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Gaming – Lego City Undercover

It’s been a while since I wrote about this game here, the “old post” can be found here: Gaming – Trying out games: Lego City Undercover.

So I have shared this idea that I have for helping my mental health stay good in 2022. Or at least, stay as good as it can… With this whole pandemic still happening and our country being in lockdown for many months at a time, closing the gym 😔… If you have missed this post about my new “Ko-fi gaming goal”, here’s a quick link for you:

My bitmoji on a chair, headset on, controller in hand, ready to play some coop 😉

So it’s been over a year since I’ve played Lego City Undercover on PS4 through the PSnow service. I’ve checked my last trophies and they were obtained on March 9th 2020. Lego City Undercover list. They took it off the server. It was very expensive, both on disc as digital. Now that I have found a sale (on disc, which I prefer), I needed to order it… 😊 It’s part of that mental health support I have made up, getting one Lego game every month. 😊

I really enjoyed this game so far, but I fear I may have done all I can in it. There’s many races, and I suck at races!! I steer wrong, don’t break in time or I break to hard, my thumbs won’t react well enough for me to be able to finish without getting 88 timeouts and very sore and painful hands.

On sale at NedGame, very excited when I saw this..

So yeah, I am happy to be diving into this game again! And I’m of course hoping that Chase is willing to help me, once more, to get the races done. I have a few more friends that enjoy Lego games, so maybe some of them might want to coop with me to help me get to 100%… Still many trophies 🏆 to get!

24 of 49 trophies obtained. *MANY* I’ll need help with as they’re for races and speed runs…

I did write a tweet, asking for help from several of my friends. I know it’s not the fun most people are looking for when gaming, playing so someone else can get their game to 100%. But, fortunately for me, there are some very kind hearted people out there who are willing to invest their time and efforts so that I may complete the game. I wish my hands were better as I would love to be able to get it all on my own accord.

But unfortunately, the newer Lego games all seem to have racing/running/flying events that can ve *very* time limited and too hard for me to do… I did finosh both Harry Potter Lego games by myself, but they didn’t have any races in them.

I wish my hands and my reaction timing were better. I really love gaming but so many games I will never be able to finish on my own. So many games, especially on the older systems, that I would need someone on my couch for to help me out, to help me so that I can continue again…

So while I’m able to play this game again, this time without PSnow 😉 I also saw they had add-ons for another Lego game on the PSN store. I had bought two Lego games a while ago, during a “Black Friday” sale, remember 😉 (I did write about it: Gaming – Black Friday! back in 2020). One of these games came to PS+ last month, meaning I could not play it digitally. So maybe I can lend the disc to a friend, if he’d like to try that game out 😉. I see these friends next Saturday (yay 🎉) so there will maybe be some gaming 😇. And of course a nice walkies with Arwen 🐾.

Black Friday 2020

The Lego DC Super Vilains is the one that came with PS+ last month. I was checking for additional content and I saw there were several packs available for it. There was also a “season pass” that bundled all the packs, which was a lot cheaper… So I just grabbed it and will hunt for even more cheap foods 😂.

So far, I’ve got the Lego City Undercover game and the season pass for Super Vilains. 😊 Feels good!! Next month I’m hoping to get the PS3 game Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars. I have been playing this one on PSnow as well and it’s a good game! A little different than other Lego games, but with awesome videos of “Happy Thumbs Gaming” I always find what I need to do. These guys made great YouTube videos on many Lego games. I always like the video when they’ve helped me. Even after 7 years I still like some haha.

I’m really excited to try to get more 🏆 trophies for Lego City Undercover. Also because it means getting more chat time with my online friends… I know some are quite busy these days, so I’m always extremely grateful when they find time for me to play with them and even more grateful for their help in getting me closer to finishing the games. 😊

Onwards to February, where I am hoping to buy this game:

I really hope it will stay available. I’ve been looking into payment options but they don’t accept credit card so I can’t order it sooner and then pay later 😔.

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