Journal – Part 7 😉

Wow, ever since I started sharing my Journal 3 times a week, it feels like I have been able to reach more people with them. As I was hoping to… I enjoyed the weekly posts but I do think that the posts were way too long for the average blog reader to check out. Plus after several days, it became more difficult to write while on my phone, it was easier on my tablet as I can use my keyboard so the screen is “bigger” for the typed text. If that makes any sense… Unfortunately, as I write this, I am still in a cast. A new one though, which is a tad more “comfortable” than the previous one (my thumb has more freedom now which is a plus). Unfortunately, more comfort also means some more pain at times 😔… Sooo hey, let’s grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or maybe it’s “beer o’clock” when you see this post 😉! Anywhoooo sit back and relax while I tell you all about my Tuesday and Wednesday of week 30 in 2021!

Slight improvements in the weather, a wee bit colder (yay for when wearing a warm cast) but also, finally, a bit less rain…
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Health – Adding to my Worries

If you’ve followed my Journal posts here, or my updates on Twitter or maybe on Instagram… You know I’ve been in a cast for 8 days now. I made a wrong movement with my thumb, dislocating it. Usually, I twist it again, and it pops back in. I have hypermobility, so it’s kind of an usual thing for me…

I tried to share a bit about hypermobility, so if you’ve never heard of it, I’ll provide you with a link to the post: Health – Hypermobility. There you go. It’s mostly some stuff I found online and copied the interesting bits that were understandable 😂… The downside of medical Google, it’s not always in a language I can understand, even while having it myself. 😊

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Journal – Part 6 😉

Another part of my Journal blogs… I am still in a cast, the day this post gets shared, I have my checkup at the hospital. Of course, I am hoping to get rid of the cast as it’s quite an annoying thing……. But yeah, knowing my luck (and still feeling pain from inside the cast), I am not too sure I’ll be out of it by the time you may be reading this. 😊

Not the best expectations for the next following days ⚡
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Health – Hypermobility

This post will contain some copied parts, as I’m no way able to tell it best in my own words. Plus it’s something medical and I don’t want any mistakes about it. My views are my own, as are my experiences. My hypermobility isn’t the most flexible kind, but it’s flexing enough to “have it” and to sometimes also suffer from it/because of it.

Image found through Google, searching for “hypermobility”
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Gotta keep writing

Some days, words come like madness, wild and quickly… Some day, I have to ponder over every single one of them… It can be hard to keep up when the writing hits the manic stage. But when you’re staring at a blanc screen, it can be hard to chose the first right words and work from there.

It’s been a while since I have started this site, I think my first post was on December 14th 2019. I used to write for my previous blog, but too much had happened and I didn’t feel like that person I was back then. Like my life, I wanted to start fresh, so here I was, starting my very personal “Cynni’s Blog”.

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Health – Self Care

Self care image, found through Google image search.

So many articles these days focus on self care. I guess, with people having lost their usual routines due to Covid19, think working from home or maybe even losing your job/security… And I for one know how important self care is, and I also know what can happen if you neglect it.

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Journal – Part 4 😉

This post will probably not be too long as I am in a cast. So I am very limited both to doing things as to typing them out. I’m also sorry if this post has more typing errors than you are used of 😉 as I know I often make mistakes. But with this cast it’s not exceptionally easy to type… Ugh it’s been less than 24 hours and I already had enough of it.

I’m in a cast so naturally we’re getting some sunny, warmer days now…
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Small update

I struggled with this post as writing with a thumb/hand/arm in a cast… Is not the easiest thing. So it goes a lot slower than I am used to, plus I make more errors… Sometimes my autocorrect saves me but mostly, if I don’t see it in time, the error gets shared. 🤦🏼‍♀️

So I will do my best to keep sharing my thoughts and life with you here 😉. But it might be a little less than you are used to. My apologies! Crappy cast…

Homer Simpson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Journal – Post 3 😉

The first week of writing my shorter journal posts is almost over. I have to admit that even for me it’s a lot easier dealing with shorter posts, so I’m hoping it’s better for you, the readers, as well… 😊 The last day of the weekend, the first if a new week. My ears still hurt a lot, the drops make it a little bit better but they are still very sore and wet.

Weather forecast as of Sunday the 18th.
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