Getting back on track

Starting Friday…

I have been slacking with my exercises. I knew I would, as it’s a vacation. I have tried to get some decent walks in, but I also snacked, had bad weather days and ate loads of delicious Schnitzels! I knew I would allow myself some slack, some enjoyment of the good things that both Austria and Germany had to offer me. But I also planned to get back on track with my training after the vacation would be over. And it would be good on my wallet as well, with things being so expensive as they are these days…

I know big steps itn’t the way to go, but it’s my ultimate goal. I want to reach it through many smaller steps that, combined, make that big step possible. I have been thinking of little steps that I will need to stick to, and it will be hard and difficult at times, but if I get used to it, it should be getting easier with routine and time.

  • Buying from a groceries list, planned meals, no snacks
  • Keeping up my fitness routine, using the hometrainer and rower at home
  • Using the dumbbells, resistance bands and fitness mat at home
  • Getting enough sleep/keeping my sleeping routines
  • Trying to look better at macros once my meal planning goes better
  • Allowing myself two cheat days a week, preferably Wednesday and Saturday, where I can eat a little less healthy, but I’ll try to get enough exercises in to equal them out

It seems like easy steps and I was doing some of these. But I was slipping with my meals and snacks and I have been neglecting my macros due to the slip ups.

I really enjoy my vacation time but a part of me also misses the early morning workouts at the gym. Working on a sweat, feeling a slight muscle burn with the weights, pressuring myself to get better, do better, achieve more… Small steps, yes, but progress in small steps is still slowly going forward. And that’s where my aim’s at.

Basic-Fit Cuijk

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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