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Slowly does it!

Said no one with a super active ADHD brain ever 😂! The last 7 weeks, almost 8, since my surgery have gone slow. Without my normal routine I felt like I was doing too little. I felt so lazy and tired, I missed my routine and I really needed to adjust to living with my mum. I had been on my own for over 3 years and for the last 2 of them, I had a rather well working routine that suited Arwen and myself. So needing to adjust was a big and hard part. And while I am grateful for all mum has done for me, being honest, I also am glad when things return to normal again. I know it will take time to get to my old levels, it will take hours of training to get close to where I was. And while I would love to push myself hard and get there sooner, I know it would not be wise.

Slowly does it, right?

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So here I am, with so much conflict in my brain. I had prepared myself that it would take some weeks/months before I could be up to speed again. I knew I would have to take it easy. But after several weeks of feeling too tired and lazy… My brain has been jumping to grab every possible moment to make an improvement. I walked with one crutch in my apartment after the 6 weeks were over. I tried to put my own shoes on before I was allowed.

But I mostly did these things because my body kind of told me that it was ready for a next step. Certain pain I had slowly disappeared. Certain discomforts I felt were also going away, which told me I was healing well. The extra week I had to wait for the Xray, it went way too slow. I was feeling good and ready to get moving again. I haven’t been to the gym in 8 weeks and I miss it so much! And now that Miss Rona has our country in her grip again, I’m afraid they’ll close the gym again.

I do hope the government has some balls for once and dares to keep things open with a valid Covid19 check or when you’ve had the jabs… Just like they do now with events. Several countries in Europe are already planning this. But our government is scared of the non vaxxers, as they still don’t see that not getting the jabs is cause number 1 of the strength that Miss Rona has… If more people get the jabs, Miss Rona will lose her power… 4 of every 5 people in the hospital with Covid19 are not vaxxed and still they think the jabs are bad, because of those 5 people, one indeed got the jabs and still got sick…… So yeah, if our government keeps being afraid of people to ignorant to get the jabs, I’m afraid that they will put us in a lockdown again, even if we did get jabbed…. 😔

So while I’m very eager to get fit enough to drive and be able to use the gym again, I’m afraid that it will be in lockdown before I get there. I have my bike and rower, although I cannot use the rower yet as it’s too difficult to put it in position. I have been using my bike and it feels great. A little too easy and short to my liking, but every minute I get, I enjoy!

While I already got a short ride in this morning, part of me wants a short ride again this evening… Mum actually thought it was a good idea, as she sees it better to ride twice during the day than to ride too long just once. So yeah, I really want that ride…… But now it’s debating in my head if I should do it… 😊

And… I did it! Another 30 minutes, setting 2, about 60 RPM. The ride felt good, when I got off, my muscles were a tad sore but nothing really painful. Nothing like the days after the surgery, damn I had such muscle aches. This was partially due to the big band they used to minimize the blood blow from below the hip. And of course they need to use clamps to free the space to reach the hip bone and pelvis, so the muscles are “put aside” for quite some time then. And I have trained too hard at the gym some days, so I also know how those muscle aches feel. These are starting up pains, if all goes well, they’ll progress to growing pains. These pains are not really that hurtful but you just feel your muscles have been working well. If that makes any sense. 😊

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    1. I can understand not wanting to Vax, but then there are different rules. I needed jabs for several vacations, otherwise you weren’t able to get into that country… Nobody going there complained, no one said it was discrimination, they all understood it was for their own safety….. Why people don’t want the free jabs to protect themselves and others and instead they cause so much extra work for healthcare (and sometimes for undertakers…)… If you don’t want the jab, then there are restrictions… While many European countries are getting more strict in their rules, the Dutch government is still debating due to those anti Vax nuts…. Every day new people get sick and our rules stay soft… 😔

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is! The government is afraid to rub the anti vaxxers wrong… At cost of the people who did Vax and do all they can to not get it nor spread it. Unfortunately our government doesn’t have the balls to do what’s best for those who do all they can….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It really is… So I’m guessing we’re heading to another lockdown soon… I just wish we could use our QR code to get into things like the gym and all… But then the anti vaxxers will complain they need to get tested every time……… Their poor souls…. 🤔

        Liked by 1 person

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