A sunny day

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a lovely day here in the Netherlands. The first day of the year where I wore shorts. It was a whipping 24 degrees Celcius. So I enjoyed a morning walk with Arwen and after that, I prepped and gave her her food. I had earlier started a new game on PSnow (Playstation Now) and I was eager to start it again this morning.

I was playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as I wrote about yesterday. But now they added Spider-Man to the service for a shorter amount of time. And seeing I really wanted to give that game a go as well… 90 days for Spider-Man and 145 left for Shadow… I do hope I will be able to finish both games before they’re taken off the PSnow service.

After gaming for a bit, and eating breakfast, it was time to walk Arwen. The weather was getting lovelier and I Whatsapped a friend who was coming to walk with us (no worries, we kept the safe distance). I enjoyed the nice weather, shorts were perfect, and the sun was lovely. Arwen played a lot at the waterside, so also a happy dog.

I started this one again…

After walkies, I was a tad tired, so I watched some TV. Then, a while later, a short round for Arwen to do her business. After that, I grabbed a chair, a drink and the first Harry Potter book and sat on the balcony. I read a whole chapter and then it was time to prep food for both Arwen and myself. I watched the Addams Family movie that I found on Netflix It had been a while since I’d seen it, so it was fun to watch it again.

It was fun to see this one again

After the food and the movie, Arwen and I went out another short round. Then, comfy clothes and some more Spider-Man. I tried to beat a meanie dude but after 14 times, I was becoming desperate. A kind friend in Canada came to the rescue and when I saw him do it, it looked so easy! Plus, I saw that I nearly had done it myself, if only I hadn’t messed up a button combination in the end of the persuit… After the friend helped me, he gave me some very useful tips. And then, I was on my way again… I do enjoy the game a lot, but I have to admit I do miss playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I’ve been told Spider-Man wasn’t too hard to platinum, now I’m not sure if that would count for me as well… I want to do all that I can and I hope that, should it be needed, my dear friend is willing to help me again…

After a few hours I had gained another 5% in the main story and my hands needed rest. So I started season 2 of the Good Fight, the spinoff from the Good Wife. I checked for my phone subscription and I can almost extend it. The phone I would like with the new sub needs a small amount paid with it. So I asked my parents if they could help me out, as an early birthday gift. They said yes, and will let me know the amount they’re willing to gift asap. Whoop whoop, very excited! My old phone is still good and it looks very nice, if I may say so, so I want to try to sell it when I get the new one. I’ve offered my phone and accessories to a dear friend for a lower price then I would otherwise ask (of course it’s never sure that you will get what you ask, but still). Ah well, just excited over the idea of getting a new gadget…

I got my eye on you…

I took my meds, brushed my teeth and walked Arwen.After that, bed time. But, I couldn’t sleep. My muscles are very tense, as I haven’t been to the physical therapist since early February. And I really miss and need it… So instead of being asleep, I am writing this blog and watching some more of the Good Fight season 2. I took a painkiller but it still feels sore and painful, so I guess I will post this blog and then relax with some more TV. If I can’t sleep I might even fire up the Playstation again…

Thanks for your interest in this blog. I hope you enjoyed this journal kind of post. Might be boring, might not… If I’ve played some more Spider-Man, I might write a blog about that as well.

I am wishing you a very nice day, stay home, stay safe, be smart! Looking forward to seeing you back on this blog site. If you’re a WP user, please consider pressing the “Follow” button if you like what I write about. No WP user but interested in my blog anyway? Leave your email down below and you’ll get emails whenever I share something new! Wishing you all the best, with love, Cynni 🌹

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