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Music – Presence of Mind (Dynazty)

A song that I discovered at the end of November or early December was “Heartless Madness” by a band called Dynazty. It was recommended to me in a mix made by Spotify for “me” (while it had over 20k likes I doubt the playlist is just for me 😂 but still!).

I liked the song and decided to check out the album and band. The album is called “The Dark Delight” and it came out in 2020. I then did some research on the band as I’m always curious to where the music came/comes from. 😊

This is were we crash and burn
This is were we start to learn
Ground zero this fear of your presence of mind
Where the mind plans to perfect
We’ll emerge and we reset
Ground zero this fear of your presence of mind

How could I ever reconcile
Feel it was all worthwhile
Let’s cut trough
Dead set to uncover
There’s no point in denying it
Let’s all be real about this
As we sin we begin to suffer

© DYNAZTY. This is a small part of the lyrics. I do not own the rights to this lyric but I wanted to share a bit on this blog, so I hope Dynazty’s record label doesn’t object with me using this (especially as I use it to promote one of their bands 😉).

So a little about the band that I found on the English Wikipedia site: Wikipedia

Dynazty is a Swedish power metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Dynazty was established by Rob Love Magnusson and John Berg in 2007. Soon members Georg Härnsten Egg and Joel Fox Apelgren joined in. After a few gigs with various vocalists, they found the singer and frontman Nils Molin through Myspace in Spring of 2008. Since then, Dynazty has released Seven full-length albums and has toured in Sweden and internationally.

The band took part in Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song “This Is My Life“, a metal cover of the previous winner (Melodifestivalen 2010Anna Bergendahl. The band also competed in Melodifestivalen 2012 with the song “Land of Broken Dreams” in the fourth round in Malmö on 25 February 2012. The song went on to “second chance” round but failed to make it to the Final 10.

The band released its third album Sultans of Sin on 29 February 2012. According to the bassist of the band, Joel Fox Apelgren, the album was produced by Peter Tägtgren and they have also co-written one song with Chris Laney and one song with Nicke Borg. The album has an extended solo version of Bastards of Rock & Roll and a bonus track called Madness on the Japanese edition as well.

In 2013, Dynazty signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records for their fourth studio album Renatus (Latin for “Rebirth”). This record not only marked a change in the band’s sound, and line-up, but lyrical themes as well, instead of focusing on common ’80s rock themes such partying and freedom, it included deeper lyrics that concern mortality and spirituality, as well as incorporating religious imagery and themes. The album included one single, “Starlight”.

In 2016 the band released another album, Titanic Mass, which continued with the band’s new more melodic direction, and mature deep lyrical themes. This album again included one single, “The Human Paradox”. This was also their last release on Spinefarm.

In July 2017, Swedish heavy metal band Amaranthe stated on their Facebook page that Nils Molin would join the band as their permanent vocalist, after filling in for Jake E on tour dates while continuing to sing for Dynazty simultaneously.

On 21 July 2018, it was announced that Dynazty had signed to AFM Records. On 27 July, the single “Breathe with Me” was released, the first of three singles from their sixth album Firesign, which was released on 28 September 2018. This album featured a more fast-paced and less metal direction than Titanic Mass. “Breathe with Me” was followed by “The Grey” on 24 August 2018, and Finally the title track “Firesign” on 14 September.

On 30 January 2020, they released the first single from their seventh album The Dark Delight entitled “Presence of Mind”. “Heartless Madness” followed on 28 February and finally “Waterfall” on 13 March. The Dark Delight was released on 3 April 2020, and marked their second release under AFM Records. The album also includes the band’s first collaboration, with Nils Molin’s Amaranthe bandmate Henrik “Gg6” Englund Wilhelmsson featuring on the fourth track “From Sound to Silence”.

In July 2021, Dynazty entered the studio to begin recording their eighth studio album, planned for release in the spring spring of 2022. The first single from the as-yet-untitled album, “Advent”, was released in October 2021.

Ever since I discovered this band, I’ve been playing their songs a whole lot! And they sound great through my Galaxy Buds Pro, but even better through my Sony XM4 😊.

I have listened to all the albums available on Spotify, I love that music service by the way! But the last one (for now, I believe they’re working on a new album with working title: Final Advent. I’ve seen preorders of the album (wish I had money for them!) so I think the title is permanent… 😊

On December 3rd they released a first single of the upcoming album, called Power of Will. It sounds very good so I’m, of course, very interested in hearing their new album when it comes out!

Had you ever heard of this band? What did you think of their music? Let’s chat a bit about the band in the comments section 😉. 🤘🏻 🎸 Looking forward to reading about tour likes and dislikes of this band!

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