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Broken down Tweets

As I mentioned on earlier posts, I didn’t like where Space Karen was taking Twitter.

Today I noticed that links to tweets in older posts aren’t working anymore! I’m so sorry but this is just another change the space monkey made and it’s not for the best.

So I’m sorry if old posts show broken links. I know I used to quote my tweets here and there… It will be too much work to screenshot the tweets (if I could still find them) and post them in my old posts. I just don’t have the energy/spoons to do that, sorry

So if you browse old posts and Twitter posts aren’t showing anymore. I’m sorry!

Featured post

Puppy power πŸ’ͺ🏼

All old skool Scooby-Doo lovers will definitely have heard of “puppy power!”. Scooby’s cousin Scrappy used this a lot before he tried to fight. And that’s my motto at the moment as well. I may not be winning the weight fight at the moment, but I’m working on getting stronger. I can have a plus size and still be a strong assed person πŸ’ͺ🏼. I’m focusing on increasing my muscle strength for my body. Arms, legs, shoulders, belly and back… All bits get some love and attention.

I don’t know if it will help me feel better so that I can tackle the weight issue again. But being stronger will definitely have some advantage in my daily life. Bringing the groceries up the stairs (I live on the second floor), helping Arwen when she needs me to, just doing cleaning chores around the home… I still hate my belly blob, but I’m working on improving my muscles now. 😊

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Gaming – Playing on the PS3

I’ve played a whole lot on the PS5 since I got it. I’m loving gaming again and it’s awesome. I’ve also gone back to the PS3, checking on games I started once but haven’t finished yet. There are also a few games on PS+ that I need to finish some day. I may ask my gaming neighbor friend if he wants to game some soon, maybe help me some more with a game we played together before, Lego Indiana Jones 2. 😊 Could always ask…

I saw I was close to finishing CSI Fatal Conspiracy. Why I stopped playing it I don’t know. It is a point and click game by Telltale Games. So I Googled it and got back into it. I love getting the trophies when I can, so I was looking for games with those to play. It doesn’t mean I don’t play games without trophies, but if they have them, I do want to focus on them when I play.

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Journal – Week 4, January 2023

The last full week of January has started. When you are able to read all this, it will be February tomorrow. Damn time does fly when you’re trying to have fun. 😊 This week may be a bit different as my friend in the same town is getting keys to a new home. So it’s loads of work to get the house ready for her and the kid to move in. She has a lot of offers for help, which is awesome. I of course will try my best as well. But with bad weather comes less strength and energy. So I have to use those wisely. I promised to help get paint on Wednesday. For the rest, haven’t got a clue yet. On Monday I’ll take my mum yo the gym for the first time. And on Thursday we, of course, will go to Germany for groceries. But if all goes well, dad will have his small surgery then as well… So let’s see how this week will shape up to be. Busy, I imagine. 😊

Loads of colder and grey weather. Can’t wait for spring to arrive again. This is definitely not helping my health. Every winter I struggle unfortunately…
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Pet peeves when gaming

I have been writing a lot about me and my gaming. Ever since I got the PS5, my love for gaming rekindled and I’ve been diving into games again, old and new. The new games have more and more accessible options and I love those! They make me able to play more of the games, if not all, without any help. 😊 But the older games, especially those on Playstation 3 and older, they have some irks. But also modern games sometimes have their issues. I wanted to write a bit about my pet peeves and see if it’s just me or if other people experience some of the same.

This post is personal, it’s about me and how I experience my gaming. It’s nothing against any game! Most games with pet peeves I still am able to enjoy! And some remain my favorites, despite the peeves… This is about me and my struggles. About how I would think some games could be even more accessible. For me, at least… I struggle with bad hands and a slow response time to things happening on screens. More about that here: Gaming struggles.

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Another change

Maybe this will help me?

I wrote about my stugfles loads of times. And I still struggle so it keeps being current and present… I could just give up and accept it but if I do that, I will get so heavy that it will depress me more than anything else could. Plus there’s added risk for my fake hip then and I want to be able to use it for a long time! If I understood it right, I can have one more replacement. And if things haven’t made any progress then, after that one time, it means I’m wheelchair bound then. So the longer his hip lasts… But obesity is definitely a game change for the age it may become.

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Distraction and gaming

As you’ve probably noticed, since I got the PS5, my focus on gaming has been more present again. Which can be a good thing, because it means I’m not all the way down in my depression. I hope I can keep some focus on gaming as it gives me pleasure. And that pleasure can make my depression bouts less strong, less severe. I’ve tried to focus on one game, finish that and then move on. But… Mission didn’t succeed…

I was hyper-focused on Man of Medan for a while. Printing pages, making notes. And the silky thing is, I’m soooo close to getting my last trophies and now… I kinda lost interest πŸ€”

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Thursday Depression Quote

Depression Quote

β€œDepression weighs you down like a rock in a river. You don’t stand a chance. You can fight and pray and hope you have the strength to swim, but sometimes, you have to let yourself sink. Because you’ll never know true happiness until someone or something pulls you back out of that river–and you’ll never believe it until you realize it was you, yourself who saved you.”

Alysha Speer

Quote found online, picture and editing by myself and Snapseed.

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