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Now watching – the Walking Dead

Season 4, I’m in episode 16 “A”.

Promotional poster of season 1.

I know, I’m way behind watching The Walking Dead. I believe they’re airing season 10 on TV at the moment. I’ve been to season 5 during a previous watch. But it had been a while and I have seen many other shows during that time, so I had decided to start again, so it would all be “fresh”. And seeing I couldn’t remember all that had happened, it sometimes also still feels like a new show.

The first episode gave me many questions, questions that mostly are still not answered. What exactly happend, how did it happen, where did it start..? And, from the first episode, WHERE did he get those matches from? I have never seen matches in a hospital, nor have had the need to put them in a hospital gown… But I guess this is a show where I shouldn’t ask too many questions, seeing answers are never really given.

They walk through a deserted woods, no houses or city to be found, but whole hordes of walkers just happen to roam there. Just an example of the silliness that I sometimes encounter with this show.

The main cast of season 1.

Even though you get many questions never answered, you still keep watching it. Maybe hoping you’ll get some of your questions answered in the next episode, or the next… And so on. The cast all have their own back stories, which makes it interesting. Bit by bit, the show focuses on some of them, so the audience can get to know them.

The first season only had 6 episodes, so it was a quick watch. Episodes take about 40 minutes runtime, so in 4 hours, season one was done. The show got renewed for a second season, which has 13 episodes. We get to meet some new characters, new background stories, all people looking for a way to survive. More info on season 1, check out this Wikipedia page.

The main cast of season 2.

I kept on watching… Still intrigued by the characters, still hoping for some answers. Some people were lost on the way to, hmm, on the way to where exactly. As there are no real means of comminucation available, people just have to take best guesses on where to go where it might be safe. Where there might be food, water and shelter. They do find places, but not all are what they seem. Not all are suitable. More info on season 2, check this Wikipedia link.

The main cast for season 3.

Season 3 got 16 episodes and plays mainly at a jail where the group sought refuge. For a while, things seem to calm down and settle in. Of course, this would be too boring to watch after a while, so stuff happens again. It was a decent season, I found it a bit predictable at times but I kept watching. A show that gets renewed for a 10th season must still have a lot to offer the viewer, maybe those darned answers to my questions haha. For more info on this season, check this Wikipedia link.

The Walking Dead, season 4 poster.

So now I am in season 4, nearing the end… I can feel this last episode working towards a cliffhanger. But lucky for me, I can just start season 5 (I’m watching them through the Dutch Netflix) and see where it leads to. Of course I have some favorites among the cast, but I won’t tell just yet, afraid that people might spoil it for me by telling me about those characters. I’ve tried to steer clear from social media regarding The Walking Dead, so I can see it all “un-spoilt”.

If you like a good show with a strong cast, if you don’t mind unanswered questions and the occasional gore, this show might be one for you to watch!

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