Mental health – Routine adjusting

As you long time readers already know, I am on the spectrum. Or, more bluntly said, I am autistic. I am what they often call “high functioning”, which basically means I have a higher level of self-sustainability. I struggle mostly with social things, and with taking things too litteral. But when I have a decent routine, I can cope quite well. And it had taken me a while after my divorce to get a more healthy, good routine. But then, the Covid-19 virus came and tore apart my routine.

Going to the gym almost every morning was something I easily had adjusted to. Mostly because I wanted to go, I felt I needed to go to improve my heath. It gave me a purpose to go to bed in time, to get up at a normal (early)hour. And it helped me to better my health and weight. But then Covid-19 became more known and governments became more serious. Health clubs/fitness/gyms had to close down effective immediately. And they’re still closed.

So I had to adjust. And it hit me kinda harder than I expected it to. Of course I somehow had expected the government to close down the public stuff, I even mentioned it before in my blog posts. But still, losing a big part of my morning routine kinda messed me up. I had trouble filling the mornings and I really missed not going to the gym. I had wild ideas about using the WiiFit to keep moving, but in reality, I just felt exhausted a long time. Losing my routine made me so lazy and tired. I started to sleep more on the couch, have trouble sleeping during the nights. I haven’t stepped on the scale in months as I am afraid the loss of routine has gained me a few kilo’s. Less exercise and more cravings to nom nom things.

I let it mess me up for a while. Went to bed later, got up later… One time I forgot to set my alarm and then I overslept, feeling lots of guilt towards Arwen, that I was a bad owner for not letting her out sooner. That was the only time I forgot the alarm, as it made me feel so terribly sad and angry with myself.

I tried to game more, but my hands weren’t always willing. So I started new TV shows on different stream services. The weather slowly improved, so I have been out on my balcony with Harry Potter a few times. I always read Harry Potter books once a year.

Normally I read them digitally, but now I had the urg to feel paper in my hands. Hoping for more lovely da’s so I can spend more afternoons on my balcony.

As you might have read, I’ve also been keeping myself busy with games. I started Shadow of the Tomb Raider as it was new on PSnow for a limited time. And then came Spider-Man fir an even more limited time. So now I am hoping that I can finish Spidey and then also finish Shadow after that. To platinum πŸ† Spider-Man, I know I will need some help. I’ve checked the trophy list and some I can hopefully do. But some I’ll need help with for sure. So hoping that I will find someone among my friends to help me finish it all. I know I would be very grateful.

But breaking my trusty routine was hard. As I mentioned, I felt drained of energy. I did force myself to keep walking Arwen every day. I strive for at least 15.000 steps/10km a day. Some days I don’t get there, other days I am closer to 20.000 steps. I haven’t touched my WiiFit, as I thought and intended to. I miss the surrounding of the gym too much. When I go there, I go with a goal and there are no distractions for my ADHD mind. Here, I am so distracted and it’s hard to focus on going exercises. So I kinda gave up on that idea. I try to get my walks in. I try to not snack too much, but it can be very hard at times.

I also try to keep the same times for bed and rising as I would normally have if the gym were open. I am hoping to keep that routine in, that it may help me once the gym can open again. And I think it’s healthier not to have late nights and then sleep through the mornings. When I am playing a game and not feeling too tired yet, I may stay up a bit later. But it makes me fel good when gaming works out for me, and I could use more feeling good. So then I take it when I can.

What did you do when your routine was interrupted? How did you cope with te changes that were (being) made? Did you handle it with ease? Did you struggle even more than I did? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

Thanks for your interest in my blog. I’m grateful for your visit and I do hope you will come back again. If you’re a WP user and you enjoy what I write about, please consider pressing the “Follow” button on my page! Or leave your email at the bottom to receive automated updates in your mail whenever I post something new. I am wishing you a very nice day. Please stay safe, be wise and let’s work on this together so we can get our old routines back… With love, Cynni 🌹

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  1. The lack of routine and the focus lost outside the gym has been so difficult for me too. Gaming and writing, as well as the smaller workouts I’ve been doing at home, have helped me.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I really lack the discipline needed to workout at home. I noticed I need the change of surroundings to be able to focus on working out. Good to read that you too have found some ways to cope with the lack of our well needed routine. 😊


      1. Yes we are! I’m trying to get at least 10km walkies every day… 😊 Really wishing gyms will be allowed to open soon… But I’m afraid it might be wishful thinking.


      2. That’s a lot more than I’ve been able to do – you should be proud of yourself! Hopefully they’ll open sooner rather than later though, indeed. Fingers crossed!

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      3. I’m crossing 🀞 them with you! And thanks! It’s the least I could do, walk with Arwen. Without those walks, o KY being inside, I’d go nuts I think. I need some fresh air every day. 😊


      4. That’s why I’m fortunate to have Arwen. She motivates me into having the walks. Without her I’d only be on the couch, gaining loads of weight… 😊 I hope you can get some nice walks in, now the weather is getting a bit better.


  2. Great blog. Its really helped me knowing I’m not alone in needing routine. Gaming helps me plus the use of a home gym. Also a lovely photo with a fantasticly chosen book too 😁

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    1. Thanks for commenting dear! πŸ€— I really need a routine. It took me years to acknowledge it and to find out how to best implement it. But now I lost it and I struggle. I wish I had a home gym, I truly miss working out. And yes, never fails with Harry Potter. Hoping to read all the books on the balcony this spring/summer. 😊


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