman on Netflix. A new series I had been eager to see. Unfortunately the wifi was acting up a little making it harder to watch. Then, time for good food once more. 😊

Some more Sandman before bed time. Unfortunately I fell asleep but I had my alarm set to walk the dogs in time for bed.

Positive: driving around without too much fear that I’d mess up.

TV: the Sandman.

Music: none.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

A bitmoji of me with a rainbow above my head with the text "Saturday"

The weather was grey and cold this morning. After we walked the dogs, we checked the weather. Again there was bad weather predicted during the time period that I wanted to walk in. So unfortunately, I would not be able to get that final walk in… πŸ˜”

Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame
Darlin’, you give love a bad name

An angel’s smile is what you sell
You promise me Heaven, then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passion’s a prison, you can’t break free

Songwriters: Desmond Child / Jon Bon Jovi / Richard Sambora

Songteksten voor You Give Love a Bad Name Β© Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Instead I started to pack my bags. Make sure everything would fit again so dad would be able to get it into the car. After I had packed some, I relaxed a bit with some Pennyworth. Then, mum and dad had some things packed so the bags that were ready could go to the car. Bit by bit, most was packed during the afternoon. The rest would need to follow on Sunday morning.

I walked the dogs and we had a last good dinner here. Today and tomorrow would be a little boring days unfortunately…

Positive: getting everything back in the bags. 😊

Music: some Journal Blog mix.

TV: the Sandman.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

A bitmoji of me and a dog, both wearing sunglasses, with the text "Happy Sundog"
Happy Sundog / Sunday

Drive day… Which would turn out to be a loooong drive day. It already were about 900km but the roads, especially the A3 in Germany, were a hell!

Driving through empty streets just like we used to do
I know every part of this town like the back of my hand
How many times have I heard, you’re only wasting time
‘Cause it’s all a game
The good and the bad
You tell me you need me
But baby I’m gone

Songwriters: Tobias Gustavsson / Jonny Wemmenstedt Β© Electric Lodge

I drove most today. Dad started the first bit, before the Austrian highway I already took over. And when we were close to our goal, after dinner, dad finished the journey. All in between, I drove. I was very happy dad allowed the aircon to be used as it was a hot day outside. 😊

Spital am Pyhrn

But so many traffic jams. So many cars with issues on the side of the road. So many accidents happened. It was very busy on the Autobahn 3, and we stood still once for a while. At other bits we drove but so very slowly… We saw people on bikes on roads next to the Autobahn going faster πŸ˜‚. Which was a little frustrating after a while with the sun shining down on us.

We drove off around 8:30 and at 20:45 we were having dinner. Finally! I was so hungry… Around 21:45 we were getting the keys to our rooms and started to unpack the car. I walked the dogs afterwards and then went straight to bed! So very tired… 😴

Positive: dad giving me a compliment that I drove very well today!

Music: my Holiday mix on Spotify.

TV: none.

Book: The 5th Horseman.

As I didn’t really log anything in Polar this week (it was a very bad week, health wise! Really gotta get back in the saddle starting next Friday!), so no use to share the log… 😊

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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