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A new goal (Ko-Fi)

I’ve shared my Ko-fi link below low every post. I have used in the past when my financial issues became too much for me to handle and I was desperate to pay bills or afford food…

And I can only say, I’ve had some huge support here! โ™ฅ And for that, I’m so grateful that with every donation I got in the past, I seriously cried! Some made me sob for several minutes, as people that know me, but also people I’ve never met, have used their PayPal to help me get food and pay my bills! It’s a kindness I’ll probably never be able to return, as I don’t see my financial situation getting better anytime soon, unfortunately…

Bitmoji of me shaking money and saying “Shut up and take my money”.

I feel like this whenever I get my income. So many taxes and bills and the rent… Making me feel very poor just after I got it and, Arwen and I still need food, I sometimes need clothes and shoes and my car doesn’t drive do free either (unfortunately).

So why a goal of collecting a game every month? Why not keep it to asking help with food, so I’d have a little extra left for the game?

Because that would feel unfair! I’d still be asking to buy games, but indirectly. I don’t really need money for food at the moment, so I should not mask it like that. I’d feel like I would trick people into giving me their hard earned money whil I’d love to use that to buy a game. Which is not a basic necessity, but something I’d love to collect and play. So I’m being 200% honest and ask for support to finally be able to expand my gaming collection.

I’m looking for pre-owned games to keep the cost down. Sometimes there are sales, where a new game is cheaper than a used one ๐Ÿค”. Of course I’ll go for the cheapest option!

The 3 games I’m aiming for first. If it’s still cheap, I may be able to order the first game on the 11th (I’m writing this on the 10th, to be shared on the 12th). So hopefully I’ll be able to receive the first game on the day that I share this post.

If you’re willing and able to help me, of course I would be very grateful โ™ฅ!

A bitmoji of me being grateful, with the text “Thankful for you”

I understand how this may seem as a “wrong goal” to set for Ko-fi… I have struggled myself with “daring to set it” as it’s not anything basic that I definitely need to survive. It is not something that I can eat, it’s not a bill that makes sure I have some heating or electricity or internet. It’s asking for support to buy one Lego game (preferably pre-owned/cheap option) every month during this year. You may wonder then why I did set this goal and why I am bringing it to your attention (by writing this post about it, by sharing it on my Twitter feed). And, because I love transparency and honesty, I will try to explain it to the best of my abilities.

I love gaming. I may be bad at it. I may often require help of kind friends when I am stuck. But I do enjoy it. And as long as I can remember, I have loved the Lego games, especially when I can enjoy it coop with a (online) friend. I also love collecting physical games, something I haven’t been able to really do since the divorce. Having a single, low income sucks. Having many bills, where everything keeps getting more expensive and I can’t get any allowances because “my income is high enough to afford all necessities”, well, it sucks!

I have been struggling with my mental health for years. And it was at an all time low since the OD attempt and divorce. My dear online friends helped me through a hard time by keeping me company, by playing Lego games together. And some of those friends helped me get to 100% in these games as my hands weren’t able to do all that the game required. I am currently working on my physical health. And having a good and stable mental health situation helps me be stronger and have more energy to get in a better physical shape. So I wondered what I could do to improve my mental health.

I tried finding love, but have been unsuccessful… And truth be told, the search didn’t make my mental health any better, not at all! So then I thought: what if I could finally do what I love a LOT? Collect Lego games, play those Lego games and feel good about that. Unfortunately they are quite expensive. But I found a few online stores that offer them pre-owned and I looked up a few games that I would love to add to my collection. And then I decided, I wil try to buy just one Lego game to add to my collection every month. If people wish to support me and I may be able to get two, then don’t mind if I do ๐Ÿ˜‰… But my aim is 1 Lego game every month.

These games are often in a price range of 15-50 Euro’s, yes, even pre-owned… I took an average of 25, times 12, is 300 Euro’s. So I set that as my goal… I’d love it if people would be as passionate about this as I am and if they could support me. Any amount will greatly help!

I am still bargain hunting in order to get my food as cheap as I can. I also am economical with my heating and electricity. Saving every little bit that I can so I can afford both food and one Lego game every month. ๐Ÿ˜Š But if people would be so generous to support me, I may be able to get a wee bit more expensive Lego game, that I thought out of my reach?

Yes, I do feel a bit like a beggar……… But if I don’t put it out there, no one knows and if no one knows, even if they wanted to help, they would not know I needed it ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Thank you for reading this all, if you would like to help me reach my 2022 gaming goal, please check the link below this post to my Ko-fi page. I have updated the goal, I have added images and all. And when this page is “live” (published so it had a permanent link), I will add this post to my page as well. I would also appreciate if you could share my post, my Ko-fi, to get more attention to it… ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you ๐Ÿค— โ™ฅ ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Please be wise and stay safe! Follow the safety precautions, keep distance, wash hands and wear a mask when needed! I would not want you to get illโ€ฆ I hope to see you back real soon again, feel free to drop in anytime! Wishing you all the best. With love, Cynniย ๐ŸŒน

I am living on a disability income and donโ€™t generate an income with my blog. If you would like to support me and my work, Iโ€™d greatly appreciate it. Every bit helps me tremendously. For more information and a donation link, please check outย

If you prefer to use PayPal, thatโ€™s also a possibility:ย

Thanks ever so much โ™ฅ

Some selfies in Greifenstein

8 thoughts on “A new goal (Ko-Fi)

Add yours

    1. Well in a way, I’m asking for it because I want to be honest!
      I see many people asking for money because “enter something sad” and then weeks later they show off all the great new things they have bought… That have nothing to do with that sad thing they mentioned to get money for…
      I also see people asking for money to get support for their hobbies and in my opinion, that was/is more honest. I’ve been gaming quite a bit during the pandemic. And playing coop had helped me feeling way less lonely and sad. I’ve been very isolated being on my own. My outdoor hobbies are walking and fitness, where walking I often do with a friend if possible, but the gym has been closed more than being open so that’s been a loss for me as well.
      I know I enjoy gaming, especially with friends but I can’t expect my friends to always provide the games we play. That would not seem fair either.
      So I’ve been 100% open and honest with my request. I don’t want many games, I don’t seek out new games (trying to buy pre-owned as much as available), but I’d like just one game of my favorite genre (Lego) each month.
      When I was better off financially, I bought more games than I played… But I lost several in the nasty divorce. So the games I enjoy with my friends are getting sparce.
      I know it’s a strange goal to ask help for. But being able to game with my friends has really helped me so much the last few years. First after the divorce, when I suffered a big depression. Then I finally started doing better and the pandemic hit ๐Ÿ˜”.
      I don’t force anyone to help me though. But I have a good group of gamer friends (unfortunately most like on other continents so we can’t meet) and I talked with them about this… Some wanted to support me because they knew how much it helped me.
      Again, I understand it may seem inappropriate. I’ve struggled with that as well. But people assured me that many will understand, so I did it and wrote honestly about it.
      Again, I don’t want to sob over something to scam people out of money, as in being dishonest about my goal.
      I know I may not be able to reach my goal as there been talk of the rent going up this year and some other bills increasing more than my income does.
      I hope I gave you a good explanation. Again, it may seem weird to ask, but at least (in my opinion) I’m honest about it…
      I’m grateful for what I have, I’m sure about that. I just wish to be able to keep playing games with friends to keep my mental health in a better state. I want to make this all on my own. But as few friends said, you’re honest and it never hurts to ask…….. Maybe it wasn’t the best advice ๐Ÿค”. But I took it and went with it so I take my responsibility.
      I’m sorry if this has offended you! I never wished to hurt anyone’s feelings with my post/request.


      1. You didn’t offend me, I just wondered about your request and didn’t understand why you would ask for money to buy games. Isn’t there a place where you can buy used games cheaper, or perhaps even trade games?
        You were honest and that’s all that matters. I agree with you on many things and I am glad playing games helped you to overcome some health issues.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah ok, I was worried I might had offended you with this post and that was never my intention.
        I’m already using the internet to find preowned games to keep it cheap. Unfortunately, my country is quite expensive, also with games, so it’s hard to find the best cheap deals. And I’ve found out the hard way that if it seems too good to be true, it most often is… I have looked into trading some games, but the value of handing them in is low. And many people aren’t really interested in older games it seems. It’s really a weird thing to collect for, gaming. So yeah, I’m using Google and Facebook marketplace to find Lego games. But they’re very popular, hence less available and more pricey. ๐Ÿ˜”
        And I always need to be honest, I hate lying and would never want to even try it. White lies already hurt me in a way, so I’d rather burn myself with honesty instead. ๐Ÿ˜Š
        And yes, gaming with friends really helped me and still does. I think having a partner during the pandemic may make it a bit easier to deal with it… It really isolates you a lot, at least here it does ๐Ÿ˜”.
        So I’m hoping to be able to reach my goal, but if I can’t make it, it’s OK too as I’ve at least tried. And hey, I was able to get my first game which is already a big win as it will mean many good hours spend with friends. ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Thank you for your feedback! It really got me thinking and I’m writing a post about it… It’ll probably be shared next week. I always find it interesting to write about posts and comments that made me think about things, made me see something I had not seen before. So I really appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜.

        Liked by 1 person

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