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Gaming – Enigmatis

…The Ghosts of Maple Creek

On June 22nd Playstation Plus and Playstation Now merged into one service. The new Playstation Plus service now has 3 tiers to choose from. Essential (tier 1), which offers like the old PS+ did. Premium (tier 3) which is basically PS+ and Now combined. And Extra, which is in between the two that we already had. But, this post is going to be about a game that I found on Premium while browsing the available games in the PC PS+ app: Enigmatis – The Ghosts of Maple Creek.

Playstation Essential (1), Extra (2) & Premium (3).


This is how I found the game on the PC app. I was just browsing, had never heard about this but it seemed like my kind of game… 😊

I started the game on my pc and I enjoyed it a lot. Later I found out about the 🏆 trophies for the game, and I was hoping I would be able to get them all. I Googled the game as I wanted to read a bit more than what PS+ told me. This is part of a description I found that made me want to play the game:

Find a kidnapped teenage girl and save yourself in Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

Big Fish Games

This site had a walkthrough of the game, not of the extra chapter unfortunately. And while it was aimed more to the PC version, the story was still the same, so I used this to get around. Without this guide, I’d definitely be lost here or there.


OK, I’ll tell about my experience with the game. I’ll try not to go into the story too much as I would not want to spoil anything for those of you who’d like to play it after seeing this post.

The controls

As I played on PC and PS4, I used a DualShock controller on both. I have a dongle for the PC which makes me able to use a Playstation 4 controller while playing PS+ (also works for Steam, as far as I have tried). You use the joysticks for the puzzles and aiming at directions you want to go. The 4 arrow buttons on the left are meant for hints, evidence, diary and map. If you want to get ALL the available trophies you need to play this game on difficult and never skip a game or use any hints. I did this but it’s hard to not accidentally press that hints button!

When doing the hidden object puzzles, it can be very hard to aim well. Often I’ve aimed at something I thought I needed, it gave me a “wrong” buzz and in the end, it was the right item but… I needed to have pointed just half a centimeter to a different direction 😬. I understand they need to be strict but to get one of the trophies involved with the hidden object puzzles, this aiming thing could be quite annoying.

The difficulty

It isn’t a very hard game. It needs logical thinking and a good eye. BUT as someone who’s not native in English, the object puzzles can be quite hard! Different meanings to one word. Or knowing a subject by one word and they ask for an abbreviation of that word. The items can be quite hard to find because of this. Plus a few times I had to stand in front of the TV because I just could not see it further away. Most of the other puzzles required logical thinking and sometimes the use of the found evidence/items.

The hidden object puzzles have changing items they may ask different things every time. I thought I was being smart by trying to use Google for some items I just didn’t see (and I could not use the hints!). But I often found images where several items were the same from my list, but there were also many different ones that I could not find online… The puzzles do get easier as you revisit them, as the once found items are taken away from the total. So the remaining items *should* be easier to spot.

The puzzle that gave me the most difficulty was a sliding puzzle… I had skipped the second part the first time I played it as I had two tiles switched and I could not get them to change places… But in the difficult mode, no skips allowed, no hints either, or I would forfeit on the trophies.

Enigmatis puzzle!

The trophies

I would almost like to say, it’s an “easy” game to get all the trophies from. But that’s probably because I was able to get them and I know how bad I can be with games. 😊 Some puzzles may require some practice. And not everything can be found through Google or YouTube. As I mentioned before, puzzles differ with every playthrough, so the items you may need in easy mode may be different when you play it in difficult mode.

Enigmatis PS4 Trophies

Getting around

When you discover new areas, they will be added to your map. The map, however, doesn’t give you any means of easy travel once you’ve discovered the places to be. When you need to go from A to B, sometimes you need to visit C, D, E and even F to get there. It’s either click forward or use the O button to go back one step. I wish the map had been used for quick travel, as sometimes you needed to travel a lot and the going back and forth gave me slight headaches. Plus it took more time to travel to a place than the action you needed to take there 😂. So while you won’t get lost and you can always call for your map, it won’t allow any fast/easy travels.

Overall judgement

I had fun playing this game. The story wasn’t too predictable, the need to find items to solve puzzles, the difficulty of these puzzles… I used Google and YouTube a few times, I’d be lost without the walkthrough I shared above. While the easy mode gives you plenty of hints on where to go and what to do, if you played like I did, a direct walkthrough for the second time around can be quite handy.

First, easy mode, I followed all the hints the game gave me and I made it through to the end. Well, almost as I started my difficult play on the PS4 and it rewrote my old save. So I kinda knew what to do and the guide helped me to go in the most direct line. It didn’t spoil anything as I had played it before to enjoy the story and the search.

Difficulty I would say 5/10, but that’s because of the issues with the hidden object descriptions and that one puzzle I struggled with so much.

Gameplay I’d give it a 6/10, because of the difficulty of selecting items in the hidden object puzzles and not having a fast travel option through the map.

Story I’d give a 8/10 as I really enjoyed it. It was well laid out with the items, hints in them, the way the story rolled out…

Overall I think I’d give it a PlaystationPixy score of 7/10 ⭐.

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