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Journal – Post 2 πŸ˜‰

Another few days have passed by. I’m not promising loads of excitement here haha, it’s still my life I write about. But I will have friends over on Friday, so finally something different to write about. But let’s start with Thursday… Shall we?

Forecast as of Thursday morning

Thursday July 15th Happy birthday Arwen! 8 years old already… I remember meeting her at 3 weeks old as the cutest little pup you’ll ever see πŸ₯°… I had a very shitty night, thanks to wet and painful ears. Will definitely need to call the GP today as it only seems to get worse instead of better. I said it before, I rarely get ill. But when I do get it, it’s something that won’t go away too easily… So I’m guessing I’ll need ear drops to cure this. But damn the itching and wetness in my ears, I really hate that feeling! So I had a terrible night and I felt so broken when my alarm went off. My night resulted in my lowest sleep score ever! 60/100… But it really reflected how I was feeling. Still, I got up and dressed, I walked my gall through the pouring rain… Did I mention they expect loads of rain these days? This is a weather image of this morning :

Loads of rain! β˜”

While I was walking Arwen I had my umbrella with me. But still I felt like my clothes were getting soaking wet… I fed my little birthday gall and put out her snack. I left for the fitness and I was very happy to be able to go by car! So. Much. Rain!

I felt very tired and was worried I would not be able to do my cardio. I had only the crosstrainer planned, as we would also walk to the Jan and Lidl today. And that walk, especially with groceries, takes some effort for which I need a wee bit of energy. I got on the crosstrainer and… It went better than I thought it would! I wasn’t able to get to the higher settings, but I did manage to get 55 minutes in. Which, compared to the previous days, was a nice improvement. 😊

After that, I headed home again. Washed up, got on the scale, which showed another +300 grams… Damn my snacking! I got dressed and made breakfast. Texted Y I was almost ready for our, probably very wet, walk… But… When Arwen and I walked her way, it was dry… Must be because our first walkies was so wet πŸ˜‰. Arwen didn’t care, although she did not bring her ball along. But she splashed a bit. And of course I had forgotten to start my watch again at the start of the walk! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Ugh, will I ever learn? So when I remembered, I quickly started it up. Then we brought Arwen home, where she got a nice dried fish skin and we went onwards to the Jan and Lidl. Wonders and all, we made it there and back again without needing our umbrella! I did spend a bit too much so I had to take it out of the little savings I had… But Vodafone will want to get their money in a few days… After I packed away all the groceries, mostly milk and yoghurtdrink, I started preparing my home for my visitors tomorrow. First I cut the veggies for my pasta sauce tomorrow. It takes me about an hour, my hands aren’t too fast. Then, some cleaning. Usually I vacuum in the weekend, but I didn’t want to wait as they’re coming tomorrow. So I vacuumed and even got my swiffer and swiped the floors. I even had a few minutes to do the hallway but then I had to hurry for my docs appointment. Normally I’d go walking to the Doc, but with current weather, I thought it smarter to take the car. Plus it was faster, so that it allowed me to prepare some in the meantime. When I got at the Doc, it seemed he was running late… I hurried for nothing πŸ˜‚. But the prolonged waiting time with the elastics from the face mask behind my ears, damn that started to hurt after a while! The GP asked me if the podo therapist was able to help me. I couldn’t help it but I laughed and said the only thing they helped me with was empty out my wallet for nothing! So he was like “what, why, how?”. So I explained about giving them my medical history, with my leg/hip and then they were totally happy because they knew what was wrong! So I was happy as I wanted to know… They then told me my pelvis wasn’t straight and that was the cause of my problems. For those not familiar with my hip issues, I’ve had 2 Triple Osterotomies, where they literally cut the pelvis in 3 bits and reconstruct it to form a hip bowl… So I had known about that since I was 17… 24 long years πŸ˜‚. And they could have knows becaus I told them about all my surgeries…. So I told him I felt like I was being scammed out of my money and I felt very disappointed. He apologized as that had not been his intention when he referred me to them… Then I told him about my ears, about the pain and fluids coming out. He checked my ears. He was surprised because he could not see any holes in my inner ear, but he did see that there were definitely fluids “running around”. So I got a recipe for ear drops and I need to go back to see him next week, so he can check my ears again. He told me I needed to keep clear as much as I can. I told him fluid in my ears was a great pet peeve of mine and it made me absolutely crazy πŸ€ͺ. Still, best not to trouble it too much… So then I walked to the pharmacy, got my drups, and back to the car to head home. I needed to drop 3 drops in each ear, wait a while to make it work. So I texted Y that I needed to do that and then, Arwen and I could come to her and M for our walkies. But damn, it made my ears itch sooooo much! It was incredibly hard not to touch my ears, so of course I did. I tried to touch them as little as possible, bit man, that itch….

After walkies it was time to make Arwen and myself dinner. Arwen got her favorite meat with noodles and kibble, it’s her birthday after all! I had Pilav sauce from mum, which I heated up with some Basmati Rice. After dinner, I took my painkiller and got my bike out. My hands were not that good, so I will have to leave the dish washing until tomorrow. I may have time to do it before swimming, but more likely, I’ll have to do it when my friends are here. So I quickly send them a text letting them know the sink was a tad messy. That’s the downside of bad hands. I’ve been cutting veggies in the afternoon, so they’re aching in the evening. I really didn’t feel like walking, so I decided to just jump on the bike instead. I’ll have to jump in the shower afterwards… As my legs and armpits are starting to look like I’m related to Arwen πŸ˜‚! So yeah, gotta shave before hitting the pool tomorrow morning. And yes, I was allowed to swim, but I have to keep my ears as dry as possible. There may be small holes after all, since the moist has to come from somewhere, and if there seeps water through, it can throw your balance way off… Which isn’t too good while swimming in the deep end of the pool. I’ll check my laps manually again, as I haven’t seen any updates about the swimming issue in the Flow app yet. At least with manual laps I have the actual laps and all. Although, I do think the distance I got last week may be more accurate than I thought, due to us swimming in lane 1 and 3. So it’s more than 50 meter each way, as we need to turn a quarter from 1 to 3 and from 3 to 1…and then turn another quarter… I hope my ears won’t bug me too much. But I won’t know until I’ve tried. May be the last time swimming for a while, as summer vacation starts here which means “free swimming” for everyone instead of lanes swimming…. And to swim lanes during free time, it’s messy and very annoying… 😊 After dinner it was time to ride my bike. I rode for two hours. As I started early, due to no walkies after dinner, I had time for a shower and a shave afterwards. Then a wee bit of relaxing before it was time to use my ear drops again. Ugh, such a terrible feeling! But, after the initial itching is over, it does feel a bit better for a while. Taking meds, brushing teeth and walking Arwen… Time for bed!

Friday July 16th I didn’t have the best night, but it was a wee bit better than the previous one. My Polar app gave me a sleep score of 69/100. Even though my ears hurt, I did fall asleep while reading my book. About two hours later I woke up with a terrible itching ears and they were wet again. So I did my best to dry them so I could sleep again. This happened a few times. But I did feel a wee bit more rested than I did yesterday morning, so that’s a plus. I got up, dressed and out out Arwen’s meat. I took my painkillers and dripped my ears. Then I walked Arwen. I fed her and made my breakfast, as it was swimming again, last time before the holidays break… So we went to the pool again, where I struggled a bit with keeping my ears dry. But I managed most of the time and I got my 20 lanes in as well.

Then onwards to the gym for my half hour on the crosstrainer.

As my friends had informed me they were running a bit late, I had wanted to spend some more time on the crosstrainer. But at half an hour, two guys sat in front of me on the bikes and damn… They really smelled like sweat! Like not using a deodorant at the gym… I mean, it’s normal that you sweat while working out. But I always use deodorant to mask the worst of it, as do many other people. But they clearly didn’t know about the sweat masking option in a can 🀒. So I had to go away from there as the smell was making me feel nauseated. So when I was done and I cleaned my machine, they got up (of course without cleaning the bikes) and left as well…. Ugh… So I headed home and washed up. Made my whey shake and started on the dishes. I was almost done when the doorbell rang, but I checked the clock and they were a few minutes early according to what they had told me. πŸ˜‰ So I let them in and quickly finished the dishes. Then we went for walkies with Arwen. When we got back, I made everyone some late lunch. T had found a movie he would love to watch, so we did. After a while Arwen grew a bit restless. I checked the time and it was her usual walkies time. So I told my friends and they were down with another walk. We planned a smaller one but it turned out to be a bit longer πŸ˜‚. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to start my watch. Well, at least I got the steps counted. Then they finished the movie while I went to the kitchen to prep dinner. I really love my pasta sauce, but the prep and making sure take some effort. Maybe that’s partially why it tastes so good πŸ˜‡… Soooo we enjoyed my pasta and I got to see the end of the movie. After food, a short walkies through the small woods. Then, my friends were going to pick another movie. They didn’t mind me watching it from the bike, so I spend two hours (in a lower setting) on the bike while we watched Suicide Squad (2016). It had taken my friends ten minutes to decide what movie to watch πŸ˜‚. I made it a bit harder by saying I also had movies on DVD and Blu-ray πŸ˜‰. After the two hours were up, I washed myself at the sink. Then, my friends were heading back home and Arwen and I could relax a wee bit before I needed to drip my ears again. And then, pre-bedtime routine. I really hoped I would get a +70 sleep score as I really felt tired after those bad nights….

Saturday July 17th I woke a few times to clean my ears. Plus, I tried to lay on my left side but my ear wasn’t having it. It also feels like my ear, the outside of the cartilage, is a tad swollen. According to my watch, I had 7 sleep cycles and a sleep score of 83/100. I did feel a wee bit better, so here’s to hoping today was going to be a good day. So I got dressed and took my painkillers. Prepped Arwen’s food and walked with her. My legs were a little less sore, so that was another plus this morning. 😊 After Arwen was enjoying her meal, I got her snack ready and left for the gym. I was a few minutes later than usual due to the ear drops, but the gall who had to open up (she finally arrived on time… But!) had forgotten her keys to the gate and building……. Ugh! She finally got there in time and then she left again. Only to come back at 9 and then still needioto open up. So a later start, again, this weekend day. I felt rather good, though the Buds felt a little wobbly in my ears (as said, I feel like my left ear is swollen a bit). But they stayed in and I watched some Hunger Games, I finished movie two and started number 3. Even though I can dream these, they’re lovely to workout to! And I was on fire πŸ”₯ as I finally managed to get an hour in! Plus some time on setting 6-10. I felt very positive and it was good.

It was rather busy and I didn’t want to push my luck. I’d figure I would do some exercises with my dumbbells and roller and leg elastics at home. Still planning to do these exercises as I write this… I’m on my bike now for my evening ride and I hope to be able to do the exercises I promised myself I would. But first some more riding (and typing). After the gym, I started making my soup while my clothes were being washed. I had already informed Y that I needed to let my washing run before we could go on walkies, so she knew that Arwen and I would be a tad later. 😊 We had planned that, if walkies went well and if M was being on his best, we’d head to the MacDo for dinner together.

Unfortunately, M was being a tad annoying, Walking on front of my feet, not walking through but slouching and complaining… We had to warn him a few times, even told him what was at stake. But no real improvement. So later that day, Y and I texted that it would be best to go a different day, as he has 6 weeks of vacation, so hopefully there will be at least one day where he’s doing his utmost best πŸ₯‰.

After walkies, Arwen and I headed to Nijmegen. I had two cans with pasta sauce for my parents. Normally I’d freeze them in but my freezer is too full and it’s best to freeze them while still fresh. So now mum and dad can eat together once and one of them can eat once as well. 😊 Hope they’ll enjoy it. Mum was kind enough to ride to the Appie with me for a few things, as their store is way bigger than ours and has more items. Most of the items I often need, Cuijk has as well. But unfortunately, many times things I want are sold out πŸ˜”. After that, Arwen and I headed back home. I relaxed a bit, while I did kinda miss my afternoon ride (I had not done it yesterday either, funny how one can even miss exercising that much). Around 3, Arwen was giving me signals that I needed to check the clock as it was time for pee, poo and splash πŸ’¦. Y had been very kind and ordered some potatos for me! πŸ€— Yay! So I brought my bag with me, in it a small isolated bag, which would hopefully keep the potatoes cool enough until we were home from walkies. M was a tad disappointed that we didn’t go to the Mac, but in a way he also seemed to understand that it would not have been the best day for him to go. Sometimes it can be quite a struggle, dealing with a special needs kiddo. You want him to succeed, you give him opportunity and chances and to sometimes see him just blatantly miss them… It can be quite sad at times. But when he’s not into a good mood, going out for food is definitely not fun, not for him nor for us… Been there, tried that. So it was very wise that we’d postpone the dinner to a good day. We were able to feed the deer a bit, also saw they had two little ones, we had oy spotted one so far. Or maybe we saw them both but didn’t realize it were two of them πŸ˜‰. I tried to get a picture, but they kept their distance and unfortunately, I do not have the S20 Ultra, so my camera is a little less good… Still, I think it’s a very decent camera (especially if you consider what the first phone cans could do!), so I did my best to get a picture between the fence gauze.

After walkies, and today I remembered to start my watch for all walks, yay, it was time to make dinner for both Arwen and myself. 😊 I had saved some of the pasta noodles from last night, so I mixed them with tuna (on water basis) and kibble. Arwen seemed to really enjoy it as I even saw her drooling a wee bit as I was preparing it. She doesn’t drool a lot, but some foods… She finds irresistible. 😊 I made fries and two snacks for myself. Of course I shared some of the fries with my gall, tried to lick off the salt. I don’t use it too much but I know salt isn’t too good for doggos… I always keep a few fries separate before I add the salt. But those damned puppy eyes always make me give her a few more. She’s in perfect shape and she also exercises a lot, swimming every day, retrieving the ball, so sometimes I give her some snacks to enjoy. I would not be here without her, so I show my gratitude in different ways, one way is to sneak her some extra snacks every now and then. Small walkies to the small woods, Arwen was very slow this evening… I think with all the sniffing and all, we barely made it to 3 km/h. I felt like we were almost going backwards πŸ˜‚. After the walk, she got the “frikadellen kontjes”, literally the asses of the snacks πŸ˜‚. Then I spend abehalf an hour reading on the balcony, finally I could do that again! A quick switch of clothes and I was back on my bike, finally. Bones season 2 on Disney+ Star, phone on the charger and WordPress opened. I read a few blog posts by people that I follow. I commented on a few. Yes, I’m trying to reach out more, as I find I also enjoy it when people take the time to reply to my posts… 😊 Then I re-blogged a post by a dear online friend of mine, whom I “met” through Twitter. I rarely reblog, so I hope he sees it as an honor. I did reply to the post saying I would take the blog down if he didn’t want me sharing it. Then I started writing for this post, as I’m planning on sharing it Sunday morning. I’m already 77 minutes in on the bike. Setting is not too high, guess I should try to get it up a notch or maybe even two. After two hours I undid all my hard work by snacking too many potato chips…. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I really hate myself afterwards but I always enjoy it when I’m snacking… I just cannot resist and I hate it! Guess I’ll need to work even harder tomorrow. I didn’t do my exercises as I felt tired after the two hours on the bike. Damn, I’m slacking 😞… I watched some episodes of Rebel, Disney+ Star had uploaded some more episodes so now I could watch it for a while before starting the bed time routine…

Evening walkies selfie

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      And they really are, I love it when they’re close to the fence and I’m able to feed them some grass. Such curious and magnificent animals. 🦌

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