Gaming – Why Playstation Pixy?

I grew up in a world where gaming was an awesome, new thing to do. Nintendo released their NES and later the GameBoy. Sega was going an extra step and already had a handheld with a color screen and the ability to watch TV on it… There were Pc’s coming in every household and with it, games on PC. My parents weren’t rich so I mostly enjoyed games at friend’s places. Until I got my very own GameBoy! I was over the moon and even beyond that!

This picture was taken before I had gotten the PSone. These are my PlayStation consoles. I also have 2 handhelds: PSP and PS Vita.

I saved up for a NES as well, which only became cheaper as the SNES had already come out… So I basically grew up with Nintendo at home (and at friends), Sega at friend’s and some pc gaming at my relatives house. So why call myself Playstation Pixy on social media? What made me chose that name, what made me go for Playstation?

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Health – Keeping it up

As many of you know, if you’ve been a longer follower of my blog, I struggle with both mental as physical health. I have several diagnosis where I deal with on a daily base. This is a blog about my health more in general. Some tips, if you can call them that, to deal as positively with struggles as possible.

I am not an expert. I am just a woman dealing with autism, ADHD and depression on a daily basis. Also struggling with Fibromyalgia, which can be quite a pain in the ass. But I am trying to make the best of it, dealing with every day as it comes and as I am. Some days go easily and I can do all I want and achieve my goals. Other days my health let’s me down and I can’t achieve anything I had planned. It has taken me quite some time to learn to deal wit this. It’s such a let down when you have good plans made and you are in no way able to live up to them… So here is how I do it. It might help you as well, it might be things you’re already doing. Again, no expert, just my experience.

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Pancake day

Today is February 14th, as I am typing this. It’s my second once being single since 1998… But I’d like to call it “Pancake day” thanks to my friend and Twitter user @Emmathorley (and @PixelGirlPlays). They both are lucky in love and have wonderful boyfriends. And Emma has the cutest Wiener, little Miss G as I call her (Gretchen). But we were talking about Valentine day and then I mentioned I liked it more when I was in a relationship myself.

Then Pixel made the comment that I should just pamper myself on Valentines. I could do that, if I had the money, which I don’t, so I replied with that. I then received a DM (direct message, it’s a personal message send through Twitter) from Emma saying she wanted to help me out… She didn’t accept no for an answer. So now, thanks to her help, I am celebrating Pancake day today! Unfortunately it are ready made pancakes (I prefer freshly made ones, but with my hands and no kitchen appliances to help me out, this is as good as it’s going to get for me).

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What a day…

As I am writing this, it rains here where I live. I looked outside this morning and it was dry. We went out for our morning walkies and within 3 steps, it was raining. And of course, it didn’t stop, at all…

I sat here thinking what to write about. I already wrote about the TV shows I’m currently (still) watching. I also wrote about the games I am (still) playing. No new series yet, no new games either. First I’m focusing on what I am watching and playing now.

The weather sucks big time. And with the wind we’re still having, the rain can feel really painful when it’s swept into your face. I wanted to walk to the farmacy to pick up my new prescription of my meds. But I am now thinking I will wait till tomorrow. Weather can’t be worse then, only better (or the same, if I am unlucky).

I have no idea what to write about today. But I didn’t want to leave you without a note, even if only a little one. I am thinking I could write about my life with my meds, but I know I am not up to it at this moment. I feel very tired and cold, even turned up the heating a bit (which I barely do because of the extra costs).

So today, I will leave you with this short blog. Hopefully I have more energy and inspiration tomorrow so I can write a better blog for you then. Thanks for you interest and I hope you are having a great day. Wishing you all the best, with love, Cynni 🌹

Gaming – Playstation Now

I have mentioned this Playstation service before, so I thought it would be nice to write a bit about it, for those that don’t know it (yet).

If you want to know more about Playstation Now, you can also follow this link to the official site of Playstation. If you’d rather read my post, well, thank you. Of course you can also do both, it’s all up to you. As I am located in the Netherlands, the games that are available to me, and the costs, might differ from where you are at.

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Health – Some days…

Living with chronic illness, both mental and physical, can be hard. Some days you feel ok, maybe strong and energetic even, other days you’d rather stay in bed and hide under the blanket.

My physical health of the day always becomes clear when I’m doing my morning fitness. Some days I can keep going and I’m able to burn off some calories. Other days I struggle to keep going and I feel disappointed in myself.

Me acting silly 2 months before the divorce.

For a few days, I haven’t been feeling all too good at the gym. And as I said, it disappoints me and it also brings me down a bit mentally. As I always feel good when I’ve had a decent workout. But I guess I sometimes have raised my bar a bit too high, just out of reach. On good days I love to give just a tad more, to burn tjose calories some more and to really make use of my body while I can. On bad days it’s a struggle and I always have to be aware that giving up is not an option, even though my mind steers me to it.

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Gaming – Trying out games: Lego City Undercover

One of the things I love about Playstation Now is that you can try out so many games! Yesterday I wrote about Mudrunner, a game a friend had found and tried for several hours. And today I want to share a bit about another Lego game: City Undercover.

I have played several levels so far, am only about 7% into the game. So this is merely based on the experience I have so far, not a complete game description.

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Gaming – Trying out games: Mudrunner

I used to have a PSnow subscription for a while. But then I had to cancel it due to not having money for it. Now I was eligible again for a free week’s trial so I took it. Pretty soon I’ll be done aying my owed taxes and then I can take a sub again and have more games at hand than I could ever play.

Yesterday two dear friends were over to visit Arwen and myself. One of the friends loves gaming a lot as well, so he tried out some PSnow. He ended up playing a game called “Mudrunner”. I had never hear of it but I had fun watching it while he was trying it out. Unfortunately I have no images of myself to share with you, as PSnow doesn’t support screenshots/video (yet???). But I’ll use Google and hopefully find something to share with you all.

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Gaming – My blogs so far…

I’ve been writing on this blog for almost 2 months now (just one week to go). I’ve written about many things, games, movies, TV series, my health, my dog. Some blogs were pretty serious and some were more filled with joy (who remembers the puppy pictures of Arwen *melts*).

But I have been writing about gaming and games. And I want to start doing a recap every month, where I collect all gaming blogs in one post. Maybe to bring it under attention of new readers, maybe to make it easier to find them back later on. And just because I like lists…

Because December wasn’t a full month I didn’t do a recap in January. I wanted to write this at the beginning of the month but for some reason, don’t ask me which as I don’t know, I didn’t. So here it is anyway, a gaming recap from December till now.

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