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Gaming – I Am Dead

While browsing the Playstation Plus Premium catalog, I came across this game. I saw one of my Twitter mutuals write about it so I decided I should give it a go. It’s included, so be at get what I’m paying for, right? 😉

At first I was a bit lost as what to do. There was this whole dialog in which it was explained, but my ADHD brain drifted off and most of the explanation went whooooosh beside me… So after some struggling, I decided to YouTube the game and that made it a wee bit more clear to me. So onwards I went!

Promotion video of the game

This felt a little weird in the beginning. The controls were different than the usual point and click games. Sometimes there was a lot of dialog which made it hard to focus on everything for me. It wasn’t boring, it was just hard to filter out the right information on how to play the game. But as I mentioned, with YouTube’s help, and some Google, I started to understand the game a little better.

The way they’ve drawn the characters made me laugh. It’s really well, a little weird to me. 😊 It’s simple artwork but it suits the game and it’s style well.


The lighthouse where the first real chapter of the story unfolds.

There’s a lot of things you need to be on the lookout for. Every level has its own “items” that need to be collected, like cats 🐱. Every level also has “Grenkins” that need to be found. Which can be quite a challenge! Also, every level has a little sorts of puzzles in them, given by Mister Whitstable. It’s a lot you need to do and I’ve been grateful so far for YouTube and Google as some things can be quite a challenge to find.

I’m still on my first playthrough as I write this. I’ll try to write a review if I complete the game, or when I’m close to that as I’m not sure all trophies will be obtainable by me. Time will tell.

If you’re very interested in the whole game, several gamers have shared their videos on it on YouTube. This is the ones that have helped me so far with my levels:

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Some selfies in Greifenstein

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