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Beating the darkness – A new start

As many of you know, I have a darkness within me. And I thought I had beaten it, after I crawled back up since the nasty divorce. And for a while, I think I was doing rather well. I lost part of my “depression/divorce/stess” kilo’s, joined the gym again, found a new routine that worked, made things work with what I had and I felt good. But I still had these mad periods. Chronic depression is a beast! As I mentioned before, I still believe my “not severe enough for bipolar” should have been labeled Mental health – Cyclothymia as those symptoms really fit me better than “chronic depression” does. But it is as it is…

And I have shared a bit about this in my journal post of “week 11”, where I started with a new style. I want to be more in touch with my mental health being, looking more closely to my feelings and reactions, instead of shrugging it off for some reason or another. I always claim to be honest and I now know I have been hiding behind my “it’s OK” mask, even to myself. While I have been struggling, I was to ashamed to reach out and get professional help. A little while ago, I took away the fear of a phone call and I walked to the GP to schedule an appointment. It still was scary, but fortunately for me, it was almost empty and one of my “favorite” assistants (she helped me when I was doing really bad after the divorce and I called in panic) helped me get the appointment.

Getting to that appointment was hard. I used my headphones in the waiting room and fortunately, some Twitter friends were online so I was able to chat with them to keep my mind in a good state… I was so grateful as the GP was running late and my heart rate was running as well. Taking of my mask is hard. I learned to live with it, it’s my second nature to wear it. I never even knew I did it, until I was feeling dreadful and suffered a lot and someone asked me how I was doing, and because I was scared to be honest to that person (telling them something meant many people soon would know as well) I said I was doing OK and they believed me. I looked like I had not slept in weeks (I was running on 3 hours a night because I was having nightmares then as well). My eyes were greyed out, I feel like I had lost the sparkle in them that I usually had (my ex said that the sparkle was something she fell in love with, and I lost it along the way when my physical health turned from OK to chronic pain every day).

But while I was talking to the GP, I felt I was hiding again. I heard myself “dumb down” on serious topics, and I felt stupid for doing it. But still, my troubles were severe enough for him to schedule an appointment with their mental health worker for me. I had talked with her in the past, just after the divorce, when I was on a waiting list for more specialized help, she had some chats with me in the mean time, as they were afraid I might repeat an OD because I was really unstable and alone in my new, scary, appartment. And now, almost 4 years later, I am scheduled to talk with her again. And she needs to assess if she can help me, or if I should be put on a waiting list for more specialized help. But I guess, just like 4 years ago, she will be there to start it all up. And I need to remember to not use my mask,

While I am scared of the appointment, I am also proud. It took me several months, many dark blog posts, some chats with dear friends, to finally find a way to make that appointment. As I said, I dreaded both the phone call as talking about my reasons. So being able to walk to the GP with a friend, going in and making a face to face appointment, still scary, but better than inclusing a phone call. Someone said, that if the mountain would not come to Mohammed, he would go to the mountain. I am still thinking about that, but I guess it’s a proverb and I have always been the worst at those. I guess there is always a way, might not be an easy one, might not be a direct one, but if you want it, you should do your best to get it.

And at this moment, I want to beat my dark monster! I want to scare away the darkness that lives rent free in my mind, that haunts me when I am sleeping. I want to leave my past behind me and not be reminded of the bullying (neither by kids, teachers, family members or my partners) anymore. I don’t need to hear their voices in the back of my mind anymore, reminding me what I did wrong this time…

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Like Dobby said in Harry Potter: “Dobby is free!”. I am free as in I’m living my life with Arwen as I want it. But my mind is still being held captive by the ghosts of my past. I hear people tell me all I would do wrong. I feel their judgement, even after being single for almost 4 years. After I had beating the worse depression around September 2019, I thought I was on the right track. I was positive, doing my thing, enjoying life. So why are these dark memories back? And how can I get rid of them? I am willing to work hard to drive my dark monster away. I finally reached out for help. And now, I’ll do my best to succeed. 🍀

I changed my journal style once more, to focus more on my mental health. And I want to focus more on good things. I feel like I am grateful, but not enough for it to chase my demons away. I want to be free, in oh so many ways… Baby steps are fine by me, as every small step forward is an improvement…

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6 thoughts on “Beating the darkness – A new start

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    1. Thanks and I’m glad as well. Keeping a “feelings diary” now, where I note my food mood swings, my feelings after dreams and my overal feelings. Maybe this will help to give some extra insight.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 👍🏻 That’s, in a way, good to know, as it means it can be a very good tool for our mental health providers to use. I assume here that’s it’s (part the reason you keep track. 😊 Thanks for letting me know!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping for as well, that it may reveal a pattern or something that would make it easier to diagnose and treat what’s been bugging me… 😊

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