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Gaming – Last Stop

An adventure game that I found on Playstation Plus Premium. I have heard it’s currently on Xbox’ game pass as well, so many ways to enjoy the game included in a gaming service. It is a point and click game where you control 3, well actually 4, people. Their stories are devided in 6 chapters each, and then the “end game”, where they’ll connect. But I’m jumping to the conclusion already, which of course is not the way to go.

I was browsing the Premium content on PS+ when I got this game recommended. I had seen some people talk about it on Twitter, so I Googled it to find out more. This game seemed to be exactly the sort of game my hands like to play, so I downloaded it to give it a go.

Trailer by Playstation for the Last Stop game

So in this game, there are 3 main characters who each have their own story. Their story is devided in 6 chapters, in which they all get something happening to them that makes them joining each other at the end game. There’s John, who later gets “joined” by Jack. There’s Meena. And there’s Donna. John is an older dude, unsuccessful in his job, failing in his life as well, caring for a very clever daughter. Meena has a successful job, is earning the income for her family (a husband and son), while she is having an affair and things at work get harder due to competition. Donna is a teen who rather joins friends than family, and with some of her friends, she makes a bad decision which may end up costing her more than she ever imagined.

I’m trying not to give too much of the story away here, as I don’t want to spoil anything. Maybe you have PS+ premium or Xbox GamePass and you enjoy this review, and you wish to try it out. I would definitely not be the one who may have spoiled anything for you… So I will try to be very generic when talking about my pro’s and cons of this game.


The controls

In this game, you walk with the left joystick. You use the 4 icon buttons for your actions. And with L1-R1 you can perform some “running” when prompted. The walking can stutter at times, and with the camera angle not always being the best, it’s sometimes not directly clear which way you will need to go. Plus, if you walk and someone is beside you, they may glitch a bit at times, getting caught behind obstacles and then needing to run to catch up with your character. I had one issue with a prompted action, where I pressed when indicated and it took me over 20 minutes what should have been done in 30 seconds. I know I am bad with timing, but when I pressed way off base, it worked…. So wondering if that was an error on my behalf or the game’s.

Donna (on the right) with her best friends

The difficulty

The game itself wasn’t too difficult. I only had issues with two of the prompted action “games”, which may have been all error on my behalf as my eye-hand coordination isn’t always the best. And I walked the wrong way several times due to camera angles not being the best at all times. But the game and story itself are pretty easy to go through, choices seem to often lead to the same story/results. Only in the end game, every character gets two options, so I guess there’s two ways the game can end for each character involved. But this doesn’t affect the difficulty at all.


The trophies

There are 36 trophies, one of which is the platinum one which you get for completing the 35 others. 20 trophies are story related, so you cannot miss those. 18 for each chapter of each character, one for the opening and one for the ending. That leaves 15 more trophies to get throughout the game. After you have finished the whole story, you get the option of “chapter select” in the menu. This allows you to easily revisit the chapters in which you have missed the missable trophies. Most were easy to get, I only needed help with two of them. Right, those two mini games/timed events I mentioned earlier, they both had a trophy connected to them for getting it all done in one go, on the first try. I tried a lot, and failed a lot. And the “problem” for me was, both timed events needed a part of the chapter played. And you cannot skip chat/cutscenes, so some parts, I have seen a wee bit too often because of this.


Getting around

I have mentioned it earlier in this review, the camera angle had it’s issues at time, making it harder to see where you were going or where you needed to go. Walking was easy with the left joystick. There were some getting around walks, but after you have walked a certain route before, it seemed to get shorter if there was a second time around. If you walked with someone else beside you, if your steering was slightly off, your friend could get stuck and then glitch a bit, after which they would run up to meet with you again.

Overall judgement

While writing this I still need a few trophies, but two I have not gotten yet due to them being very hard for me and my bad timing…

I had fun playing this game. I even looked forward to playing it as I was curious to where the stories of the characters would take me. The timed events made it a wee bit harder for me, but overall it was an easy and enjoyable game to play. It was like reading three interactive stories that had a big finally all together.

Difficulty I would say 2/10. For me personally, it’s more of a 4/10 due to the timed events. But I am sure most of you will breeze through those and just be able to enjoy the stories being told and shown.

Gameplay I’d give it a 7/10. The walking was a bit off at times and the timed events made it harder for me. But the music and stories were good and they made up for an enjoyable game.

Stories I would give it a 8/10. The stories were very good, only the end game one I found a bit, well, weird. It definitely was not what I was expecting, and I would it a bit of an anticlimax. I guess I had high hopes for a smashing ending and I was a tad disappointed. Still, I had a good time playing it and was curious to how they would continue, so a job well done for the story lines.

Overall I would give this game a PlaystationPixy 7/10 ⭐. Stories were well done, till the end (at least, that’s my opinion). The graphics were good for this type of game. The music was good as well. Gameplay made me grumble a few times. So yeah, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you can play it from your gaming subscription service.

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2 thoughts on “Gaming – Last Stop

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  1. ‘The end game story was a bit weird.’ I’d totally agree with this! The stories were so good up until that point and then the game seemed to go in a really strange direction that didn’t quite fit. Still, I enjoyed Last Stop. And I thought the characters were great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it didn’t feel like the end was part of the three stories we had seen up until that point. I found it to be an anti-climax as I had expected a huge blast of an end part.
      But the game indeed was fun with good characters. Unfortunately the choices didn’t seem to matter much as the game stories always steered you into one direction. I’ve now tried different answers while replaying bits for trophies. 😊
      Thanks for the read and reply!

      Liked by 1 person

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