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Broken down Tweets

As I mentioned on earlier posts, I didn’t like where Space Karen was taking Twitter.

Today I noticed that links to tweets in older posts aren’t working anymore! I’m so sorry but this is just another change the space monkey made and it’s not for the best.

So I’m sorry if old posts show broken links. I know I used to quote my tweets here and there… It will be too much work to screenshot the tweets (if I could still find them) and post them in my old posts. I just don’t have the energy/spoons to do that, sorry

So if you browse old posts and Twitter posts aren’t showing anymore. I’m sorry!

Featured post

Mental Health – Honesty

There aren’t many things as scary and hard as being honest. Not just to others, but also to ourselves. We’d like to elude ourselves thinking were OK. Believing were doing fine. Nah, we’re not struggling. It’s not that hard. It will be OK soon. Just gotta keep going and things will be better then. No use complaining. Nah, we don’t need to take action. See, it’s already better than it was yesterday. Right?

Nope, not really… But it’s nice if we can believe it, at least for a while. Until we have to admit it isn’t that easy and we may need to do something about it. And we may also need help, even though we never wanted to ask for anything like it. We wanna be OK, want to solve it ourselves and just keep going.

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Eating disorder – Preparing for intakes

I finally got two dates for intakes. Unfortunately they are early ones, meaning I gotta beat morning traffic to get there. It’s 45 minutes by car but I’m afraid I’ll need an hour to get there… But that’s worries for when the days are here. I got the appointments and I’m getting the paperwork with details soon, I think.

I got loads of emails by them for health portals and questionnaires and all that. I logged in (and hope my phone will remember them all as it were several different sites… To make it easier I guess?) and saw the question list. And when I started I didn’t know it would be that long!

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Not losing any weight

I’m obese. I know it. I obtained it myself due to eating way too much. I can’t seem to control it. I try not to make it worse. But I wish I could make it to just overweight, instead of being obese…

I dislike how I look, on some days I even hate it. 😔 I wish I could feel more positive about my body, especially when I’m working so hard to improve and support it. I’m trying to get stronger and to maintain my weight, of I can’t get it to go down… I don’t want it to get worse either.

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Gaming – testing the Pulse 3D

As some of you already know, my trusted BT headphones I got about 6 years ago for my PS4, was slowly dying. The battery was lasting less and less… And the earpads were crumbling! As in black flecks everywhere! I tried to peel bits off as they itched a lot on my neck and ears. But it didn’t make the headphones more comfortable. So I took my bday money and went to the PS store. And I found the Pulse 3D camouflage headphones. They were sorta like my old ones, option wise, and kinda affordable. So I orders those.

Just a bit worn down

My old headphones

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Every day I write a wee bit for my journal diary post. Every day I have something to write. But that all goes into one big post that gets shared on Tuesday the following week. There’s 6 more days where I’d like to share something. I know it’s not mandatory, I just love sharing a post every day. I’ve been doing it for 1060+ days and I really enjoy it. On Thursday I share a quote that I found online. So that’s another day “taken care off”. So, what to share on the other five days?

I write about my life. My hobbies. My dog. My experiences with my health struggles, both mental as physical. I share loads about my life and I truly love it. I feel I’m reaching out to friends and making connections. I met some nice people thanks to WordPress. Unfortunately one passed away about seven months ago. I do miss her… 😔 But I’m really enjoying my time here. I often try to share links to my posts on Mastodon. And through Masto I also found some awesome people to follow myself!

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Upgrading the PS5

Even before I had a PS5, or Playstation 5 gaming console to those unaware of what PS5 meant, I loved the purple color! I had seem all the colors being announced and I know I had to get the purple 💜 if I could ever get me a PS5. Late December, with my parents help, I got me a PS5 and I have been loving it loads since.

So now, with some birthday money burning in my pocket, I got the plates. Well, I actually went to look for a new PS headphones, as my old ones were getting too bad to properly use after 6 years of service. The earpads were crumbling and the battery drained faster than it used to… So I checked the Playstation store for headphones. They only had the Pulse 3D in three colors, all the same price. Unfortunately no galactic purple…

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Journal – Week 20, May 2023

A new week has begun again. Monday I’ll be heading to Nijmegen to surprise dad with his new phone. 😊 On Tuesday I’ll have physical therapy again, yay! On Wednesday or Friday we’ll head to Germany, as shops are closed this Thursday due to Ascension Day. Nothing too much planned besides that, so hopefully some balcony reading and/or gaming this week. 😉

Weather forecast for this week. Some colder nights for sure!
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