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Noise – Unavoidable but nerving

When you live in an apartment, in between others, you can always suspect to hear noises from the people around you. Unfortunately, I am living in between some noisy apartments. And normally, I would be out a lot, at the gym, walking Arwen, walking to get groceries… But the last few weeks I have been home way more, due to the surgery and all.

And wow, I cannot wait to escape the home again. My upstairs neighbors with their elephant thumping kid… It’s an insult to the elephant as I am sure their tread is way softer and more gentle than the kid living above me. This week, the schools have vacation, which means a lot of disturbance above me… My downstairs neighbors have loud voices and an even louder yapping dog. Makes me wish some more to be out and about these days. I have to turn the TV to LOUD because the noises are driving me nuts. That, plus my mum needing to point out every noise to me like I could do anything to make them go away. Believe me, if I could, I would. I hate all these noises…

Angry Wake Up GIF by Looney Tunes - Find & Share on GIPHY

I wish I could live in a better place, where isolation would be better, were yapping dogs and loud kids (and loud foreign “music”…) would be banned. I wish I could live in a house, as that would make the number of neighbors less and I would not have elephants marching above my head…

Elephant GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This seemed suitable 😂 But still, that one kid, makes more noise than a playground full of them, especially when they have “music” on, it makes me want to blast some Rammstein…. 🎸

I am hyper sensitive to several things… Sounds, light, smells and touch. They all affect me more than they do “normal” people. I could say NT people, meaning Neurotypical people. People that would want to label me, would say I am Neurodivergent, as my brain does not function in a typical way. Please check the link for some more information 😉.

ND/Neurodivergent forms – Image found through Google websearch.

So yeah, I know I cannot afford a different living place, so I’ll be stuck between these sounds. I can talk to the neighbors about it, but I feel like they don’t really care so much. For instance, my upstairs neighbor denied that her washing machine was keeping me awake at 1:30 AM while I could hear it’s thumping from the centrifuge all through my apartment……. They sometimes have the music so loud that I can’t hear my TV again. And I hate turning it higher as I dislike too loud sounds, but I really do not like their choice of music…….. I’m dreading November coming closer as their favorite Xmas song is Mariah Scarey’s “All I want for Xmas” and they will play it, loudly, again and again and again, often starting in the end of November 😔.

So that’s some extra motivation to get my rehabilitation started sooner rather than later! An hour at the gym means an hour without the sounds I dislike. Walking with Arwen for longer rounds, several times day, also means less noises disturbing me… Really hoping for some good news when the Doc reviews my Xrays… Fingers crossed 🤞!

I wish it were easy to lock out the sounds I don’t want to hear. I wish I didn’t hear as well as I do. Even with the damned Tinnitus, I still have a rather good hearing. Only with certain high sounds, especially on the wavelengths of my Tinnitus beeps, and low bass sounds, I have difficulty. Those sounds also hurt me, they make me want to isolate my ears so it isn’t that bad anymore…

I have special ear plugs, which sometimes help. My buds have noise canceling, which helps a lot at the gym and outside. But wearing those plugs too much gets uncomfortable. And the same goes for the Buds. They’re quite comfortable when listening to music or a stream, but otherwise my ears prefer to stay free.

So keeping fingers crossed 🤞🏻 for good news… I hope to be able to spend more time away from home again… The apartment that took quite a while to feel like mine, like a safe place I could call home. I now hide away because of all those sounds disturbing me and my mood…

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Please be wise and stay safe! Follow the safety precautions, keep distance, wash hands and wear a mask when needed! I would not want you to get ill… I hope to see you back real soon again, feel free to drop in anytime! Wishing you all the best. With love, Cynni 🌹

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    1. It can be, yeah… Unfortunately 😔 Thanks! Just got back, all looks well. Need another Xray in 6 weeks to check again. But I’m allowed to start using my leg more. 😊

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