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Gaming – Point & Click (2)

And their fun but sometimes very hard (for me) puzzles…

I’ve been sharing my love for gaming here now and then and again… 😊 When my mental health is low, my gaming is often the first out the door. So if I game less, if I’m not eager to start or continue, I know I’m not in a mentally stable place.

As I shared a while ago, gaming with my hands and reaction issues can be quite challenging. More on that, click the link I provide here for you: Gaming – With a disability. So button smashing games, however fun they may be, are harder for me. I found out that point & click games are often well suited for my hands. They often come with puzzles, which I also enjoy. But some of them are hair-pulling hard for me!

For those not aware of gaming, so even more confused (perhaps) by the term “point & click”, I’ll first explain it. 😊

Among all types of games, point-and-click is a quite common category even if it has declined for some time. The popularity of mobile game has renewed the genre and gives new opportunities to designers.

Point and click refers to a type of adventure game, in which the user interacts mainly with the mouse or any pointing device (be it a finger on mobile phones). This type of game requires a minimal knowledge about computers and is really simple to use even for casual players compared to 3D-FPS or such game in which you will use a 100-button-mouse to survive.To make it as simple as possible interaction is generally made of:

* click

* double-click

* drag-drop

and that’s all.

All the game is built around interactions with items of the world. The most classic interactions are:

* talk

* look at something

* take something

* use an item

* combine items

Most parts of the game design phase are to liberally use these possibilities, to make the player find solutions to problems. Resolving them will make the adventure continue. In a sense, point-and-click game are similar to puzzle games. The amount of interaction is quite limited, but their number differentiates point-and-click from visual novels in which they are fewer and even exploration game in which their may be no puzzle at all.

These days, since the popularity of mobile games and their casual nature, this kind of games:

* is made of a story and puzzles,

* uses few system resources,

* requires no special devices,

* doesn’t require special execution skills

This genre is having more and more players and pleased people keep coming at it from other backgrounds such as literature.

I have played several point and click games through the PSnow service, before it became PS+ premium. Some games I had not finished and they now have been removed, unfortunately. This is a reason why owning a game can be better. But to own a game you play only once for maybe 10/15 hours and then you’re finished? Can be quite expensive with game prices here in the Netherlands.

I did write about an older point and click game that got remastered for PS4 a while ago: Gaming – Day of the Tentacle Remastered and my review of it Gaming – Day of the Tentacle Review. I also wrote about point and click games a while ago. Gaming – Point-and-click I’ll do my best to keep this post more current with recent games.

The games I had mentioned in my previous p&c post, I have not finished. Machinarium I got stuck and I could not figure out what I had been doing wrong… I wanted to get back to it, but depression made me take too long. Same for Broken Age and Yesterday’s Origins… So maybe I’ll find them in the wild somewhere to get them. Maybe they may come back to the stream service. All games were quite good, but I got stuck and then lost interest (not just in those games, but got hit with depression again).

So I just finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I knew the ending was gonna be sad and still I sobbed a bit. It was a beautiful game, very challenging on my hands at times as I controlled both boys with one controller. Left side for one boy, right for the other. If you have the ability to play it, I’d definitely recommend! If I have the energy, I’ll write a separate post about this game.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers, early in the game.

I’m still working on the Agatha Christie ABC Murders game. It’s less hard on the hands, but some puzzles can be very challenging. I needed an hour on a puzzle people on YouTube finished in 5 minutes πŸ˜‚. I just didn’t see its logic. And then I had a ton of luck as I accidentally finished it! I was so excited. I finished the game once. Now I need to replay it got the last two trophies. Whish isn’t a big thing but that darned puzzle will need to be solved again πŸ˜‚! If I can, I’ll try to write a separate post on this game as well, if I get all the trophies done… 😊

I also finished Enigmatis and wrote a post about that game here: Gaming – Enigmatis.

I’ll share the PS+ premium list of games here with you. If you know of any good Playstation P&c game, please do let me know in the comments as I would love to try it out!

I’ve seen someone mention the game “Last Stop” being a sort of Telltale game, so I’ll definitely look into that one! There’s so many titles available that it’s hard to know which games are point and click. I’m trying to find a good site that lists them but haven’t been lucky yet…

Someone else mentioned Syberia on GamePressure being a good p&c one, so I’m writing that one down as well. 😊 Another mentioned Anna on GamePressure as well. So I’m very sure there are many point and click games in the PS+ premium list, I just need to find and try them. And this time, finish them before they get deleted. 😊

If there are any good p&c games you’d recommend, especially if they’re listed in the Ps+ premium list, I’d be happy to learn about them. With my hands, it’s always nice to have an easy (on the hands) game to fall back to on bad days. I really appreciate the titles as I’m eager to find more, new to me, games.

Platinum πŸ† Enigmatis

Finishing Enigmatis

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Please be wise and stay safe! I hope to see you back real soon again, feel free to drop in anytime! Wishing you all the best. With love, Cynni 🌹

Some selfies in Greifenstein

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6 thoughts on “Gaming – Point & Click (2)

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  1. I’d highly recommend Last Stop if you’re looking for a good story! It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed sitting back and seeing it unfold. It’s kind of like watching a British television show. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ow yes I’ve just played that! Only two trophies I’m struggling to get because I’m bad at timed events (the one with the gas canisters and the one with the cufs). 😊 Looking for someone who can help me with those.
      I did enjoy the story, I wrote a blog about it. Did find the end a bit long and weird though. 😊
      Thanks for the suggestion!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This type of game play sounds better for me. The button smashing games tend to be first player and fast paced. They make me very sick (dizzy, nausea, etc), so I like games like Sim City, ZooTycoon, etc better, also point and click games.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ow yes stimulators like Tycoon games… I’ve played those a lot in PC growing up. And I always liked them. Wasn’t too good at them though πŸ˜‚
      But these adventure games are really good, at least I thought so. And my hands were OK. Only with Brothers did I struggle at times (killing the guys πŸ˜‚).


  3. Its interesting that you learn to read the signs in. your body. from daily activities. Not enough people pay attention like this. Good on you. It is a great warning system.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately the fibro often also gives signals that aren’t based on any truth, so it can sill be hard to read. But after living 8 y ars with it now, I’m finally able to say I’ve been learning to understand my symptoms better.
      Just hate that it was necessary, as having fibro kinda sucks… πŸ˜”
      Thank you and have a fabulous day 🌸


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