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Health – Getting stronger

I’ve lost a great hunk of muscle mass since the surgery. It was to be expected, unfortunately, as 50% usage and way less activity because of the recovery and healing… Well, your muscles relax a whole lot then, compared to me hitting the gym, walking about 15km a day and als riding the bike…. Yeah…

The surgery really gave my muscles a beating. The tourniquet they used on my leg left me with a very painful bruised leg. The clamps that my muscles had been in for several hours also didn’t do too much good. So I had a lot to recover from. But slowly, I am able to do more and more.

I recently have picked up my dumbbells again and am slowly starting to get some reps in. Not too many as my hands are still very sore, due to the crutches and due to the colder weather where my Fibro and Raynauds are kicking ass… But, I am starting again, I have started again, just a few reps and just a few times. I do hope I will be able to slowly build up the reps and get my arms and shoulders a tad stronger again.

If all goes well this week, walking more without crutches, doing more reps with the dumbbells, hopefully using my rower, using my bike on higher intensities… I want to head back to the gym on Monday, if Miss Rona’s restrictions will still allow me to go then. I am a tad afraid that I might want to do too much to fast. But it would be nice to go again and see what I can start with.

I am so eager to work out again. To lose weight and hopefully, this time, be able to keep it up and head towards my goal. Before the surgery I was getting closer to it and then I started to feel bad and I needed my comfort food again. And even though I worked out like a mad woman, I ate so terribly much that I gained weight again. Making me feel even worse… You get it, wrong vicious circle to be caught in. And for some reason, while I knew I was sabotaging my own hard work, I just didn’t know how to stop…

I am trying hard not to go down the same route again. I have snacked a whole lot after my surgery. I felt sh*t, things went wrong, I missed my routine, you name it and I could use the excuse to snack some more. So yeah, I gained weight, especially since my “lazy” behind wasn’t allowed to do too much to burn some of those calories. But ever since I have started to be more active, I also started to buy less snacks. And I have lost about 4 kilo’s since. I’m at 78 kilo’s (I was on Monday morning at least), and my goal is 68. I have no idea if I will be able to get there, but I’m sure as hell going to try it! 💪

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    1. Thanks! I’m not sure how long I can keep it up, because it’s damn hard not to grab some candy/chocolate/chips… I try to have one cheat day a week where I can indulge on one snack thing… 😊 Going from many to zero is quite the challenge!

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