Just a picture (or two)

Morning walkies with Arwen. Not many people around. Feels very weird…

Not in the best mindset today, not even walkies could help unfortunately… So just sharing two pictures with you today.

Please stay safe! Be wise! Save lives by playing video games or watching streams… 😊

Lock down?

With the Virus still spreading, people still dying from it, more and more cities go into lock down. Where I live, they asked us only to go out for medicine, groceries and dog walks. If you want to take a walk, it’s fine, as long as you keep your distance from others. It’s like this virus has a grip on us all. We even received a cell phone alert ⚠ yesterday morning about keeping our social distance.

1,5 meters, I’m thinking that’s about 6 feet. I was thinking of sending out messages for my birthday in May this year. I’m now in doubt if I should. If I don’t and everything has returned back to normal around that time, people might already be otherwise engaged. So I guess I’ll set up an text and send it to friends. Just wish there was a bit more certainty about it all. I know it’s impossible, but I really miss the gym and would love to get back at working out. I miss setting up dates for walkies with Arwen with friends. Or dates to game with friends…

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I’m so sorry. I thought I had another blog set for today but nope… To be honest, there’s not much news to tell you. It’s kinda business as usual these days. Only going out for dog walks and groceries. Watching TV. Have some gaming planned for this evening with a dear friend. She’s going to teach me the ins and outs of Minecraft. Looking forward to it!

So maybe a Minecraft blog soon….

I hope you’re all staying safe and following the rules. Enjoy your gaming, reading, (binge) watching and please act wise and kind. Hope to see you back soon again! With love, Cynni 🌹

Health – Low energy and anxiety

As I wrote about yesterday, times like these give me more anxiety. And I notice it is taking up more energy than I would like. It really affects me and I start to struggle. I miss the gym, working out helped me maintain a better mental (and physical) health. I am doing both groceries for myself as for a friend. So I have to go every few days. And it’s hard.

Not knowing if they have all you need, both for yourself as for th friend. Not knowing if they have the cheap brands, as I live on a small income and can’t afford all the A brands. Stores are taking more precautions to keep their employees and customers safe. But as I wrote about it yesterday, some people are being ignorant asshats, making my shopping experience even more difficult. I understand the new rules and I want to apply them as everyone should do. But there are always people who tend to know better and do their own selfish thing, risking others… And I really can get angry with these people.

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Mental Health – Strange times

With this Covid-19 virus spreading like crazy, many countries have taken measurements to (try to) stop the spreading. Schools are closed, social gathering places are closed, many people (who have the ability to do so) work from home. But not everyone is taking it very seriously. And some people are truly behaving like asshats, excuse the language.

Stores are calling out to everyone: please come alone, please do not panic buy, please leave kids at home, please keep 1,5meter (about 6 feet) distance and do pay with your card, not cash. Seems very reasonable, though it can prove to be difficult for single parents. But Facebook is a helpful media and people are already offering to either watch kids so single parents can get their groceries or they’re offering to get the groceries for them. Some people really shine, while others are, as I already mentioned, asshats.

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Staying inside

With the virus keeping the world in its grip, we’re asked to only leave our home when necessary. Groceries, work, dog walks. Don’t go to social places. Keep your distance to others.

I’m doing my part and help out a friend with groceries, as she has a kid and they’ve asked not to bring kids to the stores. So I take their groceries with me when I go out for my own. Had to go to two stores today as the first one didn’t have all I need. It’s a mad world at this moment.

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A short one

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my new blog post. It will be a short one as I just got a small op done on my toe and it hurts a lot. So I’m not really comfortable, which doesn’t help with writing and such.

I hope you’re all staying safe and well during these well, challenging times, as some people went crazy… Stores apologize for having empty shelves due to people thinking they’ll need food for 2 months. I’ve also noticed my streaming services struggle at times with buffering the series or movies I’d like to see. Guess what I feared might come true…

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Health – Closing time

Thanks to this lovely virus (please do note my hint of sarcasm), the gym got closed down for 3 weeks. 3 whole weeks! I’m already missing my workout and something inside me tells me this can’t be good for my health and weight… I know it’s better to be safe than sorry, I just really miss my workout… It’s like a healthy drug, once you’re addicted to it, it’s hard to let it go.

Schools are closed as well. I just wonder if what I wrote about yesterday will come true… Internet struggling with all those people at home trying to watch their favorite shows and movies in 4K. Internet struggling some more with all the kids playing their coop games. I was at a place where they had a different TV and internet provider than I had and it was already having issues with connecting so…

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Health – Corona

It seems everyone is writing about it. Everyone is affected by it. Some more than others. But this virus surely makes some people go nuts! Trying to go out for groceries is like going into a warzone now…

This blog contains my own visions and the ones I’ve read on Twitter. If you feel differently about it, that’s your right. Please don’t attack me if you feel or see things differently from me, as I won’t attack your believes. Thank you.

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